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Published at 11th of July 2019 07:47:51 PM Chapter 60


The violent explosion swallowed up the Mutant which could control the energy and shook the building several times . Lin Rui was prepared and hid in the corner to avoid the initial shock wave . As for the man nicknamed Viper, he was not so lucky because he was so close that he was almost devoured by the explosion . Although he was finally able to avoid the most central explosive power, but he also faced the strong shock wave and he flew back like a bullet and hit the wall .


The explosion in the center of the building continued and the aftermath of the shock wave blew out all the smoke on the other side, revealing what was going on inside . Off the original three men who had been shrouded in the smoke, one had fallen down, his life and death unknown . The two men who were still standing confronted each other and both of them retreated a few steps because of the impact of the blast wave .


“Bah! Did they really thought that I wouldn’t be prepared?!” Wielding a blade, Lin Rui swept away the dust in front of him . Lin Rui spat as there was something dirty in his mouth .

In fact, after the last encounter with the Mutants Tank and Worm, Lin Rui realized that this is the Real Marvel World, not just a few movie plots like Avengers movieverse or X-man movieverse . This world contains all of the Marvel’s settings, including Mutants and aliens .

After studying the history of the world again and carefully, Lin Rui feels that the probability of meeting Mutants in the future is still high . So Lin Rui exchanged some mutated gene depressors at System Shop in order not to suffer when he came across some weird Mutants . This kind of thing can help Mutants who don’t want their mutant ability to help suppress them and become normal people . Similarly, for Mutants who are willing to use their mutant abilities, this works in a different way .

Just now, Lin Rui’s sudden burst of power forced Viper away . When the Mutant wanted to use the energy he absorbed to deal with him, Lin Rui used those gene suppressers very tactfully . Sure enough, at the last minute, the fellow lost his ability to control the variation of energy and could only watch as the huge uncontrolled energy explode in front of him .

“Now, I can give a good lesson to that fellow who is dancing in the distance . ” Glancing at Matt’s situation, Lin Rui turned to the corner of the building .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As soon as the idea appeared in his head, Lin Rui had to swing Flowing Flame Blade in front of him . Because that fellow hiding in the corner thinks the same thing .


Several powerful bullets were blocked and Lin Rui had rushed in an instant . Without the protection of meat s.h.i.+eld and the melee warfare, the hara.s.sment is far more serious and for an agile character like Lin Rui, He is just like an open hedgehog .   Do you do to the hedgehogs who are not obedient? Of course, You wait for it to take back the thorn slowly! But Lin Rui won’t be so patient with this guy .

Before anyone arrives, the light attack of Lin Rui’s blade has arrived . This is not a tangible thing . The mobile a.r.s.enal gun method can’t possibly kill the light attack of Lin Rui’s blade . So he decided to throw away his heavy weapons and began to flee .

Boom! Boom!

Two loud bangs in a row hit another wall of the building, and the long-range shooter narrowly escaped Lin Rui’s Blade-light attack . However, he was no longer armed with heavy fire .


The gunner, who had rolled twice on the ground, quickly climbed up, holding two special pistols in both hands . He turns around and pointed the gun at the guy who’s coming after him . But he was obviously too late .

Two close-range blade attacks flashed and the long-ranged gunner dropped his gun to the ground . The next second, a lot of blood was gus.h.i.+ng from his smooth wrist incision .

“Ah ah!” My hands!! The gunner whose hands were cut off lost his abilities fell to the ground and screamed bitterly .

Another blade attack flashed and the screams stopped .

“Now, you don’t have to worry about your hands . ” Li Rui looked at the gunner who had no movement on the ground and said faintly .

Solving this annoying problem, Lin Rui’s figure has disappeared again . Viper, who was. .h.i.t by the blast wave, has slowly woken up . It seems that he is also physically strong, so the close explosion did not seriously injure him .


Just as the double-knife man slowly climbed up from the ground, Lin Rui was already there . Without any nonsense, Lin Rui has shot two flying knives to hold the man’s hands and pierce them into the ground .

“Hmm!” Unlike the previous gunner’s loud scream, the knife-wielder called Viper just grunted .

“Your knife techniques are good! But what I am interested in is where your Internal Energy cultivation technique came from?” The hands of this guy were pinned down and Lin Rui asked slowly as he squatted down . This is something that Lin Rui is very interested in . He does not doubt that Marvel World has the existence of some Internal energy cultivation technique, but this should be the secret technique that belongs to the Eastern countries .

“…” There was no answer . He wondered if it was unclear what he was asking .

“Maybe you call it qigong?” Seeing Viper didn’t answer, Lin Rui asked again .

“…” Still no answer .

