I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game Vol 2 Prologue

I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game -

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I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game — V2 Prologue

Winter Vacation is a Mystery


Sequel, starting up!

Recently, I’ve been in a terrible state.

I spent the long summer vacation on my little sister’s dating simulation game and by the settings that were like from morning dramas…… no, old Korean dramas, I was completely worn out.
Then, as I was going to the university, slightly excited that I’m free from such penance, I was. .h.i.t by a truck. “Ah, I died,” when I was thinking so, I found that I had reincarnated into the otome game I had to play with my little sister all my vacation, the world of ‘I’ll Risk Everything for You’.

It was the ‘otome game reincarnation’ that was trending on the internet.

Ah, you just thought, ‘Isn’t it lucky to not die and continue life?’ right?
But if you actually reincarnate into a game world, it’s absurd, you know?

For the game world, the settings from the original world are all just ‘outrageous’ stuff, with common sense of modern j.a.pan not working.
Also, an ‘otome game’, that means the futures of many people all depend on the heroine’s thoughts and actions, a very fickle thing, don’t you know?
Well, since I know a bit of the future from the game’s ‘scenario’, I could work to avoid futures that I don’t want, though.

But, if it’s an RPG, the scenario to the ending is all set in stone, but being a dating sim many scenarios exist for characters.
Depending on which route the heroine selects and which ending she chooses, the futures of the characters change greatly. The heroine can become happy with anyone as long as she chooses the right options, but in this world of n.o.bles there’s no way that a powerful n.o.ble’s son won’t have a fiancée.
If the love interest the heroine chose has a fiancée, it means that the heroine’s happiness from the fiancée’s sorrow. Sometimes, it can evolve into a turmoil enveloping their houses so absurdly bothersome things can happen.

Now, in such a world, I reincarnated as the ‘crown prince’ of a religious state said to be ‘founded by G.o.d’…… on top of that, I’m a love interest.

From that point, would it have been decided that my life would be the beck and call of the heroine’s decisions?

And, it might have been fine if I was reincarnated at a young age, but I reincarnated at the day before the start of the game, you know?
The so called ‘possession reincarnation’.

I was seriously distraught. Reincarnating the day before the start of the game, unable to prepare anything nor used to the world, what was I supposed to do?
Maybe from the extreme confusion, I couldn’t even remember the content of the game, you know?

What fiendish difficulty is this?

Was what I thought.
Then that feeling grew strong enough that I could remember the detailed personal histories of the love interests.

Because, I thought from when I had been playing the game, the love interests of this game are idi…… very disappointing.
Moreover, within those people there were three future aide candidates, a disastrous situation.
I desperately tried to make them understand their positions as high-ranking n.o.bles!
Thanks to my efforts, I managed to reform one, but I couldn’t help the other two……

Well, reforming just one is a miracle! I have to stay positive!
Rather, the other two were the kinds of people that can’t be entrusted with p
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ositions of national importance, regardless of the game, so the result’s alright, I guess.

But still, maybe because I was acting out of character from the game, or because there was a strange correcting power of the game, we faced dangerous situations many times.

I, really, though I am supposed to in an otome game, I was targeted by a h.o.m.o and a pervert and went through an unthinkable mess.
When I think of that thing, I still feel like hiding my a.s.s. It feels like a miracle that I’m leading a peaceful school life.

Even though such things have been happening to me, I haven’t been giving up and worked hard, solely because of my fiancée, Angelica. In the game’s background setting, she would be the heroine’s rival and obstacle — the villainess lady, my fiancée.
Indeed, confident and dignified as well as beautiful, she would be an unpleasant existence for the heroine. However, the things she says to the heroine in the game are, “consider how you should interact with a man who has a fiancée,” or, “learn to carry yourself like a n.o.ble,” just slight sarcasm. The things she said were all sound arguments that fit the common sense of the world.
Well, the prim beauty says those things in events that raise intimacy metres with love interests as if to dash cold water, I can understand that the heroine would dislike her, you know? However, saying that she’s a ‘villainess’ is wrong.

Well…… simply said, from when I was playing the game, I had good feelings towards here. Then when I actually met her in this world…………
I was done in by her appearance that was a clean strike to my taste.
Mn, something like falling in love at first sight?
Thus, having sincerely fallen in love with Angelica, I resolved to work hard in this world for a happy future with her.

Anyhow, I concluded a heroine’s route of the game I know, so I thought it was over.
I thought that I could enjoy a carefree school life until graduation……
What the h.e.l.l is going on……

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