Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy Chapter 300 – The Ordinary Domain

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Chapter 300: The Ordinary Domain

Everyone's jaws dropped when they heard what Lei Luo said.

This race was too powerful. If they wanted to kill someone, wouldn't it be easy?

At this moment, there was a ripple at the door.

Three girls walked in.

“Naili, Bing, look. I found good weapons for you,” Lei Luo said.

It was Naili, Bing, and Yanni who came in.

The three of them had become good friends.

“What weapon?”

Naili surrounded them happily.

Lei Luo took out two two-meter-long amethysts from his dimensional pocket.

“Don't tell me you want to forge amethysts into weapons?” Bing said in surprise.

One had to know that amethysts were extremely hard.

It could also increase the power and speed of casting magic.

It was also the first choice for magic swordsmen like Bing and Naili.

However, in history, no one seemed to be able to forge an entire amethyst into a weapon.

“It shouldn't be a problem,” Lei Luo suddenly said to himself.

As soon as he said that, a strange fluctuation was felt.

Everyone present quickly ran to the backyard.

In between, a light coc.o.o.n emitted a rainbow-colored light.


A loud sound was heard.

The entire light coc.o.o.n exploded.

A transparent longsword appeared from within. Lei Luo stretched out his hand and spun the longsword in a circle in the air.

It returned to Lei Luo's hand. He stretched out his hand and caressed this almost transparent longsword.

Not bad. The modification was very successful.

“Brother Lei Luo, what is this?”

Little Yue'er could not help but be the first to ask.

Lei Luo caressed the sword and said happily, “This is my sword of order. I just modified it a little. It has the power to control the six elemental magic elements. How is it? Is it beautiful?”

“Yes, it's so beautiful!” Little Yue'er said. She suddenly looked at Reya who was tied up. Then she said curiously, “Brother Lei Luo, why is that sister tied up? How uncomfortable is that?”

Lei Luo turned around and saw that Reya was tied up by a magic chain.

Lei Luo almost forgot about it.

Lei Luo smiled and said, “Wait until I sign the contract with her.”

“You still won't let me go?” Reya was a little afraid.

Lei Luo smiled malevolently and reached out to caress Reya's face.

“You're such a good elf, how could I let you go? I bought you back, so you're mine.”

One of the four elves said, “Really? Any conditions are fine!”

“Do you think I'm lacking anything? Tell me the truth, in this courtyard, besides the sword of order in my hand, there are three other artifacts. Do you think there's anything else?”

Lei Luo smiled as he looked at the five elves who were getting more and more shocked. With a wave of his hand, he tossed the two amethyst crystals high into the sky.

Lei Luo's body flashed, and he instantly flew into the sky. Then, he quickly carved the two crystals on top. The people below saw the crystals in the sky continuously shrink before finally falling down.


The two amethyst swords fell to the ground.

Under the sun, the crystal swords shone brilliantly.

Together with the patterns on the crystal swords, they looked even more beautiful.

“This is a magic array!” an elf suddenly screamed.

Everyone took a closer look and realized that the patterns were not on the surface of the sword but inside it.

Although it was beautiful, it was indeed a magic array.

Immediately, everyone looked at Lei Luo in puzzlement.

Lei Luo smiled and explained, “This sword can increase combat aura by 70% and magic power by 130%. It can also increase the hit rate of magic. How is it? Not bad, right? Oh right, remember to drop a drop of blood on it to recognize the owner. That way, other people won't be able to use it.”

“It seems that only quasi-divine artifacts and divine artifacts have spirituality and can recognize their owners with a drop of blood. Could these two swords be…” Reya asked in surprise.

“Although they can't compare to divine artifacts, they definitely meet the standards of quasi-divine artifacts.”

Lei Luo reached out and pinched Reya's little nose. Reya hurriedly dodged.

Yue'er pouted and said pitifully, “Big Brother Lei Luo is so biased! He didn't even give me such a good weapon!”

Everyone didn't know whether to laugh or cry when they heard that. In the end, they still said coldly, “Xiao Yue'er, your Big Brother Lei Luo loves you the most. Among us, your weapon is the best!”

“Is that so? Isn't it just a dagger?”

Yue'er swayed and a half-black and half-white dagger appeared.

“This is… a G.o.d's dagger!” the four elves screamed.

At this moment, the dagger flashed.

Everyone immediately felt that they had lost all their power, and their combat aura and magic could not be used.

“Could this be the special power of the G.o.dfiend's dagger?” Reya said in surprise.

As an elf princess, she also knew some of the functions of the various divine artifacts.

“That's right, this is the 'ordinary domain'!” Lei Luo said with a smile.

“How is it, Little Yue'er? Brother Lei Luo is still the best to you, right?”

“Yes, I knew it was Brother Lei Luo who was the best to me. I misunderstood Brother Lei Luo!”

Little Yue'er stuck out her tongue cutely and shrunk her neck, looking like she was in fear.

That cute look made everyone laugh.

Even Reya, who had always been frowning, smiled faintly.

“Come, Little Yue'er, let me try your martial arts!” Lei Luo said.

Little Yue'er was shocked.

“But Big Brother Lei Luo, didn't you lose your strength?”

Lei Luo put on a defensive posture and said with a smile, “Don't worry. Don't forget that your Big Brother Lei Luo has an undying body.”

The five elves were shocked again. Only G.o.ds would have an undying body!


Xiao Yue'er nodded. The red combat aura on her body flashed and she quickly rushed over.

“Okay, not bad. Her speed is not bad…”

“She missed. She missed. She should have stabbed this side…”

“Remember to be agile and not so rigid…”

“Yeah, that's a good move…”

The others watched the two people in the arena toss and turn.

Reya could not help but ask, “Could he be a G.o.d?”

Everyone looked at each other, waved their hands together and shrugged their shoulders.

Bing walked to Reya's side and whispered, “You might have to follow him in the future. Remember not to make him angry, and don't lie to him about anything. You can only be obedient, or else your future life might be very miserable. However, if you can be like Little Yue'er and make him like you, that's also very happy. Last but not least, don't ask about his ident.i.ty.”

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