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Chapter 453: Cultivation Retreat

The Time Flow Formation of the Dao Opening Sect was a world as large as a Middle Thousand World. However, this world did not have anything like forests, mountains, oceans, etc.

It was a green world; the sky and the earth were all green, making the entire thing somewhat eerie. Only two people lived inside that world: w.a.n.g Tian and w.a.n.g Wei, and they separated themselves by a great distance.

w.a.n.g Tian dug a cave underground to reforge his Primordial Spirit and enter the Duyi Realm. Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Wei created a small cottage with the Heaven Concealing Array surrounding it.

He wanted to use this seclusion to catch up with his peers in cultivation.

Once the retreat began, he did not immediately enter the next realm but ensured that he indeed cultivated his Yang G.o.d to the absolute peak. Then, he began to break the shackles on his body.

However, at this time, he wanted to curse out loud. He had 3000 shackles on his body. Most cultivators only had dozens or more, and powerful body cultivators could have a few hundred.

And he had 3000 of them because of how powerful his fleshly body was. After briefly complaining, he got back to business.

If he were an average person, so many shackles would be a burden to him.

However, many Emperor Lineages developed a secret technique to give their Heaven Chosens an edge. Usually, cultivators would just break the shackles and nothing else; that's how this stage of the Primordial Spirit operates.

But the secret technique allowed Heaven Chosens to use the energy generated when the shackles broke to do many things, mainly to nourish the soul or increase the strength of the fleshly body.

w.a.n.g Wei observed all the 3000 chains surrounding his body; then, he used his origin essence, the spiritual energy inside his cottage, and soul power to break one after another.

He used the energy generated by the chains to increase the strength of his fleshly body. When it comes to his soul, he always had the advantage in his cultivation journey. And unfortunately, most Soul Cultivation has little to no effect on him, and the same was for this energy.

However, his fleshly body was another situation. He will take any chance to increase it, given how difficult it is to walk on the True Dao of Power.

Nevertheless, he still used a small part of the energy to light up more spirit particles.

w.a.n.g Wei did not know how long it took him to remove all 3000 shackles. But the moment he finished, his Primordial Spirit left his body without any restriction or power to yank it back.

It flew freely in the sky for a few minutes before returning to his body; he did not discover any discomfort.

The Primordial Spirit Realm is very significant in the path of cultivation. The first two stages–Yin G.o.d and Yang G.o.d–ensured that a cultivator's soul could survive under the sun or in the Yang Material World.

However, the soul is still bound to the body at that time. Unless destroyed, it cannot stay too long outside the body. So, the Shackle Removing Stage is necessary.

w.a.n.g Wei walked out of the cottage, clenched his hand, then threw a punch.


The entire world trembled, but only for a brief moment. A mysterious force suddenly erupted and erased the power being that punch.

'The Power of Time?' thought w.a.n.g Wei before focusing on something else. His physical strength had increased by 7 Dragon Force. After reinforcing his foundation and condensing the Essence Flower, he had 10 Dragon Force.

After Duel Cultivating with Wu Hong and opening up 320 Acupoints, he gained an additional 30 Dragon Force. Now, he had 47 Dragon Force or 47 quintillion tons.

Next, he checked his spirit particles, and now, he saw 20 billion lit up, which is twice the previous number. Then, he returned to his retreat.

The next stage in the Primordial Spirit Realm is the Three Immortal Soul Stage. The Soul consists of the Three Immortal Souls (Hun Souls) and Seven Physical Souls (Po Souls).

The physical soul is the yin in nature and controls the body–including the five internal organs and Nine Orifices. The Po souls governed health or the body's instincts to fight diseases.

For example, the "Thief Swallower" is the Po soul that regulates the body's immune system. The "Flying Poison" controls the body temperature, and the "Hidden Arrow" controls digestion.

Medicine is the primary purpose of the Physical Soul amongst mortals, and when it comes to cultivators, they have little to no effect because of how their bodies have evolved with each realm.

In the Origin System, tempering the body in the Divine Body Realm allowed the Physical Souls to combine; this is another way for cultivators to evolve as higher beings or species.

In the Primordial Spirit Realm, it is the turn of the Three Immortal Souls: [The Secret Spirit], [The Fetus's Light], and the [Bright Spirit].

w.a.n.g Wei focused intensely on his Primordial Spirit, entering a profound state of meditation. He reflected on himself, his actions, motives, and goals in life.

And at some point, he discovered three threads connected from his Primordial Spirit to three illusory figures of himself.

Numerous colors surrounded the first figure while rotating around him. Each color represented a different emotion: this was the [Secret Spirit],

It determined a person's mood, likes and dislikes, and what kind of person they attracted to–both romantically and platonically. In general, this part of the soul correlates to people's emotions and how they change or manifest when interacting with others.