“Well, I have to destroy your internal energy cultivation first . ” Without getting the answer he wanted, Lin Rui stood up and raised his foot to kick him in the back . Regardless of whether this fellow practices any cultivation techniques or not, He would have to lie in bed for the rest of his life .

“Don’t! I will tell you!” Hearing that Lin Rui is going to destroy his internal energy cultivation, the guy was finally willing to speak . For him, it seems that the internal energy cultivation is more important than their death .


“Oh, let’s talk about it . ” His foot stopped halfway instantly and Lin Rui squatted down again and said to the man faintly .

“I am of mixed blood and my mother is of Asian descent . When I was a child, I spent some time in a secret organization in China . That was when I learned Qigong . Threatened by Lin Rui, Viper quickly explained the origin of his cultivation technique .

“It turned out to be stealing . No wonder your internal energy is so weak even though it exists . But your talent is good . It’s amazing how strong internal energy can be . Lin Rui also guessed the general origin of his cultivation technique when he heard the reply from the fellow under his feet .

As the most mysterious country in the East, the Tian Dynasty has many famous mountains and rivers . It is not surprising that there are some inheritance organizations hidden in them . Speaking of it, this guy still has some relations.h.i.+p with Lin Rui . After all, they are all mixed-race Chinese descendant . So Lin Rui is not going to give him a kick .

The blade flashed and the Viper on the ground was dead . However, no one noticed that Viper’s mouth moved a few times before Lin Rui slashed him with his blade .

“Ok, it’s time to help Matt . ” Solving the problem of the three people on his side, Lin Rui glanced at Matt’s situation, muttered and disappeared .



With a whisper, Lin Rui’s long knife pierced Frankenstein Family Berserk Squad’s last remaining man to the heart . The melee master was also a Mutants, but his variant abilities were concealed and agile . Although well-trained, they were of little use against Matt and Lin Rui .

“Matt, you good?” Glancing at Matt, Lin Rui asked with concern . He saw that Matt appeared to be bloodstained and should have been injured .

“It’s all right, minor injury . Your special spray will heal it soon . ” Shaking his head, Matt said indifferently .

Matt just dealt with these two guys, although they were very difficult to deal with but his strength is now different from the past . He took one down at the cost of minor injuries and killed the remaining one with the help of Lin Rui, something Matt could not do before meeting Lin Rui .

“Well, that’s good . We should go and get them out . I think the New York police should be coming soon if Wade notifies them in time . Hearing Matt’s words, Lin Rui nodded and walked towards the rooms behind the building . In their previous feelings, those rooms contain at least 300 innocent people .

“Ok . ” With a promise, Matt followed Lin Rui to the rooms .

Lin Rui’s initial goal today was to crack down on Jeston Gang and make trouble for Frankenstein Family, but their transaction item was the innocent humans . Lin Rui had to give up his initial plan . It was the right thing to rescue people first .

“Wade, is the New York Police coming soon? We need more people to cover for us . Lin Rui asked in a low voice, holding a small connector in his hand .

“They are still ten minutes away and I don’t think you two can protect these people . ” Wade’s response came quickly from the connector and it seemed that he already knew what was going on inside the manor .

“No, No!” Ten minutes, Frankenstein Family will definitely be able to stop them .

The failure of the previous five-man team should have been beyond Frankenstein Family’s expectation as they could not kill Lin Rui and Matt . Now they have irritated Frankenstein Family and it was very possible that they would shoot these innocent civilians directly . In fact, Lin Rui didn’t know what the innocent people used to trade would be used for . Frankenstein Family should not kill their goods .

“Well, you’ll come as planned! Leave the rest to me!” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Wade, who had been outside the manor, shouted through a connector . Wade, who has been firmly committed to how much money and how much work he does, seems to be doing something big . After all, he is saint Wade .

“What are you doing?! Wade!?”

“People are always mad, aren’t they?! Although there is still a beautiful woman waiting for me at home, I don’t think she would blame me if she knew I was trying to save people . ” Wade finally said these two sentences and then cut off the connector . The last sound Lin Rui could hear seemed to be Wade’s rus.h.i.+ng out .

“This guy! I hope you don’t do anything stupid!” Unable to contact Wade anymore, Lin Rui somewhat pinched his connector and whispered . If Wade died because of his actions today, Lin Rui would be very sad . Not only would Deadpool disappear, but Lin Rui himself liked Wade .

“No matter! Save the people first! Wade could handle it . Lin Rui had to rescue the people in front of him first .


However, just before Lin Rui and Matt went to the sealed rooms and began to open the door, a dark shadow suddenly flashed in from outside the building and instantly pa.s.sed by Lin Rui and Matt . Then Lin Rui and Matt flew out as if they had been hit hard, and both of them hit the wall and fell hard .


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