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Chapter 499 – Those Who Returned, Those Who Stayed, and Those Who Came

The day after the martial arts tournament ended.

The demon king and Beezel returned early in the morning.

It seems like they still have to deal with the aftermath of the chaos caused by Guronde.

Randan, Glatts, and Hou weren't even able to partic.i.p.ate in the martial arts tournament because of that.

It shouldn't be that bad righ…, I probably shouldn't say that.

I'm sorry.

I told the demon king to tell me if there's anything I could help with.


Ancestor-san, who came at night and wasn't able to partic.i.p.ate in the martial arts tournament that much, stayed.

He looks awfully tired.

He seems busy.

That's also the reason why Fushu wasn't able to come this time.

He said that it has nothing to do with Guronde so I'm relieved.

Ancestor-san is going to the hot spring now.

Please relax.


Dors, Doraim, and Raimeiren stay.

Recently, I feel like they're always in the village. I wonder why.

They are always welcome to stay but how about your nests?

Doraim is being called by Gucci from time to time.


Girar and Guronde also stay.

Girar will leave soon but Guronde will remain in Big Tree Village as it is and is even moving in the direction of settling down.

Guronde wants to stay with Guraru as much as possible.

It seems like she's concerned since she has kept Guraru away from her until now.

She had to concentrate on recovering so she can't move that much. Even so, I would like you to do some work for the village.

It's not because I want you to work but I think if you have your own role in the village, it will be easier for you to integrate.

It doesn't matter even if you do good or bad so think about the thing you want to do.

After thinking, she said she's a master of magic.

If it's about magic, the village has Loo and Tier but it seems like Guronde's far better mage than them.

Her magic attribute is darkness.

However, it seems like she can use any magic of every attribute.

And she's much better than Loo and Tier in every attribute.

She can even use eight magic spells of eight different attributes at the same time.

Maa, that means she's good.

It seems like she can still do it even in her human form.

Okay, you're now the magic teacher of the children.

The children, they are overjoyed.

Guronde's really popular with the children.

However, if you're too happy, Loo and Tier, who have taught you magic until now, will sulk.

Just be happy moderately.

Guronde, just do it leisurely first and don't overdo things.

I want you to continue the lesson after consulting Hakuren, Loo, and Tier.

Please take care of them from now on.

By the way, Guronde's sleeping in a guest room of my mansion.

Girar said that he would build a house in the village.


The lamias of the south dungeon and the t.i.tans of the north dungeon half stayed and half returned.

Originally, the lamias and the t.i.tans only came to help with the autumn harvest and processing but they became permanent residents.

In Big Tree Village, the harvest is three times a year so they won't run out of doing something.

The lamias and t.i.tans work in Big Tree Village and in return, they'll bring back crops of the village as payment.

Those who are staying in the village are like migrant workers in the village.

The migrant workers will be replaced by new members every martial arts tournament.

Because of that, there will be lamias and t.i.tans who'll say goodbye after the martial arts tournament but….I'm not good at it.

I feel lonely.

The lamias and t.i.tans can return to their respective dungeons on their own but I had several kuros to guard them.

Though the lamias and t.i.tans can return on their own, we can never be too sure.

After the kuros escorted them back, they'll hunt in various places before coming back.

Don't overdo it.


The three, Malbit, Suarurou, and Raz Maria stayed like it was the normalest thing to do.

And instead of showing signs of returning, Malbit even took the kotatsu out of the warehouse and began setting it up.

Wait wait, don't you think it's still too early to prepare the kotatsu?

Also, don't you angels have a villa of your own?

Why don't you go there?


You're staying in the guest room of my mansion.

I don't mind but you have to thank Suaruriu and Suarukou who've been cleaning the villa.

Also, it's still not time for it but you have to help with the autumn harvest.

Don't complain.


By the way, Ruincia also came after Malbit, Suarurou, and Raz Maria.

She singlehandedly beaten up Malbit, Suarurou, and Raz Maria.

Where's the supposed “the angel chief can't be defeated” you were saying last martial arts tournament?

Also, are you sure you're not lying when you said Suarurou was the former strongest angel?

I have my doubts.

Martial arts tournament fatigue?

Let's accept that excuse.


So, Ruincia.

I understand with Malbit.

However, why did you beat up Suarurou and Raz Maria?

Ah, they escaped from their jobs.

I understand but please forgive Raz Maria.

She must have wanted to see her granddaughter.

You know how she feels, right?

Forgive her.

Malbit and Suarurou, shut up.


Ruincia heard from the three about the result of their meeting with Guronde.

After hearing from them, she asked me to confirm. Don't you trust the three of them?


Given the heaviness of the content, it needs a third party's back up?

Also, it will be dangerous to conclude anything if the information only came from one end so you want to hear it from a different perspective to understand every detail.

I see.


Then, if you want to, I can prepare a place where you can meet with Guronde….you refuse.

I don't particularly mind.

Will Ruincia also stay here too?

Until spring.



During last year's martial arts tournament, we changed the common section's tournament format but this year, we turned it to a one-on-one format like before.

It was because that type of tournament is difficult to judge and too damaging to the partic.i.p.ants.

Also, the number of partic.i.p.ants is too many.

I don't treat it as releasing their hidden power but some people are looking forward to that day so I emphasized to the partic.i.p.ants to be careful in the number of times they'll fight.

If they think they can fight, they can partic.i.p.ate as many times as they want.

The disadvantage, it will be a one-on-one battle again if there's no clear winner.

And so, the children were dissatisfied.

As for the reason.

The children are imitating the martial arts tournament.

I was thinking if it is bad for them to do that.

But seeing that Gulf and Daga are there to act as referees, I'm relieved.

Also, Ursa goes around to guide them.

As expected of the former common section winner.

That's what I want to think but in fact, I can't.

Ursa tried to partic.i.p.ate not in the warrior section this year but in the knight section.

At that time, she's using the sword I got from Guronde.

To stop Ursa, the ghost knight was sacrificed…he did his best.

If the ghost knight took her seriously from the start, he would have suppressed her immediately but Ursa's just a child so he can't.

He managed to stop Ursa but the ghost knight was injured.

The s.h.i.+eld made by me and the mountain elves was also broken.

Ursa is already powerful and the power of that sword is too much.

I put it in the guest receiving room of my mansion as a decoration. To think that she'll steal it.

Anyway, I punished Ursa for taking it out without permission.

One of her punishments was the ban on carrying weapons.

I guess she has no choice but to go around and teach the other children.

She's reflecting.


Currently, the ghost knight is being treated in Big Tree Village.

Since the ghost knight is a ghost knight, he won't be healed by healing magic.

Because of that, during his treatment, several beast girls will go to the hot spring area in his stead.

Please get along with the lions and take care of them.

I also explained what happened to the two remaining ghost knights in the hot spring area.

I'm really sorry.

That time, I noticed something.

A stranger….there's someone else there.

Is that a new ghost knight?


It's a ghost sorcerer.

It posed but I think it's better if you brush yourself first….

You only came here recently?

Apologies for the late greeting?

It looks like the ghost knight who joined the martial arts tournament was supposed to introduce the newcomer to me but given what happened, it fails to do so.


It was decided that the ghost sorcerer will work in the hot spring area too.


By the way, the ghost sorcerer is a sorceress.

Then, shouldn't she be wearing some clothes?

No no, I won't be turned on by someone who looks like a skeleton.

You're a woman, right?

At least cover your chest and hips.

I'll have something prepared for you.

Something that a sorceress would wear?

Got it.

I'll ask Zabuton.

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