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Chapter 219.2 - Don’t want to marry her

Xiliang Feiyue didn’t understand, “Prime minister, why are you looking for fifth brother?”

“There’s something to talk to him about.”

Xiliang Feiyue saw that his face was solemn and was about to open her mouth to say something but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

Xiliang Mubai quickly came.

The day before, he’d been drinking all night at the brothel and had only come back when the day turned light.

Right now, he was still a bit tired so when he heard Shu Yunyan was searching for him, he grew even more frustrated.

He grabbed at his hair and sat next to Shu Yunyan.

Without waiting for Shu Yunyan to speak, he spoke first, “I’m already sure. I don’t want to marry that ugly girl!”

If he had to marry someone, of course it’d have to be someone like that beauty he saw at Changle Lane.

It was only a pity that the beauty was the one who poisoned him to be impotent, and after searching for two days, he still couldn’t find his beauty’s whereabouts.

Following that whatever Changle Lane’s master wasn’t reliable.

He didn’t appear after entering the second floor.

He was about to die of anxiety.

Shu Yunyan heard his words and for the first time, didn’t get angered.

He sipped his tea and looked at him coldly.

Xiliang Mubai was still a bit afraid of that creepy and cold look from Shu Yunyan as he silently shrunk backwards, “In the end … in the end, I just won’t marry her.”

“Fifth brother, you’re too stubborn!” Xiliang Feiyue’s brows furrowed.

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