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Chapter 16 – Once again meeting with Quicksand

Just as Zeng Ruo plunged into despair, Xia Tian stood up again. Xia Tian quickly got rid of the black-clothed man. Seeing that Xia Tian was still alive, Zeng Ruo could not longer control her emotions.

Tears. At this moment, she was no longer a virtuous lady, no longer a strong woman; she cried loudly. At her side, her daughter was also crying, but because of the medicine, the sounds were m.u.f.fled.

Zeng Ruo threw herself into Xia Tian’s arms. At this moment, she felt like there was no place more secure than within this pair of arms. She felt a warmth and an urge to stay like this and not think of anything else.

“Cough!!” Xia Tian gave a hard cough, “We should get out of here quickly.”

Xia Tian only hit these people unconscious, he did not kill them. The education he had received from his childhood prevented him from doing so. Since the people have been rescued, they must immediately leave from here. The police should be arriving soon. If they saw his bullet wounds, then it would be difficult to explain.

“Hmm.” Zeng Ruo wiped the tears in her eyes and picked up the daughter. Her eyes caught the blood on the ground. The blood was real. That meant that Xia Tian really did get hit by the bullet.

She looked at Xia Tian who was using his hand to cover his left side flowing with blood.

“You got shot! I’m calling 120, you must hold on.” Zeng Ruo hurriedly took out her phone.

“Don’t,” Xia Tian caught Zeng Ruo mobile phone, “The matter is too complicated. If I am sent to the hospital, there will certainly be police intervention. I do not want to any trouble.”

“But your wound!” Zeng Ruo anxiously said.

“Come with me.” Xia Tian knew his body had gotten stronger than before by several grades, otherwise, there’d be no need to even talk about being shot. Just being stabbed once would’ve caused him to pa.s.s out from the pain.

After Zeng Ruo shut her phone, she left the warehouse with Xia Tian.

There was less than a kilometer from here to his house. He used to play here when he was a child, so he was so familiar with the surroundings.

Enduring the pain, Xia Tian brought Zeng Ruo and her daughter to his house. The little girl was very sensible; she has not cried. She was too tired and fell asleep in Zeng Ruo’s bosom.

Xia Tian walked cautiously back home. In order not to leave any traces of blood, he tore his clothes and wrapped the cloth around his wounds.


Xia Tian’s house was not big, but it was still clean. Everything was placed neatly. Xia Tian had not returned here for a long time. However, his young aunt would get people to clean the house every once in awhile, so everything was very neat and clean.

“You live here?” Seeing the things in the house, Zeng Ruo was overcome with strong emotions when she saw the inside the house. From what she saw, it’s not wrong to say that Xia Tian was definitely not a rich man, but why was he unwilling to accept her money? Self-conceit, is it important to be self-conceited in this age?

She has always given more importance to money than anything else, but at that moment her thoughts changed, and no matter how much money she had in that situation, no one was going to save her.

Finally saved by the man who didn’t want her money but still saved her, and at that time he actually said she was his woman.

If it was someone else to say this sentence, she would give the man a slap, but this words came from the mouth of this 20-year-old boy, but she felt so happy, she did not know if this because Xia Tian saved her or was touched by the determination of Xia Tian.

Xia Tian looked for matches and gauze, these are the only thing that could be used at home.

“This is my old home, now I live with my cousin.” Xia Tian caught the corner of the table with left-hand, the right hand around his wounds, where it was already mangled.
Zeng Ruo incredulity looked at Xia Tian:”Does he want to pull out the bullet with his hand? How can this be, and it will infect.”

Saw Zeng Ruo worried expression, Xia Tian smiled and said: “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”


A sotto voce came from Xia Tian mouth, at this time his eyes are bloodshot, the forehead was all sweaty, apply force in the right-hand, directly pulled out the bullet.

Zeng Ruo was very clear, Xia Tian not shouting out because was afraid to disturb her daughter’s rest, but she simply dares not to think about how much pain he felt, in the absence of Anesthetic drugs, to pull out the bullet using hands.


