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Chapter 384: Heading to the Winery to Drink

After they were some distance away from the study room, Ian glanced at Zi Yi and said to Lu Jingye with mixed emotions, “Lu, to think you would do such an irrational thing for a woman one day.”

“I’m being very rational.”

Lu Jingye said in a calm tone, “I only did something a man would do when their love is getting bullied.”

Ian could only think deep down that there were many men in this world who are unable to be as defensive as Lu Jingye is.

He suddenly did not know what else to say.

Lu Jingye did not care if he had remained silent or not. The evening breeze just happened to blow past just then. Country X was close to the sea and the evening breeze was relatively strong and there were also traces of chilliness in the air. Lu Jingye asked Zi Yi, “Yiyi, are you cold?”

Zi Yi dropped her shawl when she hid behind the cabinet together with him earlier and he did not pick it up either. Now that her snow-white arms were exposed, from Lu Jingye’s perspective, he could see the outline of her chest from the design of the cheongsam.

He furrowed his brows and took off his outerwear for her. He had even b.u.t.toned the outerwear.

The corner of her lips curled up and she remained silent as she looked at him dressing her up.

Lu Jingye continued to hold her hand as they continued walking forward, after he finished b.u.t.toning up the outerwear.

Ian looked at their overlapping shadows and inexplicably felt a little sour deep down.

He did not know if it was due to whatever physiological reason, but he chased up to them and said, “Miss Zi’s has such a good figure and she should be flaunting it to others. Lu, you… Ok, ok, just treat it as if I’ve never said anything.”

Ian raised his hands to surrender under the slightly narrowed eyes of Lu Jingye that were looking in his direction.

The three of them bypa.s.sed the hall and left. Therefore, they did not encounter anyone other than the bodyguards and servants.

After sending them to the car, Lu Jingye suddenly said to Ian, “Thank you for today.”

Ian smiled and spoke with his elegant voice. “Since Lu is thanking me, why don’t you take some time out to accompany me for a few drinks.”

Lu Jingye did not reject him. “Sure.”

Zi Yi suddenly said, “Why don’t we do it tonight.”

The two men suddenly turned to look in her direction.

Zi Yi said in all seriousness, “It just so happens that I got a fright tonight and can’t fall asleep. Perhaps drinking some wine can help.”

Ian agreed to what she said, “What Miss Zi said is right. Why don’t we have some drinks together tonight?”

Lu Jingye looked into Zi Yi’s sparkling eyes. How could he not know what plans she had deep down? In the end, he said, “Drinking is fine, for me and Ian. If you want to drink. I’ll bring a bottle or two back for you. Ian owns a winery and he has plenty of good wine.”

Zi Yi: “…”

Ian: “…”

Zi Yi unhappily pulled his hand and said willfully, “I want to see what a winery looks like.”

Lu Jingye touched her head with another hand and said, “Your cousin is still in the car. Don’t you want to check up on her first? We can spend the whole day drinking tomorrow.”

“I’m just thinking of letting my cousin sleep well tonight.”

When Shadow had rescued Dou Xiangling, it had given her a whole body check. She was fine and only unconscious. Zi Yi did not get Shadow to wake her up.

“Cousin was frightened even more than me tonight. The grapes in Country X ripens later than China and they should still be in the season right now. We can bring Cousin to stroll around the winery to relax and have a drink. Perhaps she will forget about what happened tonight.”

After Zi Yi said that, she blinked her beautiful eyes filled with antic.i.p.ation as she looked at Lu Jingye. There were no longer any traces of chilliness and wisdom of before, and her appearance was just like a young girl who liked to act cute.

Ian suddenly knew why Lu Jingye had fallen for Zi Yi.

To be honest, if it were anyone else, they would also have fallen for a woman like her.

Under Zi Yi’s expectant gaze, Lu Jingye could not utter a single word of refute. He could only say to Ian, “Then we’ll be bothering you.”

“It’s no bother.”

Getting Lu Jingye drunk was one of the things Ian had wanted to do the most and since he had the chance tonight, he would never let him off.

Thus, the four of them got in the car and headed for Ian’s winery.

Ian’s winery was located in the suburbs.

The suburbs of Country X were spa.r.s.ely populated and there was not a single car as they drove there.

Zi Yi looked outside the window and said, “It would be nice to build a research lab in such a wide s.p.a.ce.”

After having said that, she saw bright lights coming from in front.

Lu Jingye said to her, “We’re nearly there.”

When the car approached, Zi Yi saw a sculpture of a bottle, with a height of at least two meters, which was placed on the left side of the gate. The light came from the sculpture and the color of the bottle also replicated the color of red wine. It looked extremely beautiful.

Zi Yi said, “The material of the bottle sculpture is no good, nor is the light source inside. If XX material were to be used, the sculpture can look more realistic.”

Lu Jingye laughed at her words as he said, “In order to make this bottle, Ian had even purchased the best crystal.”

The car drove into the gate without stopping as it continued to drive towards the winery, before finally stopping before a small villa.

Ian was the first to alight and walked over in their direction.

Lu Jingye and Zi Yi alighted from the car soon after and the three of them walked to the car where Dou Xiangling was sleeping.

Zi Yi got Shadow to carry Dou Xiangling.

The moment Ian saw Shadow, he was simply stunned out of his mind. “This should be Miss Zi’s subordinate? To think he is capable of invisibility… how did he do it?”

Ian suddenly saw one of Shadow’s mechanical fingers after he asked the question and he was even more surprised. “He’s a robot!”

“Else what did you think he was? Is there any human in his world capable of invisibility?”

Ian could not find any words to refute her.

Zi Yi asked, “Which room is my cousin staying in?”

Ian hastily led them inside the villa.

The villa was only two stories high. There was a guest room on the first floor and so Ian brought them to one of the rooms.

“I’ve got the servants to prepare two rooms with toiletries. Both of your rooms are right next to this. Is that okay?”

Ian directed the question at Zi Yi. He did not know which stage the both of them had progressed to, but he subconsciously felt that it was better to let women make such decisions.

Zi Yi immediately answered, “It’s not a problem.”

After she answered, she even tilted her head to glance at Lu Jingye.

He was currently looking at her with those deep-set eyes of his and unexpectedly, he did not make any objection.

The corner of her lips curled up at that.

Ian looked at the two of them and he felt sour once again.

Shadow carried Dou Xiangling into the room. Lu Jingye and Ian did not follow inside.

Ian said to Miss Zi, “Miss Zi, we’ll be drinking in the living room and after Miss Dou regains consciousness, you can come out and join us.”


Zi Yi closed the door after she entered. She then walked to the bed and sat down as she asked Shadow, “When you rescued my cousin, did Meng He touch her?”

“No. He alone was undressing.”

A trace of chilliness streaked past her eyes.

She sat by the bedside for some time before she got Shadow to pa.s.s her a silver needle. She inserted the silver needle in one of the acupuncture points.

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