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Published at 8th of July 2019 06:29:30 PM Chapter 58


Da da da!

Looking at the security guards suddenly on guard inside the manor, Lin Rui was surprised . He and Matt just came out of the small garden . Did they found the body so soon?

“Daredevil, the plan has been successful and judging from their security, that direction should be the place for the deal . ” Observing the movement of Jeston Gang outside in the dark, Lin Rui quickly figured out where they were headed and whispered to Matt beside him .

“Well, I also sensed that there are many people in that direction . And, it seems that there are more than these gang members, there are also many civilians and they are very scared . ” Unlike Lin Rui, who needs to use Beginner observation, Daredevil’s own sensory ability is even stronger, he has already sensed the trading item in that direction .

“It seems that they are doing human trafficking here and the items that they mentioned must be people! Do you think it is related to the human trafficking trade we destroyed before?” When he heard Matt’s words, Lin Rui’s eyes gradually became cold and his tone was low .

“This time there are more people, far more than the last time!” Matt carefully responded and went silent .

“Then we can’t let them succeed . Sc.u.m like them should be buried in h.e.l.l forever! ” The last thing Lin Rui could not tolerate was human trafficking and organ trading, which completely trampled the bottom line of his life .

“That’s what I think . No matter what obstacles we may encounter today, we must save these people!” Matt’s anger was no less than Lin Rui’s and he could not tolerate such things after a long struggle with Wilson .

“Well, let’s make a scene!”

After a group of Jeston Gang members left, Lin Rui and Matt rushed out in an instant and headed for their designated trading point .


And at Lin Rui and Matt’s fast approaching estate, the deal between Ross and Housley, representing Frankenstein Family, is still going on . They won’t give up the deal because Lin Rui and Matt are messing up in this place . That’s not what people at their level do .

However, they may have forgotten that blindly high self-esteem is the reason for falling . With the strength of Lin Rui and Matt, They are no longer a character that the Frankenstein Family can ignore .

“Mr . Housley, Do we have a deal?” After checking the last room, Ross smiled and reached out to Housley .

“It’s a pleasant deal, but I’m not going to let those two guys go . I think Mr . Ross will have a way . If you don’t mind, I hope you can give them to me when you catch them . ” He also reached out and shook Ross’s hand and said lightly, He finally mentioned Lin Rui and Matt . Lin Rui almost killed Housley’s son with one blow . He would not let them go easily .

“That’s all right . It’s just two jokers . If it hadn’t been for the New York police to suddenly start targeting Jeston Gang and other businesses in our family, we wouldn’t have let them rampant up to now . Mr . Housley can rest a.s.sured that since you are interested in them, I will surely bring them to you . ” Hearing Housley’s final request, Ross smiled and agreed .

In Ross’s view, the two guys are going to be disposed of by the family anyway, so it’s better to sell personal affection to an influential figure like Housley, which will help him to gain more benefits in the family in the future .

“Thank you, Mr . Ross . ” With a slight thank you, Housley stepped out .

“You’re welcome, Mr . Housley . ” Leaving the building side by side with Housley, Ross said with a laugh .



Puff puff!

A team of Jeston Gang, who was searching inside the manor, was. .h.i.t by several flying knives fired from the shadows and fell down almost without making any sound . It was good that Lin Rui spent 300 Reward points to exchange Xiao Li’s flying knives for long-range attacks .

Then Matt and Lin Rui rushed out of the darkness and dragged the guys back into the darkness again . A few minutes later, two guys dressed in Jeston Gang’s dress walked out of the darkness and slowly headed deep into the manor .

After a certain distance in the manor, Lin Rui and Matt both found that the closer they got to their destination, the stronger their defense . They could no longer move silently . So the best way for them to get close to the center of the manor to rescue those trapped is to go in and disguise themselves as Jeston Gang . Of course, Matt Daredevil’s clothes are still inside, he just removed his mask . As for Lin Rui, his Phantom Suit is really convenient .

After Lin Rui and Matt confirmed that the transaction items were ordinary peoples, Lin Rui had also notified Wade outside by radio and told him to report the situation here to the New York police . Lin Rui and Matt can do things to deal with the Frankenstein Family, but the placement of so many ordinary people is not something they can solve . Moreover, the battle will be very confusing at the time, so it is better to call the police to make things more confusing .

