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“Mainline quest: Fight against the dark forces under New York and defend New York's security. Completion: 100/100. Now issuing the quest reward, please check.

“Congratulations to the host to complete the hidden quest: to destroy the Vampire family hidden in the dark, completely eliminate the threat of Vampires. Reward point: 10,000.”
“Wow!!” Hearing the cold reminder of the system coming from his mind, Lin Rui, lying in bed, jumped up with a shout.

“Jackson!!~” Lin Rui's shouting of excitement apparently irked his mother downstairs.

Lin Rui, who was shouted at by his mother, lay on the bed and covered his head with a pillow, which suppressed the excitement. After more than two months of fighting, Lin Rui finally completed the mainline quest. Moreover, he completed a hidden quest again, and in a flash, he has been awarded 10,000 Reward points, which almost knocked Lin Rui out. Excitingly rolling around in bed, Lin Rui thought quickly to his mind. He wanted to see what kind of Rewards he got from this quest.

Lin Rui first looked at the changes in his Reward points. For two months, Lin Rui has been fighting Jeston Gang and Kingpin's forces. Besides upgrading his skills, he has also built the secret base, which he has used a lot of Reward points. But he completed a quest to save Ben Parker released by the system, and a hidden quest to stop Dr. Connors, so his Reward Point had some leftovers. But certainly not much, but now Lin Rui's heart is in full bloom as he flies around behind his Reward Points.

“32,560 Reward Point! They are mine!! They are really mine!” After carefully counting the current reward points, Lin Rui only felt that he had become a local tyrant.

Tens of thousands of Reward points, which can already be converted into many high-level things in System Shop, are beyond the imagination of the hundreds of reward points that Lin Rui had before. Like Lin Rui's Heaven's Origin Heart Law, which now requires 5,000 Reward points for the middle book, he couldn't change for it before, but now it's more than enough.

“There are three items as a reward!” It took a long time to suppress the ecstasy in his heart, and Lin Rui turned his eyes to the three scattered light-colored items floating in the middle of his sea of ​​consciousness. Lin Rui is no stranger to these things. Before he finished a quest, there would be a reward item, but he doesn't know what reward item he has gotten.

“A quarter of E Grade s.p.a.ce Wars.h.i.+p designed blueprint. Well, it matches the last reward, and this will saves me a little Reward Points. After scanning the first item, Lin Rui muttered as she read the words on it.

“A level D Level training card. Okay? The training time is increased to one hour each time, and the remaining time can be saved to the next time. It seems that this kind of thing is just like the present product. The more advanced it is, the more humanized it is.” Soon, Lin Rui accepted the second item, which he was familiar with.

“Nine Layers Thunder Blade (pseudo). A copy of the divine tool Nine Layers Thunder Blade is a cla.s.s C weapon. It contains certain power of thunder, and can transform many kinds of energy into the power of thunder and lightning, and enhance the power of an attack.” The last reward item is a seemingly ordinary style long blade.

Although this blade is similar to the Flowing Flame Blade style used by Lin Rui, its introduction is quite powerful, and it is still only a copy of the divine tool. Although it is a copy, the grade has reached the C-level standard. The Flowing Flame Blade used by Lin Rui before was just an E Grade item. This blade has directly improved its standard by a large margin.

“Wow! It looks awesome!” Holding the false Nine Layers Thunder Blade in his hand and feeling the thunderstorm power contained in it. Lin Rui's eyes lit up. With such a C-cla.s.s weapon in hand, Lin Rui feels that he has at least doubled his strength.

“Aha! Everything has been going smoothly recently!” Looking at the mainline quest rewards again, Lin Rui was lying in bed laughing and talking to himself.

Defeating the Jeston Gang, the Frankenstein Family is now slowly starting to wash away from the underworld under the control of Jack. The Vampire forces he encountered in his quest were also killed by him in conjunction with the Blade and the Nightwalker squad from the ancestors to the small miscellaneous soldiers. Kingpin did not do anything this whole time. Lin Rui hasn't felt so relaxed for a long time and he even got an A in the final exams he just finished.

“In other words, I can also study my summer plan now!” It suddenly occurred to Lin Rui, who was relaxed in bed.

Just as Lin Rui was happy to have completed a mainline quest and an additional hidden quest and thought about a vacation trip, some other people, including some of the big guys in Congress and the New York Police were having a bad time.

After realizing that Vampire's forces were no longer satisfied with the constraints of Congress and were ready to expand their powers, self-sufficient vampires were ready to invade the ordinary world, some of the big guys in Congress had entered a state of emergency. On one hand, senior officials were sent to continue their talks with Vampire forces. On the other hand, New York police were arranged to put pressure on Vampire forces in all aspects.

However, the effect of the peace talks was obviously not very good. The Vampires who revived Dracula will no longer be following Congress. They need a ma.s.sive riot to let the whole world know that they exist. So Congress can only increase the police force and some special forces to monitor the Vampire forces and use force to suppress them when necessary. This was the reason that Dr. Connors was able to make such a big fuss about without having much police force to catch him. He had to rely on Spiderman to help him. On the other hand, Spiderman was allowed to crack down on all kinds of criminal activities in New York City. After all, when the police were not strong enough, they would no longer care about a Vigilante.

Some of the big names in Congress believe that as long as Vampire realizes that their power is insignificant for today's humans, they will continue to cooperate with Congress as before. Large sums of money are provided annually without the need to report to the IRS, and they continue to provide the necessary blood sources. And the top officials in Congress know that some people are also fighting against the Vampires, those who are hidden by their mask and fight in the night. They are happy to see others helping them in putting pressure on the Vampire forces, which is more conducive to restore their relations.h.i.+p with the Vampire forces.

However, they apparently underestimated Blade and Lin Rui's team's ability to do things. Nor do they know about the resurgence of Dracula, the Vampire's progenitor, whose information asymmetry has left them with pa.s.sive prevention plans, rather than proactive ones like Lin Rui. So, after Blade killed Dracula and completely wiped out the entire Vampire clan in the world, the big guys in Congress were left stunned.

So many police forces and special forces were called in to monitor the Vampire forces for so many days. In the end, those guys just burned out and turned into grey ash out of thin air. The police, who were only responsible for monitoring and suppressing the riots, did not know what they were facing, but the way those guys were burned to ashes in the air gave them a great visual impact. The policemen who witnessed these scenes suspected that they were mad, or that the world was mad. Congress had to withdraw all the arrangements and provide psychological counseling to police officers who saw the horror.

At this point, the Vampire clan is completely extinct. Congress's wishful thinking collapsed and Vampire did not riot but they were completely destroyed. In this effect, Congress expended a lot of manpower and money to achieve was completely destroyed. Without the financial support of Vampire forces, the future life of the big boys would be very difficult. In particular, some research inst.i.tutes that need secrecy and money can no longer continue, including Colonel Stryker, who is keen to study Mutants.

“d.a.m.n it! Why did they suddenly give away the approved funds!? In his office, Stryker punched the table in front of him and asked the Secretary aloud.

“It seems that some sponsors have suddenly failed to provide funds.” The secretary can only answer like this, this is the official response.

“No matter, it doesn't matter if the funds are not enough. Those Mutants won't mind themselves being experimenting on in a more hostile environment.” The money is gone and Stryker is just a little less profligate. Those experiments don't require more money, but more Mutants.

“Experiments No. x-28…”

“I don't want anything to interrupt my plan.”

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