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Chapter 167: Knowledge is power!

The moment they entered, the heaven and earth trembled and everything shook around them.  The spiritual energy and space continued to change around them just like a raging tsunami pouring forward, instantly surrounding their world and creating the trial world.

A giant palace was slowly being born.

Chu Tian first pulled open his clothes and saw a furry snow white head pop out.  The little fox grinned at Chu Tian and revealed a proud look.

"I didn't see it before, but you really do have talents!"

Chu Tian had read through Feng Caidie's notes and it had said that the trial tower did not allow anyone to bring living beings in with them.  So battle pets and normal pets were usually not allowed to enter.

This little fox had resisted the tower's restrictions and had come in with Chu Tian!

The little fox returned into his clothes.

Chu Tian paid no more attention to it and began to look around himself.  This place was like a palace, but it wasn't actually a palace, but rather a crossroad.

There were pathways all around him, each one leading to a deep corridor!

Although it was a crossroad, because it was too big, it looked like he was inside of a giant palace.

A single pillar was two hundred meters tall!

There was enough space for sixty-seventy people to surround it!

Each floor tile was around thirty-forty square meters!

The giant ancient copper lamp floating in the sky above him was as big as a house!

To sum it up, everything here seemed like it had been enlarged over ten times.  Humans were no different to ants in this place!

Three different killing intents suddenly enveloped Chu Tian.

There was no need to think about this to know that it was the Heavenly Sword Young Master, the Dragon Tiger Young Master, and the Heavenly Wolf Young Master.  Their hatred for Chu Tian was very deep, so how could they tolerate him participating in this trial?

The trial space did not allow anyone to die, but it would kick Chu Tian out, thus ending his chance to obtain anything!

How could Chu Tian not understand what these children were thinking?

Whether it was Chu Xinghe or the other two, Chu Tian was not their match!  If it really did come down to a frontal battle, Chu Tian did not have a chance at all.

This was a little bad!

A single slash from Chu Xinghe would send him home, what trial would be left for him then!

But, it was a good thing that the trial space had not completely formed yet.  The ten of them had no way of moving, giving Chu Tian a chance to look around.

The ten of them were all locked inside a large cage by themselves with bars as large as a person's arm.  The surface was covered in runes that seemed like they came from a foreign ancient race that Chu Tian was not familiar with, but he could tell that they formed a protection array.

If one's force reached a certain point, it would activate the barrier on the cage.

In other words, it was hard to break through with pure force.

The jet black gates had a lock on it and this lock was very specially shaped.  It was like a cube, or to be more accurate, a very complex cube.  Each side had an area of sixteen by sixteen and the shapes were irregular.

This is a little interesting!

Chu Tian rubbed his chin and the corners of his lips revealed a faint smile!

From Feng Caidie's notes, Chu Tian had already learned this trial's style.  Although it liked to test strength, the tests were still filled with solving secrets.  If the trial participant had enough wisdom and knowledge, they would be able to do more with half the effort.

In terms of force, Chu Tian was not a match for any one of the Four Young Masters.

But if it was in terms of knowledge……Even if the Four Great Families were gathered together, he still would not care about them!

Chu Tian looked at his surroundings and saw giant corridors around him, each one being around 90-120 meters wide.  From the viewpoint of a human, how was this a crossroad?  This was simply a giant plaza!

The overall style had a wild and large aura to it.

It was even a little familiar!

Chu Tian was a very knowledgeable scholar and had seen the palaces of ancient giants in books before.  This style and trial environment was very similar and because of this, he could tell that this trial was built by the giant race.

To the right and left of the corridors were giant holes, and in those holes were statues.  The statues were forty-fifty meters tall and had the appearance of bodyguards wearing heavy armour.  Some were holding spears and some were holding swords, there were even some holding giant axes.  The point was, they all had different weapons.

On each of the giant statues, there were source energy arrays engraved on them!

Chu Tian's brows slightly knit together.


This is quite incredible!

It only took a few seconds for all the surroundings to form.

"Chu Tian!"  Ye Tianlang shouted while standing in a cage.  He had a sinister look on his monstrous face as he angrily gritted his teeth.  He was just like a wild beast, "The time has come to pay you back with interest!"

Luo Xianglong's face was also dark and he had a cold killing intent around him, "You are all so weak, so it was easy for you to deal with those waste.  Did you really think you had the qualification to join this trial?  Meeting us today, this is as far as you will go!"