'This Immortal Soul might also be connected to Karma. Using it, I could make someone falls in love with another person and connect them through Karma.'

After comprehending this, w.a.n.g Wei could now use his Karma Ability to create Love Bond. If a Karmic Love Thread connected two people who already loved each other, they would never separate unless the thread is cut off–even if they went through reincarnation.

'If only I had this ability before grandma left,' lamented w.a.n.g Wei. However, he could only comfort himself that his grandma loved that b.a.s.t.a.r.d enough to form a Karmic Bond of her own; that way, they could forever accompany each other even through reincarnation.

He then looked at the second illusory figure of him. It had the number [6, 345, 921] on top of its head: This was the [Fetus's Light], the source of life force, and the number on top is w.a.n.g Wei's current life span.

Finally, he looked at the last figure, which was entirely purple. However, he quickly noticed another odd thing besides the color: it had chains all over its body.

The [Bright Spirit Soul] controlled intelligence, wisdom, and creativity: This is the primary source determining a cultivator's comprehension. Any changes in it could positively and negatively affect the intellect.

w.a.n.g Wei understood that it was purple because of his Paragon Quality Soul, but he did not understand the reason for the chains. So, he observed it for a whole before something came to his mind.

Before entering reincarnation in his past life, his Soul was enormous; in terms of quant.i.ty, it was truly unimaginable. However, after he became a baby and reached this world, more than 99% of his soul power was gone, leaving only the quality,

He thought he discarded all of it during reincarnation or was forced to by someone or something. But now, he guessed that it might have been sealed. And not only his soul strength but also his memories of what Samsara and his experience inside.

And even a lot of the memories he experienced in that endless void were still currently sealed and slowly being revealed.

Now, the question is whether he sealed it himself or someone else did.

With curiosity, he reached his hand to touch the [Bright Spirit] chains.

"Don't do stupid things so casually," suddenly said a voice.

He turned around to see Wu Hong floating in his Sea of Consciousness, looking at him and the [Bright Spirit].

"What are you doing here?" gestured w.a.n.g Wei with his soul's hands.

"When I helo you seal your soul, I left a some of my Will inside to warn you of this situation."

"You know, this is the type of thing you should tell me about in advance."

"...You're right, and I'm sorry."

"It's fine. Given the current situation, things might work out for the better. Now, can you explain?"

"I'm sure you have already guessed the source of this seal. But I have to warn you not to completely remove it until you're an Empyrean. You can probably check some of the memories in the Emperor Realm but be very careful."

Wu Hong knew that the seven parasites feared coming to the Myriad Emperor World. However, if someone threatens their power, they will have no bottom line or hesitation to eradicate the threat.

w.a.n.g Wei paused for a moment before nodding his head. However, he noticed a strange look on her face.

"Is that jealousy I see in your face?"

"Yes, it is. All this soul strength will allow you to cultivate a Peak Paragon Soul in a short time. *Sigh* Sometimes, I have to envy how lucky you are."

Thinking about how long and difficult it was for her to cultivate her soul to the Peak of the Paragon Realm, she wanted to beat him because of how easy things will be for him.

"Luck? No, I earn this power."

Then, Wu Hong remembered how he got this power and realized he was correct. As a mortal, surviving for countless eons in that empty and infinite s.p.a.ce, 99.99999% of people could never achieve this, relying solely on their Will to live for so long.

They would have either died before reaching the next blue spot that could increase their soul, committed suicide because of the loneliness, or been driven mad and their spirit or mind shattered.

And yet, w.a.n.g Wei survived; that feat alone meant that he deserved the strength and benefits.

"You're right. Alright, let's talk about your trial."

"Did you discover something?"

"This trial might be more severe than you expect. Anyone who can help you may fall under some calculations to prevent so. And in my case, even the True Heavenly Dao intervened to seal me temporarily.

"So, be extra careful."

A serious look appeared on w.a.n.g Wei's face before nodding his head. Meanwhile, he could see that Wu Hong began to fade and disappear.

"I've run out of time. Although I know that I do not need to remind you, given how meticulous you are, I still will. Make sure to have a backup plan in case you fail this trial and die.

"It would be best for your soul to be relatively complete so that you can enter Samsara. If your soul is completely destroyed, I will not be able to save you."

w.a.n.g Wei frowned deeply after hearing this, and he felt that her words contained deep meaning. Paragons could travel in time, so could she not reverse time to save him?

He did not think that she was unwilling, so something must stop her, or she had other reasons not to revive him once he was completely dead.

'Things are becoming more and more complicated.'

After shaking his head slightly, he concentrated on his breakthrough.

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