Inhuman Warlock Chapter 861: Doesn't belong to you

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Chapter 861: Doesn't belong to you

"What... This feeling! This stench! You're using the vessel strength! How can you use it?!" Licorice exclaimed, shocked as he found himself trapped. He could still move his lion, but he couldn't move his body.

"It's just the beginning," Lucifer smiled as he looked up at the red skies above him.

Powerful winds started flowing, mixed with some decaying Elements. As soon as the winds touched the red clouds, the clouds kept disintegrating.

The winds kept advancing, only in the skies though. Before long, the winds traveled through the entire world, destroying all the clouds. The winds flew so high that they didn't hurt any humans. Somehow, the winds also avoided any planes that were still airborne. They couldn't avoid innocent birds though.

As the red clouds kept disintegrating, dark clouds kept taking their place in the back. Before long, the sky that was covered in red clouds was covered in dark clouds.

Licorice was looking more and more uncomfortable as time pa.s.sed, even though he possessed so much strength. There was a weird feeling in his body that was intensifying. It was as if his body was burning from the inside. He had so much strength yet the vessel energy wasn't depleting.


"Come on! We can't let those beasts enter the city! This would be a disaster otherwise!" A group of Warlocks stood outside one of the cities, facing the horde of monsters.

In another place, some Warlocks had already started the battle, barely holding on. They didn't know if they could even win but losing wasn't an option.

The entire world was tossed into turmoil. The cities which were near the Dungeons faced the worst attacks; however, they were also the most prepared for such attacks. Since the cities were near the Dungeons, there were quite a lot of Guilds established there which could get ready to face the attacks immediately.

The problem came from. High Ranking Dungeons that were too strong for guilds to handle. It was an onslaught everywhere. Even worse were the cities that were near the Dungeons that hadn't been explored yet. They had no idea about the Dungeons near them. The attacks came as a complete surprise.

Level Four and Level Five Dungeon beasts were proven to be unstoppable for most, but level Six Dungeon Beasts were in a different league altogether. Fortunately, there was only one Level Seven Dungeon which was being handled by Lucifer.

"This strength doesn't belong to you. You can't control it in its real form! With each second, the strength will continue devouring your body. Let me help you before it's too late! Your body is already suffering!" Licorice yelled, noticing the dark skin of Lucifer.

More than Lucifer, he was concerned for himself. He didn't even know how Lucifer was able to use the vessel's strength. It should've been dormant, only to be used when Licorice wanted. How did Lucifer use it?

Licorice saw the danger of Lucifer being able to use this skill as it allowed him even more strength than he possessed, possibly giving him an immense strength out of this world. That wasn't something he could allow, especially since this ability was being used against him.

That vessel of energy wasn't an ability in itself! It was more like a source of energy that was filled to the brim. It didn't come with a strength of its own. It last amplified the true strength of the existing abilities of the person as an unending stream of energy. Lucifer could literally use his abilities to any extent until the stream of energy was extinguished.

Licorice knew that this strength was even worse in the hands of someone who could control time. He had already seen Lucifer control time and stop him before. Manipulating time was very hard and required a lot of energy.

That was also Lucifer couldn't keep him trapped for longer. However, things are different now. Now he didn't need to worry about exhausting his limited energy! This was what truly frightened him. The time manipulation was like a bane of his, and he was trapped in it.

His entire body was stuck in time, only leaving his eyes, mouth, and his brain working to see what was happening. It was what Lucifer wanted to happen. With just his brain, Licorice couldn't use any abilities. He needed his body to be free to use his own energy source to use any abilities which he couldn't.

"You are right. This strength will destroy my body. It has already destroyed most of it, but that much time is enough for me to correct some things," Lucifer commented with a smile.

"You made a fool of me, using my parents. It was all so you could free yourself and your minions? Let me take that all from you!"

Lucifer looked at the sky. His eyes turned pitch black. The sky roared, which could be heard all around the world.

Thousands of lightning dragons came out of the clouds all around the world. The Dragons flew straight down towards the cities. The Dragons looked similar to the lighting dragon that had saved him in the future when he was surrounded. That's also what gave him this inspiration!

The human cities were facing ma.s.sive bloodshed. Some cities were resisting the horde of beasts, losing men with each pa.s.sing second, while the rest had already lost all their defense. The beasts were killing humans and Variants alike!

Within a few seconds, millions of humans had already died.

"We can't last long! The beasts just don't end! There are too many!" One of the Warriors roared as he thrust his sword inside a flaming lion.

"We can't run, can we? We just fight?" Another Warlock responded, slicing the head of a tree giant. "We grew up learning about the Legends of people like Zale Azarel, who made us win the first great war! It's time we write legends of our own! We can die, but we can't run!'

"Look up!" One man roared suddenly as he subconsciously took a step back. Everyone looked up subconsciously.

Everyone noticed the lightning Dragons in the sky. There were three lightning dragons that were coming toward him. The Dragons looked so scary that even the men who had been fighting the beasts until now were scared.

The leader of the group clenched his fist as he took a step forward. "Brave men, stand your ground firmly! Even if they are Dragons, we shall defeat them! Tonight isn't the night we fall!"

His words seemed to fall on deaf ears. Just the aura of the Dragon alone was enough to overwhelm the warriors. They weren't the strongest Warlocks in the world. In fact, their group was only guarding a Third Grade Dungeon and still having a hard time. The Dragon was in a whole different league altogether!

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