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Chapter 753: Ningning’s Gift

Even Xinxin ran towards Chi En exclaiming, “Dad, you’re finally back.”

Chi En picked up his daughter and said, “Xinxin, did you miss me?”

“Yes, I missed you very much. Did you miss me too?” She gripped Chi En’s clothes tightly as if she was afraid that her father would leave her again.

“Of course, I miss you all the time.”

Ye Hao and Chi En had a heartwarming reunion with their children. However, when it came to Boyuan and Ningning, it was not the case.

Ningning wanted to run over to Boyuan, but before he could do anything, Boyuan stopped him and said, “Ningning, stand still.”


Ningning held himself back, in a voice filled with doubt, he questioned, “Dad?”

Boyuan’s eyes were filled with disdain. Although Yang Yu had cleaned up the children, their clothes were still covered in mud. He had an obsessive compulsion towards cleanliness, there was no way he would let his Ningning, who was still covered in mud, get close to him!

Seeing Ningning’s hurt expression, Boyuan cleared his throat and opened his palm to reveal a beautiful sh.e.l.l.

Ningning was surprised. “Dad, is this… for me?” He could not believe it.

It was not until Boyuan nodded that Ningning reached out and took the sh.e.l.l with a trembling hand.

“It’s so beautiful, Dad.”

“Like it?” Although Boyuan’s tone was indifferent, he had a hint of a smile on his face.

“Yes, I like it very much. Dad, did you especially bring it for me?”

Boyuan ruffled Ningning’s hair and admitted softly, “Yes.”

Ningning was thrilled to hear that. “Thank you, Dad.”

Seeing that Ningning had a gift, the other children were envious.

Xinxin looked at Chi En with an aggrieved expression and asked, “Dad, where’s my gift?”

Even s.h.i.+ Tou prompted Ye Hao for his gift, “Dad?”

It didn’t occur to Chi En and Ye Hao to bring gifts for their children, and they thought to themselves, “Boyuan, why didn’t you remind us?”

Both of them were as wily as foxes. After getting over the awkwardness, they quickly recovered.

Ye Hao a.s.sured s.h.i.+ Tou, “Yes, yes, yes. Of course, I have a gift for you. I’ll give it to you when we get home!”

s.h.i.+ Tou saw through his father’s obvious lies and snorted a few times, no longer expecting a gift.

Xinxin was still waiting for her father’s response. Chi En swallowed and said with a smile, “Your gift will be here next morning.”

“Is it a surprise?”

“Yes, it’s a surprise.”

Boyuan listened to their lies. The corners of his mouth twitched, and he pulled his son away.

Why did they lie to their children? Well, it wasn’t really a lie, at most, it was a white lie.

Ningning did not take his eyes of the sh.e.l.l the entire time, and his eyes were filled with joy.

On the other end, Tingxu, Lao Bao, and Lao Liu finally tidied up the tent. They also took out medical supplies and arranged them.

The ambulance from the Provincial Medical University had arrived. They had also sent over some common cold medicine, painkillers, and of course, emergency medicine.

They learned that they were not only here to tend to the film crew. They were notified that they also had to give free consultations to the villagers.

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