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Published at 31st of March 2020 10:15:11 AM
Chapter 1272: 1272

Youyou and Doudou rushed into the house as well . The former caught a whiff of the pungent blood as he approached the bed . The man's blood-stained lips shocked him!

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Li Ru fell apart as she coiled her hands around his shoulders and cried copiously .

Her children stood by their father's side with red eyes .

Standing on the sidelines, Youyou could not bear to watch this scene . His heart became filled with guilt at once .

The other boy suddenly looked at him and stormed up to him . Clenching his little fist, he hit him .

“Return ah pa to me! Return him to me—return!” He cried as he hit him .

His strength was simply pathetic .

Youyou did not evade him, though . He was grief-stricken as well . Not even he could have foreseen such a situation .

“How did it turn out this way…” he muttered blankly .

“It's all your fault! It's all your fault!”

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The other boy collapsed on the floor as he wailed and rubbed his eyes; his face was wet with tears .

His mother and sister had already wept buckets .

When Vermilion Bird received news that the boy's exact coordinates had been found, she rushed there with the rest of her people .

It was already the wee hours then .

By the time they arrived, the Zhao family had already started the funeral preparations .

People constantly entered and left the house . Li Ru forced herself to remain strong despite her grief and started preparing for the funeral .

Her husband had already pa.s.sed away .

Youyou sat by the doorway gloomily .

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She signaled her subordinates to wait in place for her orders and approached the boy while crouching slightly .

“Director Yun, I apologize for my tardiness!”

His head was bowed in solemn silence .

Startled, she could not help reaching out and placing her hand lightly on his shoulder .

The lad, unexpectedly, raised his hand to clench hers .

“Sir…” She looked at him in surprise .

“Commander Vermilion Bird, where have you been?”

He tugged at her fingers hard and looked up with a cold expression . There was not a hint of emotions in his clear, distinctive eyes .

They were only icy cold .

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“Why is it that Mu Lianjue's men could find their way here fast, but you guys couldn't?” A layer of ice veiled his tone as he chastised her in sullen anger . “Give me a reason!”

She winced .

Despite the boy's young age, his aura was extremely oppressive and overpowering!

She was a little taken aback .

“Did you really give it your all on this mission?” he coolly asked . “Are you no better than those people? Commander, I'm very disappointed in you!”

“I apologize, sir . It… was my dereliction of duty this time!” Her head lowered in guilt .

Alas, he mercilessly spat, “Reflect on this once we return!”

She gave him a loud and resounding answer . “Yes!”

Thereafter, as she carefully examined his face, she said, “Sir, I'll bring you back now . ”

“No!” he responded resolutely .

The boy sighed . “I'll return after attending the funeral!”

His subordinate replied, “Noted!”

The news reached the Mu family .

Mu Yazhe's heart finally settled once he learned that his son had been found .

He heard that the child was safe, only suffering from a bit of injury . The latter said that he would stay where he was for a few days to recuperate, and once he was feeling better, he would be escorted back by Vermilion Bird and her people .

Gong Jie had already deployed additional men, with Luka and Peaceful Tyrant rus.h.i.+ng there, too .

The twins' father then received news from the hospital that his older son had woken up .

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