Chu Xinghe said nothing.  He was wearing a white robe with a blue outer jacket, his hair was tied with a jade crown and there was a black and golden cape dancing in the wind.  There was also a golden treasure sword tied to his back!

That treasure sword began to vibrate.

Just like a suppressed flood dragon, prepared to soar out at any moment.

Although he did not say anything, the dangerous aura Chu Xinghe emitted was much stronger than the two idiots screaming on the side!

Once there was a chance!

Chu Xinghe would make a move first, not giving those two fellows a turn at all.

Yun Yao was wearing a purple and blue battle cloak.  The power of lightning coming from the Thunder Spirit Bead began to slowly surround her body and the streaks of lightning began to turn her hair an even darker blue colour.  She used a cold voice to say, "The trial area is not a place for personal grudges!"

"Humph, humph, humph!  That is beyond your control!"  Long Xianglong seemed a little scared of her Thunder Spirit Bead as he coldly said, "Yun Yao, you have made a mistake standing on the wrong side!  Therefore you have to pay the price!"

"Fuck you!"  Nangong Yun's violent temper flared as she screamed, "Aren't you just depending on the fact that your cultivation base is higher?  If this old lady reaches the same level, I'll beat you like the dog you are!"

This was just pretending to be strong.

Nangong Yun was very clear that with her and Chu Tian's strength, it was inferior to the weakest member of the Four Young Masters, Yun Yao.  The main thing was that the gap in cultivation bases was too big, not to mention that the Four Young Masters were all shocking talents.  This kind of gap in strength was too hard to surpass.

Feng Caidie was wearing a long robe and she held the Divine Wind Sword in her hand.  Her brows were knit as she said, "Do you really have to do this?  Aren't you afraid of causing trouble for yourself?  There is no grudge that can't be settled, so why do you want to go all out against Chu Tian!"

"Young miss Feng, I won't make a move against you since you are the Divine Wind Marquis' daughter."  A cruel glow flashed in Ye Tianlang's monstrous eyes, "But if you're trying to use the Divine Wind Marquis' reputation to settle this grudge, you are caring too much!"

Ye Tianlang's grudge with Chu Tian was very deep.

With the trial space not allowing anyone to die and just kicking them out, this was a very precious opportunity for him.  Could the Divine Wind Marquis use this as an excuse and take action against them?

Other than Feng Caidie.

The others would all be taken care of!

Yun Xiao, Lin Mu, and Fang Han all had helpless looks on their faces.

"I said I didn't want to come, but grandfather forced me to!"  Yun Xiao had a helpless appearance, "This time, not only will I not be able to obtain the treasures of Central State Tower, I'll even be beaten to the edge of death.  I might as well just send myself out now!"

Nangong Yun shouted, "Do you have any ambition at all!"

At this moment, the entire space shook and several beams of light suddenly appeared in front of them.  It entered their bodies and a necklace appeared on their necks.  There was a white jade card hanging from the necklace, releasing a bright light.

"The trial token has been activated!"

"The trial token will record a participant's score!  The longer a participant lives, the higher their score will be.  Every performance the participant gives in the trial space will give them a chance to earn trial points!"

"The trial will now begin!"

The voice sounded in their minds, completely cold, without a trace of emotion.  It was as if it was just to explain the rules.

The little fox excitedly poked out its head and pointed at its neck with its claws while having a proud look on his face.

The little fellow had a miniature jade token on his neck!

The trial space did not have a problem with him at all.  Did it just not care about it and allow it to become a participant?  How did it look like a participant!

It's fine!

Wouldn't an extra participant mean more prizes?

Once the trial began, a vibration came from all around them.  The ten of them could clearly see that the motionless statues were actually trembling.  Large cracks appeared on the stone surface and a terrifying aura like an oppressive volcano began to pour out.

This is bad!

The stone giants were awakening!

Everyone revealed a look of panic and even Chu Xinghe revealed a frown.

The giants released a terrifying aura that was close to the peak of the Illustrious Soul Realm, close to the True Soul Realm!

For such a terrifying existence, even if it was Chu Xinghe, he would only be able to fight one with great difficulty.  Not to mention that there were so many of them!

Once the giants regained consciousness.

Then the ten of them would face a disaster!

The worst thing was that the ten of them were trapped in cages, and if they could not escape the cages soon, they would fall into the giants' hands.


Chu Xinghe gave a loud roar.

The treasure sword came out of its sheath and letting out a dragon's roar, a golden sword light slashed against the cage.

The entire cage shook quite fiercely, but large runes appeared around it and released a strong barrier.  It had actually absorbed Chu Xinghe's peerless strike!

