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Chapter 19: Saint Emperor Level Perception

“h.e.l.lo, is this the Job Change center?”  Feng Xiao arrived in front of those ugly old men and picked one that was decent to look at to speak to.

“Oh!  Ah?  You want to change Jobs?”  The dispirited gray clothed old man’s eyes suddenly released a golden light as if he had just discovered a mountain of gold.  A hand quickly pulled out a wrinkle piece of paper from who knows where, “Come, quickly, sign your name on this piece of paper and you’ll be able to change Jobs…..”

“Eh…...It’s fine just to sign my name?”

“That’s right, you’ll become an honourable knight once you sign this contract.  Charging into monsters, saving beautiful women, and fighting bosses by yourself, there are no disadvantages at all.  Come…...Sign quickly.”

“What?  Knight?  But I want to become……”

“Ah?  I’ve heard that someone wants to change jobs?  Oh, young man, you shouldn’t become a Knight like that old man.  Having terrible attack and having to carry around a large and heavy s.h.i.+eld all the time.  Come and become an, you’ll be plundering in all directions and having fun with all kinds of women.  As long as you become an…..”  The black clothed old man that appeared out of nowhere did not have a chance to finish before another old man suddenly appeared.


“Aiya, you two undying fools can’t see that he doesn’t want to change into your terrible Jobs?  Come, come, young man, you truly have a good eye.  We Mages have the highest attack and the most beautiful style, whether it is killing monsters or showing off……”

“f.u.c.k!  Move aside you bunch of old things.  Little brat, do you want to make your enemies fall down on the ground like a dead dog before they can even get close?  Do you want to take an enemy’s life from a hundred steps away?  Then change into an Archer!  This instructor will teach you and give you benefits.  You can learn skills at 80% the cost.  Oh, if you don’t know, then I’ll teach you for free…..”  This time it was a green clothed old man.

“Little brat, become a Warrior right now.  This instructor promises that as long as you change into a Warrior, not only will I teach you skills at a 30% discount, I will also give you a blue Warrior equipment……”

“What’s so good about being a Warrior?  We can easily kill you……”

“Che, what can you do to us Knights with your c.r.a.ppy skills?  Young man, I knew we had destiny between us from the moment we saw each other…..”

“f.u.c.k your destiny.  Young man, your eyes are sharp and you have a clear mind, you are naturally born to be an Archer.  How about this, as long as you become an Archer…….


The five Job Change Instructors were fighting like five stall vendors trying to sell their merchandise.  Feng Xiao began to lose his temper, what was with these five old men?  There were several million people coming after him, yet they were this anxious…...

From the violent words of the five old men, Feng Xiao actually learned the major characteristics of each of the five main Jobs.

«Rebirth» had five main Jobs: Knight, Warrior,, Archer, and Mage.

The gray clothed old man was called Heavenly s.h.i.+eld and was the Knight Job Change Instructor.  Knights were the only Jobs that fought with s.h.i.+elds and they could use either single handed swords or single handed blunt weapons (Different Jobs had different weapons and different skills they could use).  Knights had a high HP and strong defense, being the main tank in parties.  They were a necessary Job for fighting bosses, but Knights did not have strong attacks, with only a single short ranged method of attacking.  Their main stats were Vitality and Strength with 1 Vitality=15 HP+2 Defense and 1 Strength = 1.5 Attack.  They would also gain 20 HP and 10 MP every level up.

The white clothed old man was called Heavenly War and he was the Warrior Job Change Instructor.  Warriors could be divided into Spear Warriors or Sword Warriors based on their weapon.  Spear Warriors had a high attack power and range, but they attacked slowly.  Sword Warriors were all around balanced.  Warriors had a high damage and a decent HP.  They had a high range and many different attack methods, but they had low accuracy and evasion.  Their main stats were Strength and Vitality with 1 Strength = 2 Attack and 1 Vitality = 10 HP + 1 Defense.  They would also gain 20 HP and 10 MP every level up.

