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Back in the interrogation room, Ye Fei had no handcuffs on his hands, and the atmosphere of interrogation was relaxed, less like an interrogation than a chat.

Lv Danyang took several people of MSS and Zhou Hongtao to sit opposite Ye Fei.

For Zhou Hongtao, Lv Danyang was a superior leader, naturally he could only sit there without any words.

Lv Danyang did not immediately say something, but looked at the information prepared by Zhou Hongtao.

After that, Lv Danyang sneered and looked at Zhou Hongtao, "Director Zhou, in my opinion, Ye Fei has no direct relations.h.i.+p with these two cases."

Zhou Hongtao was a little angry, "What? Why doesn't it matter? So many people have seen that he attacked the police. Besides, the bomb case also has a relations.h.i.+p with him!"

Zhou Hongtao knew Lv Danyang came here to protect Ye Fei, but he did not except Lv Danyang was so direct. If Ye Fei was released, who would take the blame? If no one took the blame, then his position would be suspended, so Zhou Hongtao was very nervous.

Lv Danyang stared at Zhou Hongtao, "You said Ye Fei killed someone. Where's the evidence? Where's the corpse? Is there a doctor's certificate? Who can prove Ye Fei's murder? The witnesses? They're not doctors, so why do they say that?"

A series of questions made Zhou Hongtao speechless, he even could not answer any question.

There was no doubt that Ye Fei killed a few people in the underground parking lot, but it was because at that time he had no way, even in accordance with the legal process, it belonged to excessive defense.

And most crucially, the bodies were burned in the fire, and no one could tell whether they had been killed by Ye Fei or killed in the explosion.

As for the bombing case, there was really no evidence could prove that Ye Fei did it.

What was more, now the international police was testing the body of colonel Jack, using DNA verification methods to determine his ident.i.ty. If colonel Jack was also on the spot at the time, the bombing case was really had nothing to do with Ye Fei.

As for the case in the evening, through the monitoring, they also could know the mastermind was Liu Han.

Although Liu Han was the comrade of Ye Fei, there was no direct evidence could prove that Ye Fei was related with this matter.

Thinking of that, the cold sweat flowed out from Zhou Hongtao's head. 

In fact, yesterday, the secretary Yuan made a phone call to him, he said he wanted Zhou Hongtao to find out the murderer who killed his son, now if he let Lv Danyang take Ye Fei away, then he would lose his position.

However, Zhou Hongtao thought for a while, and he could not think of any way to continue to falsely blame Ye Fei.

A straight foot was not afraid of a crooked shoe, so Zhou Hongtao really had no good way.

When Lv Danyang saw Zhou Hongtao was thinking something, he immediately knew that there must be some hidden secrets, and it must have something to do with the secretary Yuan, so he coldly said, "Director Zhou, I think you should be already tired! Now you can go back to rest! The thing of Ye Fei, I will truthfully report to the superior leaders.h.i.+p."

"No, no, I'm not tired."

In fact, Zhou Hongtao was already very tired, but now it was the critical time, how could he leave?

"Director Zhou, I want to talk with ye Fei about some secrets, please you evade!"

"Director Zhou, I want to talk with ye Fei about some secrets, please you avoid us!"

Lv Danyang glanced at Zhou Hongtao one eye and said coldly.

"Confidential information."

Zhou Hongtao was startled and hurriedly stood up. Since Lv Danyang said that, he certainly could not leave here.

After he went out, he immediately made a phone call to secretary Yuan, and he was scolded by the secretary Yuan.

"Ye Fei, tell me the truth, what happened? If I do not come in time, then you are likely to be killed on the spot! you just have only one life, and you must cherish it."

Lv Danyang lit a cigarette, watching Ye Fei.

"I... I do not want to do that, but I do not know why I can not control my emotions, I really want to kill someone."

Ye Fei knew Lv Danyang now appeared here, he must want to help him, so Ye Fei told the truth.

"Can't control your emotions?"

Lv Danyang seemed to think of something, suddenly stood up and walked to Ye Fei's side, then said, "I heard you had contact with Liu Han, have you eaten anything? Drinks, cigarettes, anything?"

"I... I was badly hurt and almost died. So Liu Han feed me type JF1 medicament to save me."

Ye Fei frowned and said.

"Xiao Qian, you go and get his blood."

Lv Danyang seriously said to a staff.

"Yes, sir."

The staff took out a needle and rubber tube from the bag, tied Ye Fei's arm, and extracted a whole tube of blood, then walked out.

Ten minutes later, he walked back and said something in Lv Danyang's ear.

"OK, I know."

Lv Danyang nodded and said, "You guys go out, I'll talk to Ye Fei alone."

Then he walked to Ye Fei and handed him a cigarette, said, "Have a smoke."

Ye Fei did not refuse, smoked the cigarette, then Lv Danyang said, "Do you know why I let you smoke?"

"I know there's a sedative in the cigarette, and I'm familiar with the smell!"

"Yes, it does have sedatives! Ye Fei, I'll tell you the truth, you're in a very dangerous state. The type JF1 medicament is not as simple as you might think. You can not control your emotions and become a homicidal maniac."

Ye Fei bowed his head and said nothing.

"Ye Fei, you should know how much trouble you have made. I couldn't have come to help you if the central leader hadn't come to beg me!"

"The central leader!" Ye Fei was moved.

"Ye Fei, I hope you will be grateful. You'll be out soon, but..."

Lv Danyang did not continue to say, but watched Ye Fei.

"But, you want me to help you catch Liu Han? Right?"

Ye Fei immediately knew what Lv Danyang meant.

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