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Published at 15th of September 2019 04:00:05 PM Chapter 1193: 1193

Did this old man know what shame is? How old was he? He actually challenged a woman in her twenties! No matter if he won or lost, he wouldn't have the face to continue…

Mu Ru Yue chuckled . Her eyebrows and eyes were curved . But ridicule filled her ink-black eyes .

“I accept your challenge . ”

“Region Head!”

The crowd was alarmed as they looked at the woman's flawless face in astonishment .

“Mister Wu Chen, please quickly advice the Region Head not to be rash . Even though Lord Region Head has broken through to the G.o.d-king Mid realm, she will be facing a G.o.d Emperor expert . The disparity of their might is incomparable . ”

w.a.n.g Hai hastily turned his head to face Ye Wu Chen .

Nonetheless, Ye Wu Chen was looking at his beloved woman with a smile in his eyes . Trust was expressed in his eyes… .
w.a.n.g Hai was stunned .

'Will Mister Wu Chen always have absolute trust in her no matter what?

'When everyone thought she had died, he just said a sentence that she is still alive…'

“Region Head, this old man shall be seeking your tutelage . ”

The elder cupped his fists . With a cold smile, he dusted his sleeves . He walked briskly forth, looking at the woman's calm expression .

Yin Hua chuckled with disdain in his heart .

'Is this woman mentally impaired or is too confident in herself?! She is overestimating her might! What she is doing is as though trying to crack a rock with an egg . How can a G.o.d-king Mid realm pract.i.tioner be a match for a G.o.d-emperor expert?'

“But…” The elder paused for a moment as he continued, “I can let you have a move first as a handicap for your youth!”

“Is that so?” The smile within Mu Ru Yue's eyes intensified as she continued, “You will regret letting me have a move!”

“Hehe!” The elder chuckled lowly as he said, “Lord Region Head, you can totally make your move without holding back! I definitely won't regret!”

'She is just a G.o.d-king martial pract.i.tioner . Even if I let her have ten moves first, I will still be able to instantly kill her…'

“Alright . Since you're adamant in giving me a move first, I shall accept your kindness . ”

Her fair finger gently caressed the bracelet on her wrist . Mu Ru Yue smirked .

Her indifferent voice flowed along with the wind, entering the crowd's ears, “Soaring Serpent, it is time to do some work…”

'Soaring Serpent?'

The crowd was slightly startled, clueless as to what was happening . They looked toward each other before they saw the bracelet on Mu Ru Yue's wrist moved .

That's right!

It had indeed moved .

The crowd rubbed their eyes hard . When they focused on the moving bracelet, they were so shocked that they weren't able to s.h.i.+ft their gazes away…

“I-is that…”

The elder widened his eyes slowly . When he wanted to remark, the snake formed into a gold light soaring into the sky .


His body momentarily enlarged…

Soaring Serpent had gone into a deep slumber after absorbing too much power previously . It had awakened recently . It was due to that Mu Ru Yue had the confidence in dealing with the Yin family's people .

“Soaring serpent!”

Greed flickered past the elder's eyes .

'That's right, it is indeed an Ancient Soaring Serpent . If I can contract with this Ancient Soaring Serpent, my cultivation will surely increase drastically…'

But the greed within the elder's eyes calmed down shortly .

It was due to that Ancient Soaring Serpent being too powerful . He didn't have the might to subdue it…

“Master . ”

The Ancient Soaring Serpent blinked its eyes . Its voice was still very childish . Its eyes moved as it asked innocently and cutely, “Can I kill him?”

'This bad man dared to bully my Master . I won't forgive him…'

“It will suffice just crippling his cultivation . They will suffer more that way . ”

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