The black clothed old man was called Heavenly Thorn and was the Job Change Instructor. could be divided into Rogue or Thief with both using short swords. had a high Agility, high Accuracy, and a high attack speed, being very good at fighting one on one, but they had low HP and defense.  Their main stats were Agility and Vitality with 1 Agility = 2 Evasion + 1 Accuracy + 2 Attack and 1 Vitality = 10 HP + 1 Defense.  They would also gain 10 HP and 10 MP every level up.

The green clothed old man was called Heavenly Bow which was clearly indicating that he was the Archer Job Change Instructor.  Archers had the longest attack range and the highest accuracy, but their close range combat ability was very weak, clearly seen from their low HP and weak defense.  Their main stats were Agility, Strength, and Vitality with 1 Agility = 1 Evasion + 2 Accuracy + 1 Attack, 1 Strength = 1.5 Attack, and 1 Vitality = 10 HP + 1 Defense.  They would also gain 20 HP and 10 MP every level up.

The red clothed old man was called Heavenly Law (Feng Xiao: It’s a good thing he isn’t called Heavenly Demon…..) and was the Mage Job Change Instructor.  There were six different types of mages in total: Water Mage, Fire Mage, Wind Mage, Thunder Mage, Earth Mage, and Cleric.  Each attribute had their own characteristic.  Their main stats were Intelligence and Vitality with 1 Intelligence = 2 Magic Attack + 10 MP and 1 Vitality = 10 HP + 1 Defense.  They would also gain 10 HP and 20 MP every level up.

Fire Mage: They have strong attacks and long attack ranges, but they had a long cast time and high MP costs.

Wind Mage: They had the quickest speed, longest attack range, smallest MP costs, and could use the strength of the wind to increase their speed and the speed of their party members, but they had a low attack.

Thunder Mage: They had the strongest attack power and a variable range, as well as quick attacks that could also cause the enemies to be paralyzed.  However, their spells all required HP sacrifices, so Thunder Mages were the easiest Job to kill.

Earth Mage: They had average attack power and speed with most of their attacks being linear.  Their earth s.h.i.+elds had the strongest defense, being able to guard them from most attacks and they had a terrifying environment control ability.  It was the safest Mage Job.

Cleric: They have strong healing abilities and decent light attributed attacks.  They were the must bring Job when it came to killing bosses.  Strong Clerics could revive party members and increase the experience gained, so they were very popular when it came to form parties.

Water Mage: Heaven Law only gave a single word - trash.  With the weakest attack and the shortest range, they also had the ability to heal, but it could not compare to Clerics.  They had long cast times as well as high MP costs and the only advantage they had was that their attacks had the chance of freezing their enemies.  Indeed it fit the word trash, it could be seen that there wouldn’t be many Water Mages in the future.

The reason why these five Job Change Instructors were fighting like this was because the first one to help an otherworlder change Jobs would receive 10000 gold coins from the Heavenly Dragon Emperor.  Feng Xiao broke out in a cold sweat.  These old men were this old yet they were still this inflexible, wanting to bring all this money with them to their graves.

“Alright, don’t be anxious.  I want to become a Warrior!”

Feng Xiao’s words made these old men immediately calm down.  The white clothed old man quickly walked over and proudly looked over at the other old men.  His eyes had turned in $ signs.

“Little brat, you have a good eye.  We warriors are the Heavenly Dragon Continent - Ke, ke - strongest Job.”  Disregarding the gazes filled with killing intent coming from the others, old man Heavenly War took out a piece of paper, “Just sign your name here and you’ll be a great Warrior!”

“Oh, alright.”  Feng Xiao took the magic pen and then started to write his name.  Right as he finished writing the wind character, he suddenly thought of something.

“Instructor Heavenly War, would I lose my skills after changing jobs?”  His Shattering Slash and Returning Slash were very strong and practical, it would be terrible if he lost them.

