One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife Chapter 840 - She Will Be The Mu Family's Young Mistress!

One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife -

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Chapter 840: She will be the Mu family's young mistress!

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Albeit reluctant, because of his solemn words, she could not inquire about it.

The old man kept silent for a moment and then told his grandson, "How about this: I'll announce this matter on the day when you and Wanrou announce the wedding to public?"

His grandson answered, "In that case, I'll go make arrangements."

"Mm!" He nodded in relief and did not say anything more.

As the man proceeded to go upstairs, she chased after him. "… Zhe!"

He paused and slowly turned around, only to see her slightly bashfully standing behind him. With a complex expression, she stuttered for a bit and then stopped talking.


"Are you really willing to marry me?" she asked with some hesitation. Her eyes were filled with undisguised disbelief and even suspicion.

He glanced at her, his gaze cold and indifferent.

He c.o.c.ked a brow impatiently at her question.

She promptly explained, "I am just a little curious and have no other meaning! After all, you said before that you won't marry me, yet now you changed your mind. It's unexpected."

"There's nothing unexpected."

She laughed. "I'm just too happy - so happy that I was a little skeptical. You… I didn't really believe at first that you will be willing to marry me and thought that I was dreaming!"

He kept his silence.

She inevitably felt awkward, but she still wanted to clear this matter up.

After all, she found it difficult to let go of her love for him.

"Once you marry me, what about Yun s.h.i.+s.h.i.+?" she asked cautiously.

He indifferently replied, "You don't have the right to mention her."

Suddenly feeling a little disappointed, she remorsefully said, "Well, I know. I know that you agreeing to marry me is already my greatest honor! Other than this, I won't ask much from you. It's just… If you're truly willing to marry me, I swear to learn how to be a qualified young mistress of the Mu family! It's just… Do you really not mind my past?"

Her heart was in a mess at the moment.

She had always suspected that he did not agree to marry her for such a simple reason.

Hence, she wanted to find out and make it clear.

He was an extremely deep person. She could not fathom his unpredictable thoughts and felt that there was something more to his decision.

"Mind about what?"

His cold gaze landed on her. "It's on grandpa's order and my unwillingness to go against him that I will marry you. As for the rest, you have no right to ask!"

She was startled.

He continued. "In any case, you've always been taking good care of grandpa. I'm merely obeying his wish."

"You… Are you marrying me because you like me?"

Even if it was just a little bit, she wanted him to like her!

Alas, he retorted, "What does marrying you have to do with liking you?"

She felt choked.

"I know it's because of grandpa's order that you're marrying me, and it's got nothing to do with romance or love. I also know that I've let you down… but I'll try to play my role well in the future!"

"It's good that you know!"

With that, he turned and left.

As for her, she stood rooted to the spot, feeling a little disconcerted.

She returned to her room and sat on the bed. Her thoughts were in a mess.

She was a little caught off guard by his sudden acquiescence to their marriage!

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