“Master Ross, we’ve got thirteen brothers down, but there’s no trace of those two guys . But judging from the position of our fallen brothers, they should be heading here . ” In a luxury room next to the building they just traded the ‘items’, Jeston Gang’s leader, Verus, was standing beside Ross and whispering . From his report, it seems that he has not found that Lin Rui and Matt have disguised themselves as one of them .

“It seems that I can’t rely on you . It’s time for Berserk Squad to go out . ” Ross frowned slightly when he heard Verus’s report and then said lightly .

“Yes!” Hearing Ross’s words, Verus came down with a cold sweat, but he respectfully agreed . Then he left quickly as the next thing wasn’t for him and Jeston Gang to get involved in .

“Looks like you’re in some trouble . ” Just after Verus left, Housley, sitting opposite Ross, said lightly .

“Oh, Ordinary people are still unreliable . I promise to help Mr . Housley catch these two guys . ” When he heard Housley, Ross smiled and promised .

“I’ll wait . Actually, I’m curious about the strength of Frankenstein Family’s Berserk Squad . ” Holding up the wine in his hand, Housley greets the face opposite to him . Judging from the description of his unworkable son, the strength of the man who attacked him is almost equal to that of himself . If they knew the characteristics of their race, his son would not be alive .

“It certainly won’t disappoint Mr . Housley . ”

“I am looking forward to it . ”


After posing as a member of Jeston Gang, Lin Rui and Matt’s progress was a lot smoother . Although there were many interrogations along the way, they came all the way to the building where the trade happened .

Mirage Knight, it’s right there! I can already sense the intense fear and helplessness there . ” Like a real gangster, Matt stood in the middle and said to Luin Rui, who was next to him .

“Yeah, I feel it too . ” Without Matt’s reminder, Lin Rui’s Beginner Insight Technique has also noticed a large number of ordinary people in the building ahead .

“But there seem to be some tough guys out there . ” In addition to many ordinary people in that building, Lin Rui also sensed several life-intensive organisms, which were obviously not comparable to those who had been locked up .

“Is it Mutants?” Matt also sensed the powerful creatures but wondered if they were the same Mutants as the ones who caught him last time .

“I don’t know, but at least they are not ordinary people . It seems that this Frankenstein Family is really taking this thing seriously, but we are not so simple . Daredevil, can you do it?” Lin Rui couldn’t tell if Mutants were in the building from the breath of life alone, but it was not important . Lin Rui, who had decided to shoot, asked Matt next to him .

“Men can’t say no!” Hearing Lin Rui’s inquiry, Matt responded aggressively .

In fact, Matt would not have said such words with so much confidence a month ago because his strength was not enough to deal with the two Mutants . But now it is different . He has practiced the modified version of the Internal Energy Technique . Matt’s communication with nature is clearer, and his strength has increased a lot again . If he meets the last two Mutants again, Matt is confident in defeating them .

“So, let’s start our performance!” Lin Rui, who was also confident in himself, finally rushed out after saying a word .

Behind Lin Rui, Matt also turned into a shadow and followed quickly . In the process of rus.h.i.+ng forward, Matt’s outer clothes were quickly torn open and the headgear was brought on, instantly the avatar of Daredevil appeared . Lin Rui is even simpler . After the outer clothes are pulled out, the Phantom Suit has been put on . They have already reached this point and they have no need to hide it again .

On the way forward, Lin Rui had already thrown out a mini-bomb, which exploded just as it flew to the side wall of the building in front of him . Of course, Lin Rui chose a wall away from ordinary people .


The quality of the things exchanged in System Shop are so good that the walls that look very thick and defensive are exploded in this way . The next moment, Lin Rui and Matt flew in .

Without any hesitation, Lin Rui threw out several flying knives, aiming directly at the five-man team standing in the middle of the building, which was also the five-strong breaths of life that Lin Rui and Matt sensed .

As for Matt, Lin Rui had thrown out a lot of smoke bombs at the same time when he threw out his flying knife . The greatest advantage of Matt who is blind is his super-strong sensory ability, which, of course, can be maximized in the fog . So Lin Rui old trick has now become Matt’s .


Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next moment, the battle broke out instantly!

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