Xia Tian almost fainted by the pain, he finally understand that being hero was not so good, he felt the death, blood flowing out from the wound, could not stop before, he wanted to light the gunpowder in the bullet in order to avoid infection, but now, if he did that his intestines would be burned rotten.

“Am I really going to die here?” Xia Tian unwilling roar, his body has fallen down, Zeng Ruo hurriedly hold Xia Tian body, she now completely did not know what to do, she wanted to call the police, want to dial 120, but she remembers Xia Tian didn’t let her make a call.

The moment Xia Tian fall down, an effulgent yellow light came from his pocket, then the yellow light engulfs his wounds, Zeng Ruo saw the yellow light, hurriedly look at the wounds Xia Tian, too gobsmacked by the scene in front of her eyes.

Strangely!! the yellow light was moving, furthermore, after it engulfs the wound of Xia Tian, wounds unexpectedly start healing itself, less than 10 seconds, the blood has stopped flowing out.

She is an atheist, but in front of all this, she could not explain it, what is this yellow light, why the wound starts healing automatically, only a short one minutes or so pa.s.sed, the wound had been completely disappeared, leaving no scars.

She had never been so relieved, looking at two in front of her, she felt very happy.(Note: two here means Xia Tian and her daughter)


In fact, she wants is just that, but so many years she had not met the right person, in her eyes relations.h.i.+p came from individual interests, there is no affection besides kins.h.i.+p.

Gradually, she also falls asleep, she was also very tired, three people lying on a bed asleep.

Xia Tian had a very strange dream, he dreamed of a giant Buddha sit cross-legged in his dantian, and the Buddha repairing his wounds, this dream was very strange, he can clearly feel the Buddha inside his body.

The next morning, Zeng Ruo open eyes saw
the warmest scene, she and Xia Tian held together, daughter is in the middle of the two, facing toward Xia Tian.

Saw Xia Tian had a sign of awakening from the sleep, so Zeng Ruo had to pretend to sleep.

Xia Tian opened his eyes, saw the Zeng Ruo and her lovely daughter, gently looked toward Zeng Ruo for a little bit, he did not find the Zeng Ruo cheeks were red.

Walking in his own courtyard, Xia Tian felt a lot better.

“A lot of things have happened recently, originally thought that everything transpires were simple, but this time it not so easy.” Looked at everything around him, he felt as if everything had changed, and his father had been very strict with him since childhood, studies diligently, and his father taught him all the other things.

Now think of his father had never worked, but where comes the money? Although not rich and expensive, also not the hungry belly, and his father a suburban person how to know so many things.

“There something suspicious about the death of my father, and the book which quicksand after.” He never heard about any book, nor did his father told him, and how his father died.

“It seems that if I want to know everything, I must first find that book.” Xia Tian began to look around, his home not so big, there are no places to hide things, and the quicksand people definitely came to his home to search it.

Xia Tian carefully recall the past things, his father does not smoke nor drink, usually, the hobby was growing all kinds of flowers and vegetables.

“Alas, it is impossible for a father to hide that book at home.” Looking for a long time, Xia Tian found nothing, took out his phone but found that the phone had been dead after all this was not his Nokia brick, his Nokia brick can last even for seven days without charge.

He knew that his cousin must be worried about him.

Just then Xia Tian suddenly had an ominous foreboding.

Xia Tian, you want to abandon us?” The three figures appeared not far away.

“Still haunting me, originally thought can hide for a while, does not expect to be found out so soon.” Xia Tian was very clear, the quicksand people would certainly found him, but did not think it would happen so soon.

“Xia Tian, we planned to give you seven days, but now it’s changed to two days, which means you have to find that thing today.” The Quicksand people saw Xia Tian had come to his house, so shorten the time.


“A Day?” Liu Zhi knit his brows, it seems that today was not good, not to mention that he did not even know where was the book, even if he knew, he would certainly not hand it over because that was his father’s relics.

Tightly clenched his fist, although these three people are very formidable, even Ah San also frightened by these three people back then, but he must give it a go/gamble.

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