I Am the Fated Villain Chapter 584-2: The world is outraged, Must carry the blame even after death (2)

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Chapter 584-2: The world is outraged, Must carry the blame even after death (2)

Afterward, sensing Xiao Ruoyin’s aura, Gu Changge frowned slightly, then relaxed, and said lightly toward the void behind him. When he left Mount Kun, Xiao Ruoyin had been following him, but she hadn’t shown her trace.

She had the Destiny Physique, if Xiao Ruoyin concentrated on hiding her aura, even an Enlightened being would not be able to perceive it. She also had this idea before, hiding her own aura, and then following behind.

But she never thought that Gu Changge would still notice her tracks. Hearing this, Xiao Ruoyin’s figure manifested in the void. She nodded, but didn’t say much.

On the side of Heavenly Dao Immortal Palace, after she recovered the memory of her previous life, there was actually no need for her to stay any longer. But since it was Gu Changge’s request, she would definitely not refuse.

Now was a good time to sort out my memory and plan for the next thing. Shortly after Xiao Ruoyin left, Alpha rushed over with An Yan.

“Greetings, Young Master Changge.”

An Yan stood respectfully. After leaving Mount Kun, she had been waiting in Kunwu City for Gu Changge’s return. Witnessing An Xi, Xiao Zhanxian, and others being killed by Gu Changge, she understood one thing.

In the current Upper Realm, she must not go against Gu Changge.

“As for the An Clan, I’ll leave it all to you, I hope you won’t let me down,” Gu Changge glanced at her and said casually.

An Yan nodded, and said with a serious face, “Please rest a.s.sured, Young Master Changge, I will definitely not let you down.”

After what happened in Mount Kuns, the An Clan was furious and sent a large number of people to investigate the matter. The loss of an old Ancestor and young lady in Mount Kun, and many other masters who went with them, was also a big blow to the overall strength of the An Clan.

However, this was also an opportunity for An Yan, she could take this opportunity to integrate An Xi’s power, so as to control the An Clan. Her ambition was no less than that of her elder sister An Xi, it was just that she had been hiding her strength and biding her time, trying her best all these years.

In the next few days, as Gu Changge expected, the incident at Mount Kun spread all over the place like a meteor falling into the deep sea, setting off unimaginable turbulent waves.

The Ancestor of the Ji family was not rescued, but instead released a terrifying old man who was sealed in the mysterious jade, with a murderous nature and a terrifying aura.

Fortunately, that terrifying old man didn’t seem to leave Mout Kun in the end. Many people speculated that he was dealt with by the Ancestor of the Ji family, and the two might even have died together.

There were all kinds of speculations, which caused a huge sensation. After learning how the old man in feathered clothes was released, almost all the forces were furious.

The ident.i.ty of the culprit, Jiang Chen, was picked up again, from the successor of demonic arts, the successor of the Divine Origin Master, to the murderer of the leaders of the various sects…

No matter what he did, it would provoke the anger of the heavens and the people, and they wished to cut him into pieces. All forces also dispatched their personnel immediately to search for Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty.

Among the various ancient cities, notices offering sky-high rewards for Jiang Chen could be seen. Even loyal people gathered spontaneously to conquer Jiang Chen.

Many people felt that he did not die in Mount Kun, but escaped in the chaos, and now they didn’t know where he was hiding. Later on, Jiang Chen’s many backgrounds were also discovered.

As a result, many people were shocked to find that his experience more than 20 years ago seemed to have disappeared out of thin air. No one knew where Jiang Chen was born, or where he came from, and there was no trace of the masters, forces, etc. behind him.

It was more like he hadn’t recorded anything in more than 20 years, just like a blank sheet of paper. Such a bizarre incident caused a lot of heated discussions, causing cultivators in various ancient cities to speculate, thinking that Jiang Chen was definitely supported by big figures.

He hid it too deeply. All of this was within Gu Changge’s expectations, after all, Jiang Chen had to continue to take the blame even if he died.

And during this period of time, eliminating the Absolute Heavenly Extinction and conquering the inheritor of demonic arts had also become the top priority of the major forces.

Mount Kun, which was originally turbulent and restless, gradually became silent, returning to the forbidden area, and no more creatures dared to intrude on it.

Gu Changge didn’t stay in Kunwu City for long. After instructing An Yan to deal with the affairs of the An Clan, he returned to the family. It could be said that he gained a lot from rescuing the Ancestor of the Ji family this time.

There was no need to say more about his reputation, for the time being, just devouring the Origin of the Ancestor of the Ji family and the old man in feathered clothes was enough for him to digest for a long time.

In addition to that drop of Shadow Immortal True Blood contained many law fragments and comprehension from that Shadow Immortal from the An Clan. After Gu Changge devoured it, it helped him stabilize the foundation of his breakthrough to the Realm of Enlightenment.

He did not declare to the outside world that he had broken through to the Realm of Enlightenment, which was not necessary for Gu Changge.

The Upper Realm had been jealous of him for a long time, if the news of his breakthrough suddenly spread, it might cause a sensation not as small as the incident in Mount Kun. So Gu Changge decided to wait for a while.

Meanwhile on the top of the mountain, the mountain wind was blowing and the clouds were misty like a fairyland falling into the world. Looking around the rolling sea of clouds there was no end in sight. The world seemed to be vast, with only some mountain peaks showing their outlines.

“Have you become Enlightened?” With a cool and calm voice, it seemed that there were not many emotional fluctuations, or it had always been like this.

On a piece of bluestone, Gu Qing Yi sat there with her legs sideways, looking at the direction Gu Changge had entered with his clear and beautiful eyes as she asked softly.

She was still dressed in a plain blue dress, with a slim figure, a slender snow-neck, black hair draped over her shoulders, willow eyebrows like black hair, and a small Qiong nose, revealing the flawlessness and beauty that could not be described in words.

“It’s just a fluke. But it was all discovered by you.” Gu Changge smiled, walked over, and sat down on the bluestone she was sitting on.

Gu Qing Yi moved to the side, shook his head lightly and said, “The word fluke is not appropriate for you.”

“Qing Yi, you really think highly of me, but I still can’t see your realm clearly. I happened to get something this time, maybe you still recognize it.” Gu Changge smiled nonchalantly, and as he spoke, something suddenly appeared in his hand.

The palm-sized boat was crystal clear and simple, with a strong aura of vicissitudes permeating the air. It was as if you could wade in some mysterious river.

“Good Fortune Immortal Boat?” Gu Qing Yi’s eyes fell on his hands, and it seemed that there was a slight change, but she quickly regained her composure.

She didn’t ask how Gu Changge got it. Because she already had a guess in her mind.

“It seems that you do recognize it.” Gu Changge smiled, and then took away the Immortal Boat.

“This time from the mortal world, I brought you some good things, I think you should like it…” After finis.h.i.+ng speaking, he waved his hand casually, and the brilliance flashed.

On the bluestone in front of him, there suddenly appeared many accessories, such as rouge, sachets, hairpins, jade pendants, wooden combs…

Seeing him like this, Gu Qing Yi suddenly felt a little dazed, and then picked up the sachet with mandarin ducks embroidered inside.

“I remember you sending me something similar before. At that time you said it was a mandarin duck, not a wild duck.”

As she spoke, the corners of her mouth curled slightly, as if she had remembered something, but she quickly returned to normal.

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