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Chapter 1078: Plan

If the members of the League of Defenders, with all their various superpowers, couldn’t pose a threat to the traitorous sorcerers, then s.h.i.+ELD and their technology-based equipment certainly wouldn’t be able to either.

As for the Avengers, except for Hulk, the rest of them are, to be honest, not as powerful as the members of the League of Defenders.

While Hulk’s strength is monstrous, Lin Rui couldn’t estimate how powerful Hulk could become. However, Hulk’s power is based on the a.s.sumption that his opponents will engage in combat with him. If Dr. Banner transforms into Hulk and intends to fight Kaecilius, but the latter simply uses a magical portal to teleport him away, then Hulk’s power would be useless.

Tony’s Iron Man, though formidable, would rely on the a.s.sistance of the sorcerers to deal with the traitorous sorcerers. But if Iron Man were to face the traitorous sorcerers alone, the probability is high that he would be overmatched.

As for Lin Rui’s remaining allies, the X-Men, although they possess various extraordinary mutant abilities, it is unknown how effective they would be against magic. However, if Lin Rui knew that Iceman had gained control over a portion of his Omega-Level mutant powers since the Dark Elf invasion incident, he might not think this way.

Furthermore, when sorcerers use magic, they require strong psychic power, and Professor Charles Xavier excels in that aspect. If he were to lend a hand, it would provide some a.s.sistance. After all, possessing Charles Xavier with his powerful mind would be a significant threat to ordinary people on Earth.

“If we’re going to continue to intervene in this matter, we need to plan more carefully. We can’t act rashly like this. It’s irresponsible to both me and Tony,” Lin Rui, lying on the hospital bed, actually had nothing urgent to attend to, but he still needed some time to think about what to do next.

His collaboration with the Earth’s sorcerers to deal with the traitorous sorcerers was hastily done this time, without careful planning with his allies. It was more like he did whatever came to mind, resulting in the current awkward situation. However, Lin Rui was driven by the recent mission that the system had a.s.signed.

After all, having to defend the Earth three times, he didn’t know if he would have another chance, so he had to seize every opportunity.

After nearly being killed by Kaecilius, Lin Rui realized how irresponsible and reckless it was for him to act so urgently. If it weren’t him rus.h.i.+ng into the Mirror Dimension but someone else, like Spider-Man Peter or Iron Man Tony, then it wouldn’t be him lying here in the end.

And regardless of whether it was Spider-Man or Iron Man facing Kaecilius, Lin Rui didn’t think their chances of survival would be greater than his.

Therefore, if Ancient One and the others seemed to deliberately create a rift between him and the rest of the guardians he represented, Lin Rui decided to remain calm for now and observe the development of the situation from the sidelines.

Lin Rui believed that Ancient One would not allow Kaecilius to destroy the three Sanctums, which would attract Dormammu so quickly.

Perhaps, with Lin Rui’s warning, Kaecilius wouldn’t have a chance to destroy the three Sanctums. Consequently, Dormammu would not be able to invade Earth, and the crisis would be resolved. However, Lin Rui wasn’t sure if he could consider this as guarding the Earth. He was truly uncertain.

“JARVIS, can you keep monitoring the situation of the three Sanctums?” After pondering for a long time, Lin Rui finally opened his eyes and spoke to the empty medical room.


When Lin Rui had just mentioned JARVIS’ name, a faint blue light appeared out of thin air from above, finally hovering above Lin Rui’s hospital bed. Lin Rui was already accustomed to JARVIS’ unconventional entrances.

Besides, he was well aware of the extent of JARVIS’ intelligent evolution, as long as the Mind Stone didn’t appear, Lin Rui wasn’t particularly concerned about any issues with JARVIS’ intelligent evolution.

“Jackson, Mr. Stark has given instructions, and I will continuously monitor the situation concerning Earth’s sorcerers,” JARVIS’ voice transmitted after the appearance of the pale blue light.

“Uh… well… even if Tony and the others don’t plan to help, they can’t completely ignore the situation there. After all, it’s an event that threatens the safety of the entire Earth,” Lin Rui muttered to himself in response to JARVIS’ answer.

“However, based on Mr. Stark’s previous att.i.tude and his plans for the next period of time, I suggest that you stop concerning yourself with the situation of Earth’s sorcerers,” JARVIS spoke up again after Lin Rui’s murmurs. This time, he was actually giving advice to Lin Rui.

“Well… JARVIS, can you promise me one thing?” Upon hearing JARVIS’ words, Lin Rui stared at the pale blue light floating above him and asked softly. Now, Lin Rui considered JARVIS as a genuine person.

“What is it?”

“It’s… can you…?”

Half an hour later, feeling that he had rested enough, Lin Rui got up from the hospital bed on his own. Then, following the familiar path, he left the medical room and headed towards the neighboring underground laboratory where Tony and Peter were.

Since Lin Rui had already agreed to Tony, he needed to maintain a basic appearance. However, whether or not he would tell Tony about his conversation with JARVIS would depend on whether JARVIS would actually disclose it.

When Lin Rui arrived at the laboratory, he saw Tony and Peter working around an experimental workbench. Tony’s lab was no longer solely focused on upgrading and modifying the Iron Man suit. The research on Venom and Extremis had also become a priority.

As for the special cosmic lifeform samples that Lin Rui had brought back from the alien planet last time, Tony had temporarily sealed them. He simply didn’t have the energy to simultaneously handle so many research projects, even with the a.s.sistance of JARVIS, Peter, and Lin Rui.

Of course, any breakthrough in Tony’s research would yield tremendous value. Whether it was Venom or Extremis, even a slight advancement in lifeform technology would greatly a.s.sist in the upgrade and modification of the Iron Man suit.

“Cough!… I’m here,” Lin Rui intentionally coughed twice to remind Peter and Tony, who hadn’t noticed his arrival.


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