Without waiting for Heavenly War to say anything, Heavenly s.h.i.+eld at the side looked over at Feng Xiao like he was looking at an idiot as he said, “Che, your head must have been kicked in by a donkey.  How could a Beginner have skills?”


-1, Miss

As Heavenly s.h.i.+eld finished speaking, a rotating dark gold sword attacked him…...Heavenly s.h.i.+eld was suddenly dumbfounded and looked at him with a shocked expression.  With a quiet and trembling voice, he said, “Little brat, you…...How much perception do you have?”  This boy name Wind Spirit actually having skills went beyond the cognition of these old men.

The old men attracted over by Feng Xiao’s skills still had not noticed anything yet, but Heavenly War at the side was already stunned.  His expression went between joy and sadness as he muttered a few words, “Wind G.o.d’s Dance, it’s actually Wind G.o.d’s Dance!  Demon G.o.d’s Body, the Demon G.o.d’s Body that I’ve been waiting a thousand years for……”

Feng Xiao awkwardly patted his head as he said with a modest expression, “My perception isn’t high, it’s only 50.”

“Bulls.h.i.+t!”  Feng Xiao suffered a hit to his head as Heavenly s.h.i.+eld’s beard stood up, “You little brat must have eaten a leopard’s b.a.l.l.s if you dare to hara.s.s us like this.  The continent’s Heavenly Dragon G.o.ddess only has 20 perception and a brat like you dares to say you have 50 perception!  f.u.c.k!  You shoulds make it a little realistic if you want to fool someone!!”

Feng Xiao wiped off Heavenly s.h.i.+eld’s spit from his face as he said in an aggrieved voice, “But I really do have 50 perception.  You can take a look if you don’t believe me.”  After saying this, Feng Xiao shared his status screen with them.

Heavenly s.h.i.+eld disdainfully looked at Feng Xiao’s status screen, but when he saw the “50” written beside the perception stat, he couldn’t help rubbing his eyes in disbelief…...He looked at Feng Xiao with a stunned face as if he was looking at a monster.  In fact, all the other old men had the exact same reactions.

…….Without a single sound, the old men all had strange expressions on their face as they looked at each other in dismay.

“Saint Emperor Level Perception, it’s actually the Saint Emperor Level Perception!”  Heavenly s.h.i.+eld loudly shouted out during the silence, he was completely shocked by what Feng Xiao showed him.  As soon as his voice fell, a black figure suddenly appeared in front of Heavenly s.h.i.+eld with an inconceivable speed.  His body was releasing a very cruel aura, making him seem just like a ghost.

“What did you just say?  Saint Emperor Level Perception?  I’m warning you little brat Heavenly s.h.i.+eld, if you dare to lie to me, I’ll definitely make you regret it!”  The black figure’s voice was filled with excitement.  Heavenly s.h.i.+eld seemed like he was afraid of this person as he cautiously pointed at Feng Xiao.

The black figure turned around and he coincidentally locked gazes with Feng Xiao.  The two of them both let out a breath at the same time, “It’s you!?”

Feng Xiao secretly complained.  This person was actually the masked old man that he had angered and he did not think they would meet again so quickly.  Judging by how the Job Change Instructors did not dare to speak, it was clear that this person was a very broken character.  It seemed like he was destined to meet with misfortune.

Tian Xiu saw that the person in front of him was the person that had angered him earlier.  This little brat had continued to challenge his dignity and coveting his Divine Artifact.  If it wasn’t for the rule that NPCs couldn’t kill players, he would have already cut this little brat into 820 pieces already.

Tian Xiu’s eyes unconsciously looked over at Feng Xiao’s opened status screen and instantly his mouth formed an “o”.  The anger completely disappeared from his face and the way he looked at Feng Xiao right now was like an eight hundred year old big wolf looking at a plump little sheep.

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