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Chapter 1022 – You have gotten yourself a bargain

“Kameda, if you are buying something, you must check carefully. You cannot decide based on what you see. Apples also rot from the inside. How much do they want for this company?” Feng Yu purposely asked.

“6 million USD.”

“This company had only developed this s.h.i.+tty game, and we still don't know when the bugs will be fixed. Also, there might be more bugs in the game which we have not detected. Don't tell me that this game will be launch next month. I think this game will not be ready next year! How can this company be worth 6 million USD? We should not waste our money like this!”

“Yes. It's all my fault. I had not done enough research on this company. But I was also deceived by them, and I will report this in the papers to warn others of this company. They tried to cheat us with this game and still demanded a high price for the company. This is a fraud! I will make an official complaint to the”

Choi Woong was stunned. How can this be considered fraud? These are all bugs that we did not detect. If we know about these bugs, we would have fixed it.

Also, is there a need to complain to the This is just a business deal, and the transaction is not completed yet. How can you all accuse us of fraud?!

The Asian Financial Crisis badly hit South Korea. This company should be worth 4 million USD, but because of Won's depreciation, it is worth only 3 million USD now.

But what's wrong with asking for a higher price as the company has a developed game? Although 6 million USD is slightly higher, this is not a fraud.

“Mr. Feng, Mr. Kameda, please don't leave. I think there must be a misunderstanding, and we should talk.” Choi Woong quickly stepped in front of Feng Yu and bowed.

If this incident is reported, not only will this company disgrace South Korea, his company's reputation will also be tarnished. South Korea needs foreign investments badly and foreign markets, especially the Chinese market.

Feng Yu is the second wealthiest man in the world and is also the top tyc.o.o.n of Asia. With his status, he is very influential in China, and if this incident is reported, Actoz Soft will be finished!

Kameda Masao scolded. “Misunderstanding? I don't see any misunderstanding. You all had caused me to get scolding from my Boss! This is the first time my Boss scolded me so harshly! You all must pay for this!”

Kameda Masao's spit landed on Choi Woong's face, but Choi Woong did not move from where he was standing.

“Mr. Kameda, we might have overlooked those bugs, but we had never tried to deceive you. I guarantee we will fix all these bugs, and this game will be profitable.”

“You guarantee? How are you going to do that? This is just a simple game, and you all cannot even do a good job. How are you all going to develop other games? Do you know who my Boss is? How can he be disgraced this way?” Kameda Masao interrupted before Choi Woong can finish.

Choi Woong can speak English, and he had no problems communicating with Kameda Masao. But at this moment, Choi Woong regretted learning English. It would be much better if a translator is standing in between them.

“Mr. Kameda, please calm down. Our company has a group of experienced developers, and we have high potential.”

“Enough. I don't see the need for us to continue with the negotiations. There are many game development companies out there, and my Boss has money. Now, we are very disappointed with your company and the game you developed! Very disappointed! If it weren't my Boss wants to build a gaming empire, I would not have considered you all!” Kameda Masao replied.

From what Kameda Masao said, Choi Woong understood that Feng Yu has the intention of buying multiple game developers and merger them together. This means his company still stands a chance. After all, Actoz Soft is still one of the top game developers in South Korea. Also, his company already has a finished product, except there are lots of bugs.

“Mr. Feng, our company is good at game development. I admit that this game is not perfect, but I promise we will fix all the bugs as soon as possible. We had worked on this game for more than a year. If you are going to develop a new game, you will be wasting another year.”

Feng Yu pretended to hesitate. “Kameda, what do you think?”

“Boss, this company is not worth 6 million USD. With 6 million USD, we can buy better companies.” Kameda Masao replied.

“Mr. Feng, 6 million USD might be slightly high, but we can negotiate on the price.” Choi Woong had thought that even if this deal did not go through, he could get a distributor to sell this game.

But now, if he launches this game with the bugs into the market, no players will play it, and it will even affect the company's reputation.

Furthermore, Choi Woong had offended Feng Yu and Kameda Masao, and he might not even launch this game.

“Negotiate? How much do you want?” Feng Yu asked.

“5 million USD?” Choi Woong asked. He had lowered the asking price by 1 million USD.

Feng Yu did not say anything and turns and walks away. Choi Woong tried to stop Feng Yu, but Feng Yu's bodyguards stepped forward and pinned him against the wall. “Don't try to have body contact with our Boss!”

“Mr. Feng… Mr. Feng… 4.5 million. What do you think about 4.5 million USD? This is a reasonable price.” Choi Woong shouted despite being pinned against the wall.

Feng Yu turns to Kameda Masao, and Kameda Masao stopped. “3.5 million USD!”

“3.5 million? This is too low, and the company will be suffering a loss. I am also unable to answer the rest of the staff.”

“You don't need to answer to your staff. They will be working for my Boss in the future, and we will adjust their salaries according to their capabilities. Some of them will get a raise, and some will get lower salaries. Some will be promoted, and some will be fired!”

“But 3.5 million is really too low. Mr. Feng, Mr. Kameda, this company does not belong to me alone. I can't answer to the rest of the shareholders with this price.”

“That is your problem!” Kameda Masao firmly replied. In business, there is no such thing as pity.

Feng Yu suddenly interrupted with an empathetic look. “Never mind, Kameda. Everyone is suffering because of the Asian Financial Crisis and Soros. 4 million USD, and it should be enough to cover your losses and still give you a small profit. Although your company only has a game, this game is not ready to be launched. I still need to get people to fix the bugs and re-evaluate it. If you agree with my offer, we will sign the contract now. Your company is only worth this price!”

Choi Woong clenched his fist. He had no other choice now.

“Alright. I agree.”

Kameda Masao grumbled. “You have gotten yourself a bargain!”

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