Ye Tianlang and Luo Xianglong also went full out against the cages.  The result was that it was all blocked by the cage's barrier.

Yun Xiao, Lin Mu, and Fang Han were stunned.

These terrifying characters were finding it this hard to break through the cage, so what chance did they have?  With their weak strengths, they could only silently watch the giants come over and squash them all into meat patties!

Nangong Yun said in a depressed voice, "Boss, isn't this situation bad?  What should we do!"

"What are you worried about?  You still have me!"  Chu Tian looked at her with a gaze of disdain, "You are their elder sister, how could you lose your courage so easily?"

Nangong Yun spat out and said, "If it was just stepping forward, of course this old lady would not be scared.  The problem is, we're about to get squashed!"

"Watch me!"

Chu Tian casually walked to the front of the cage and picked up the cube shaped lock.

Shua, shua, shua, shua!

His hands moved at an incredible speed!

This irregular sixteen by sixteen super complex cube was quickly turning in Chu Tian's fingers, moving at a speed that the naked eye could not keep up with.

Ka, ka, ka, ka!

After around three minutes, the cube released a complicated sound and the sunken parts all slowly returned as the faces of the cube turned back into squares.  Six source energy arrays appeared on the six sides, releasing a light and with a peng sound, the cube turned into powder.

Chu Tian's jade token lit up and two voices sounded in his mind.

"You have successfully escaped from the cage!  You have been awarded five trial points!  You currently have five trial points!"

"You have solved the cube!  You have been awarded twenty trial points!  You currently have twenty five trial points!"

Chu Tian gently pushed out and the cage slowly opened.

He casually walked through and when he saw the Chu, Luo, and Ye young masters wildly attacking the cage, he began to laugh.  He intentionally swaggered over and used a pitying and mocking gaze to look at them as he said, "The unintelligent are quite terrifying!  Didn't you want to kill me?  Come, come, come quickly, come all at once!"

The three young masters flew into a rage!

How did this brat do it?

That cube was not a normal cube toy.  Each piece was a rune and there were sixteen by sixteen runes on each side.  The cube did not work like a normal cube where you had to make each side the same colour, rather you had to make it so each side had the same kinds of runes, but these were ancient runes and normal people found it hard to recognize them.  Not to mention picking out certain ones and making it so everything matched.  This kind of complex cube was not something a person could do, so how did he finish it?

Nangong Yun excitedly shouted, "Boss!  Too handsome!  Help me open this cage!"

"Don't rush, I'm coming now!"

Chu Tian walked in front of Nangong Yun and reached into the cage to grab the cube.  His hands moved incredibly quickly and after several hundred moves, he completed it in less than three minutes.

With a peng sound!

The cube puzzle was reduced to ashes!

The cold voice once again sounded in Chu Tian's mind!

"You have solved the cube!  You have been awarded twenty trial points!  You currently have forty five trial points!"

"You have solved the cube!  You have been awarded twenty trial points!  You currently have sixty five trial points!"

"You have solved the cube!  You have been awarded twenty trial points!  You currently have eighty five trial points!"


Just by solving the seven cubes, Chu Tian had obtained a total of one hundred and forty trial points.  Yun Yao, Feng Caidie, Nangong Yun, and the others all received five points for escaping the cage.

Chu Tian had a total of one hundred and forty five trial points!

What kind of concept was this?

When Chu Tian had looked through the notes, he saw that there were a few participants that had around one hundred-two hundred trial points by the time they finished the trial.

Chu Tian had accomplished this in the beginning!  It was a magnificent feat that was hard to imagine!

The trial designer probably never imagined that this would happen!

The cube lock was a very high level challenge and just the time required to solve one was very incredible.  Only with the knowledge from a top grade scholar could one solve it this quickly.

The cube lock was not an eternally lost problem.  Over the years, there have been a few that had solved it before.

That was why the reward was as high as twenty trial points.

The trial designer would never have imagined that there would be a person that could not only solve his own cube, but also even have enough time to help others solve their cubes and use this method to gain trial points!

Chu Tian was this kind of monstrous talent.

Opening these seven cubes was as simple as drinking water to him!

Chu Tian looked at the jade token on his chest and saw that there were ancient numbers on the token, showing a 145.  Even if Chu Xinghe escaped at this moment and killed Chu Tian with a single slash, Chu Tian had already earned one hundred and forty five trial points so it was enough for him to get several elixirs already.  It was impossible for him to go back empty handed now!

Having knowledge allowed one to act this way!

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