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After the short man swallowed the shot of blue liquid, his expression changed severely. This was an extremely effective aphrodisiac. Any woman who drank it would immediately desire s.e.x.

But it made the short man sick to his stomach.

Ye Fei found the bottle of Blue Temptation in the man's pocket and continued pouring the drug into his mouth, holding his jaw to force him to swallow.

When Ye Fei finally let go of him, the short man was so scared he started weeping.

This Blue Temptation was the latest development in pharmaceutical products in the United States, with a highly reactive active ingredient. After Ye Fei poured the whole bottle of the drug into his mouth, the short man felt like he was being torn to pieces from the inside by a million fire ants. He just wanted to put himself out of his misery.

As soon as Ye Fei loosened his grip, the short man shoved his fingers down his throat, trying to make himself throw up the drug.

He knew that if he didn't puke it out, he was going to die, and even Heaven couldn't save him. However, he didn't have a strong-enough gag reflex.

Ye Fei ignored him. His eyes fell on the tall man.

The tall man stared back at him.

"Ye Fei, it's you again! I almost died because of you last night! Now you're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong again?" Xue Bing gave Ye Fei a cold glare and shouted to the tall man, "Tie Xiong, don't let him leave here! Show him what you've got!"

Even though Xue Bing put on a very fierce face, there was actually little confidence in his heart.

He had seen Ye Fei's strength last night at the Burning Bar. Fire Dragon was an absolute powerhouse, with many Kung Fu masters at his command, but Ye Fei made it past them without so much as a scratch. Tie Xiong certainly couldn't compare with them, so what could he do against Ye Fei?

Therefore, after he ordered Tie Xiong to attack, Xue Bing quietly slunk back, looking for opportunities to escape.

Unfortunately for him, Ye Fei had excellent situational awareness. He immediately saw through Xue Bing's plan and placed himself between him and the door.

Tie Xiong did not realize Xue Bing wanted to leave him behind and make a run for it, so he shouted, "I'll make you taste my fist, boy!" and threw a punch at Ye Fei.

In order to block Xue Bing's escape route, Ye Fei held his ground as Tie Xiong attacked. Fingers rigidly extended like a knife, he stabbed him in the rib before the punch landed.

With a splitting pain in his chest, Tie Xiong dropped to his knees, unable to get up for a long time.

Now one man was lying on the ground convulsing and puking his guts out, while another could barely move. Both had lost the ability to resist.

Ye Fei looked up and realized that Xue Bing was gone. He looked at Lin Qingwan incredulously, "Where did he go?"

Lin Qingwan was sitting on the bed, her clothes torn, exposing her soft skin. She looked extremely embarra.s.sed, but she wasn't panicking in the slightest.

She was stronger than one might think.

"He ran into the inner room." Lin Qingwan picked up the blanket on the bed with one hand and covered herself, pointing to the inner room with the other.

Ye Fei immediately ran into the inner room, but he did not find Xue Bing.

There were no other doors in this room, so Xue Bing could not have escaped. Did he suddenly sprout wings and fly away?

Just then, a gust of wind poured into the room and blew up the huge curtains, revealing the open window behind them. Ye Fei peered out cautiously and saw there was an air conditioning unit hanging outside the window, adjacent to the neighboring room's air conditioning unit. Xue Bing was standing on the air conditioning unit, bending down to climb into the neighboring room, from where he could get to the elevator.

They were on the eighth floor, a vertigo-inducing distance between them and the street below. This was definitely no place for anyone with a fear of heights.

Even though Xue Bing wasn't afraid of heights, he was still pretty scared to clamber around the outside of a building at this height. But if he wanted to survive, he had to brave the risk.

Legally, his scheme to secretly photograph Lin Qingwan actually wasn't too serious. He would spend a couple of years in prison at most. That was not the reason Xue Bing was desperate enough to climb out of an eighth floor window.

Xue Bing worked with Lin Zhiyuan long enough to have a very good idea of his temperament. He was vicious and cruel. If he found out someone had betrayed him, he would kill them mercilessly.

Therefore, in order to survive, Xue Bing had to take desperate measures. If Lin Zhiyuan ever caught up to him, he would skin him alive.

Over the years, even though the Ya Lai Group hadn't fared well, Xue Bing had taken advantage of his position to make a lot of money for himself. If he managed to escape Shanghai, he could lead a comfortable life abroad till the end of his days. It sure beat going to prison. Now if he could just make it across the air conditioning units to the next window, he would have a chance to leave Ye Fei behind and make a run for the airport.

Ye Fei watched as Xue Bing carefully tread on the air conditioning units. The way his legs were shaking, he looked like he might slip at any moment.

Seeing this scene, Ye Fei frowned.

Xue Bing was truly desperate.

Ye Fei did not call after him because he knew he was in a very tense state. If Ye Fei said anything, he might startle him and cause him to fall down and die. 

Ye Fei quietly pulled himself back from the window and went over to the neighboring suite to wait for Xue Bing.

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