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Chapter 172: Little Girl's Divine Bone

The little girl met a black-robed man in the sky. She thought that it was an opportunity for her, so she revealed the uniqueness of her body and excitedly wanted to become his disciple.

The other party disdained her. After seeing the little girl's extraordinary strength, he stared at the little girl's chest. The strange light in his eyes captured her attention.

As he agreed to accept her as a disciple, she was exhilarated. The little girl did not even have time to think about the messages conveyed by his eyes. All that was left in her heart was joy. She thought that she finally had someone to rely on in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

The black-robed man naturally knew that her Divine Bone was nurtured by her blood essence.

If she did not die prematurely, she would grow up little by little. With the Divine Bone in her body, she would definitely have a place at the top of the savage world.

He did not care for the little girl at all.

With the Divine Bone taken away, she was covered in cold sweat. She was in so much pain that she almost suffocated. If not for the stimulation of the cold river water, she would not even have woken up.

The smell of blood was a taboo in the southern region.

One would never know how many miles and how many hungry desolate beasts would be attracted by the smell of blood.

The smell of blood had been floating in the wind for a long time.

It was fine in the water, but once it came out of the water, countless desolate beasts turned around and ran over.

To these desolate beasts, with all their essence gone, the little girl who was about to die was a delicious snack. To the smaller desolate beasts, it was a feast.

The last bit of Golden Blood's aura was still around. While it shocked the desolate beasts, it was also a huge temptation to them.

A few breaths later, the aura dissipated.

Finally, a desolate beast could not endure it any longer and pounced toward the little girl who had no strength to resist.

The huge body of the desolate beast brought endless darkness. The little girl could even smell the smell of blood from the desolate beast's mouth.

“Am I dying?”


The little girl was in despair. Just as she was about to close her eyes, she saw a white figure in front of her. It was as if a G.o.d had descended from the heavens. With a casual finger, the desolate beast with an unrivalled ferocity exploded.

The drizzle was like a rain of blood!

They were all hunters who had lived in the southern barbarian mountain range for countless years. They were the most sensitive to danger.

At this moment, they were like frightened rabbits. Under the little girl's incredulous gaze, they picked up their tails and fled in panic.

The desolate beast that was so powerful that even an awakened one might not be able to defeat it had fled just like that.

The little girl was in a daze as her vision turned black. The last figure in her line of sight was Xuan Yi's extraordinarily handsome figure with a smile on his face.

“Discovered the world's favorite child, the owner of the original Divine Bone. Take her as a disciple and raise her to the Golden Elixir realm. The reward will be an increase in realm.”

Xuan Yi raised his eyebrows slightly. He thought that the system had come at the right time. Just as he was curious about the aura that remained on the little girl's body, the system appeared.

There were Divine Bones in the Tian Xuan continent as well. Usually, only people with extremely pure bloodlines would be able to give birth to a special type of bone, which would usually be able to display unexpected power.

The little girl in front of him was the owner of a Divine Bone. It might not even appear in one out of ten thousand people.

But now, her Divine Bone was gone.

Xuan Yi's eyes flashed with a cold light. He gently reached out his hand and picked up the little girl tenderly. The Divine Bone could be said to be the essence of her body. Now that the essence was gone, the little girl's face turned pale.

Her weight was also frighteningly light.

Xuan Yi's heart was filled with anger. Digging up the girl's divine bone was akin to destroying her future. He casually threw her away and didn't care about her life or death at all.

At this moment, the blood-stained and dusty little girl in Xuan Yi's arms was like an exquisite and incomplete doll.

The memory of the Alchemy Venerable Xuan Yi was present. Coincidentally, there were medicinal pills that could nurture the divine bone. There were also many methods to nurture the divine bone in the Ming family's treasury. Xuan Yi had already made up his mind. After taking the little girl as his disciple, he would nurture the Divine Bone for her once again.

When that time came, the Divine Bone that was created after destruction would be far stronger than before!

It was likely that it would not be long before the little girl would give the person who dug up her divine bone a surprise.

Xuan Yi carried the little girl and frowned.

The little girl was heavily injured and her Divine Bone had been stripped away. It had almost extracted the essence of her entire body. If nothing unexpected happened, even without these desolate beasts, the little girl would not be able to last for a few hours.

The Divine Bone was the fruit that she bore. If she left, she would be defeated.

During the last few hours of her life, she would suffer endless pain. She would experience the aging that mortals feared the most. Her entire body would weaken, and she would be unable to move. Inevitably, she would die from endless pain.

At this moment, her death had already begun.

Mystic one used her spirit source to wrap around the little girl's body as gently as possible.

Nevertheless, if she wanted to save her or even reverse the aging process, just relying on the spirit source was not enough.

Only third-grade and above pills could suppress it, and fourth-grade pills could restore the source of spirit, thus nurturing divine blood. Fifth-grade pills could strengthen her divine blood and re-nurture divine bones.

Xuan Yi had the memory of a seventh-grade alchemy venerable, and she had the ability to refine pills of fifth-grade and above. Refining pills was not difficult for her.

It was rare that there were no spiritual herbs or pill furnaces.

In this world, spatial items such as storage rings were suppressed by the rules of the world and could not be opened at all.

Xuan Yi intended to bring the little girl out, but there was a hidden resistance that prevented the little girl from leaving the world. Even if Xuan Yi wanted to bring people in, he could not.

In this world, he could enter and leave, but if he wanted to bring things in or even people, he needed to increase his strength further. Perfecting the origin energy of the Small World.

It was indeed difficult!

Looking at the pale little girl whose aura was weakening, he took a deep breath and frowned.

If it wasn't for that bone-digger, how could he have so many things?

Xuan Yi clearly had all his abilities, but he couldn't use them at all. His disciple, who hadn't gotten them yet, was about to reach the end of his life.

Suddenly, Xuan Yi thought of something. He opened all his spiritual sense. In the small world, he could vaguely mobilize the power of the world's laws. Moreover, he could use all his power to call the wind and summon the rain and control the universe.

Now, it was the most suitable time to use his strengthened spiritual sense to find spiritual herbs that he could adapt to.

Xuan Yi thus kept the spiritual herbs one by one. With the amount of spiritual herbs, it was not difficult to refine a grade three pill.

As for the Pill Furnace, the earth and rocks in front of Xuan Yi cracked open, and all the iron ore in the area flew out. Under Xuan Yi's control, he pinched the iron and broke the copper, turning it into a round pill furnace. He then drew out the fire of the Earth's core. After it cooled down, it let out a rumbling sound and fell to the ground.

Xuan Yi smiled and threw in spiritual herbs one by one. Under the control of the source of spirit, the earth was buried and turned into fire. He used the unique alchemy technique of the venerable elixir master to cast the seal, and the pill was completed in less than two hours.

The spiritual pills flew out. The first thing was the quality of the pill furnace. Except for a fourth-grade spiritual pill, the rest were all third-grade.

“It's enough for the time being. It's just enough to replenish the true source of the little girl.”

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