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Published at 17th of September 2019 12:17:17 AM Chapter 40.1
Chapter 40 The Consequences of Lying [1], Part 1

Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 40 The Consequences of Lying [1], Part 1

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*Dear readers, I am currently translating chapter 41 [of Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter 重生之将门嫡女], but the raws I’ve found seems to be skipping over that chapter . Chapter 40 is “撒谎付出的代价 (一) [part 1]” BUT I can’t find “撒谎付出的代价 (二) [part 2] . ” The current chapter 41 raws is NOT a continuation of chapter 40 . You guys have any ideas where I can find the ACTUAL chapter 41? [Please be aware that some raws are actually the false chapter 41 in disguise . ] Please comment or e-mail me if you found the ACTUAL chapter 41! Thank you!]



Those concubines plus w.a.n.g Yiping together didn’t even amount to one of Dier’s toes!

Thinking of the glamorous, mysterious, and beautiful as Chang’e, the lady in the moon Dier, Mu YingRui restlessly pushed w.a.n.g Yiping away .

w.a.n.g Yiping was getting excited by Mu YingRui’s rubbing when she was pushed away by him . She couldn’t help but want to entangle with him some more . But the maidservant Xiaohui loudly announced, “Xiaojie is paying respects to Laoye and Furen . ”

Mu YingRui fixed the clothes w.a.n.g Yiping messed up . He deliberately snorted and solemnly said, “Come in . ”

Carrying a cold elegant smile on her face, Zi You curtsied respectfully, “You’er pays her respects to father and mother . ”

Mu YingRui coughed and dissatisfiedly asked, “When did you come back? I heard you bought more than fifty slaves? Why did you buy so many slaves for?”


Zi You answered unhurriedly, “I returned more than half an hour ago . Grandfather reprimanded You’er for a while, for buying so many slaves . He was going to punish You’er but uncle and aunt came over to intercede . Grandfather then forgave You’er . You’er has not thought about what to do with so many slaves yet . When I was wandering around the market, I saw the slaves were pitiful so I bought them . You’er acted recklessly and have asked grandfather for forgiveness . If father is dissatisfied, You’er will accept the punishment . ”

She elegantly kneeled, with head bowed, putting on an air of accepting punishment .

Only Mu YingRui was blocked; he couldn’t even say one word .

After returning, I came late to pay respects to you because grandfather was punis.h.i.+ng me .

Grandfather was going to punish me but uncle and aunt interceded on my behalf, but you and mother didn’t even ask a word .

Grandfather already punished me . If you didn’t think it was enough, you can punish me again .

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