Miracle Pill Maker Bullies The Boss Chapter 567– You Might Not Know This, But She's An Apothecary

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Chapter 567: You Might Not Know This, But She's An Apothecary

Only Fang Chen and Lin Shuwen remained in the private room and the atmosphere was getting a little awkward.

Fang Chen had no intention of lingering on any further, so he stood up and nodded politely to Old Mr. Pei and Pei Feng. He bade farewell to them before gesturing to Lin Shuwen to leave with him.

Before long, Fang Chen and Lin Shuwen left the dining room as well.

Old Mr. Pei could no longer keep standing up straight after everyone had left and stumbled into his seat with his face ghastly pale.

Pei Feng wanted to support his father, but Old Mr. Pei pushed him aside. “Dad...”

Old Mr. Pei sat for a long time until he suddenly laughed gently. “Pei Feng, oh Pei Feng. You really shouldn't have done that today.”

Pei Feng clenched his fingers slightly.

Before Pei Feng responded, his father spoke once more. “You might not know this, but Little Master Huo is an S cla.s.s apothecary.”

Despite Old Mr. Pei's gentle voice, his words sent a crus.h.i.+ng weight on Pei Feng's heart. He stared at his father in disbelief. “H-how can that be? How could she reach such great heights at such a young age?”

Old Mr. Pei's eyes landed on the carpet and said, “Anything is possible. Just because you haven't seen it with your own eyes, doesn't mean such talent doesn't exist.”

Pei Feng got impatient every time he brought up Huo Yao's apothecary skills owing to his bias towards her tender age, so he had stopped mentioning it altogether.

There was no point in saying it now.

Old Mr. Pei placed his hands on his knees and slowly stood up. He did not even look at Pei Feng. Instead, he walked out of the private room with his back slightly stooped with a hint of sadness.

Pei Feng watched from behind as his father left the private room. He could sense his throat going dry suddenly. Was she an S cla.s.s apothecary? Even the Apothecaries' a.s.sociation's chairman only achieved such an accomplishment in the last two years, right?

It seemed completely inconceivable for an 18 year old girl to be an S cla.s.s apothecary.

Pei Feng clenched his fists. It was impossible to describe how he felt at this moment. After all, it made no sense for his father to lie to him about this. Pei Feng suddenly regretted being judgmental about Huo Yao, thinking about this.

Huo Yao and Min Yu walked out of the private room together.

Huo Yao wanted to use the bathroom, so she looked at Min Yu and said, “I need to use the ladies. Why don't you wait for me downstairs?”

“Sure.” Min Yu glanced at her and nodded.

Huo Yao glanced around before she quickly found the sign pointing to the toilet and made her way to it.

Min Yu veered his eyes and headed downstairs unhurriedly.

Min Yu headed to the lounge area after he arrived at the main hall. He pulled out his phone from his coat pocket and texted Zhuo Yun.

Since he was gorgeous and had a powerful aura, he garnered a lot of attention just by standing there.

He Xiaoman was not any different and naturally took notice of Min Yu since she was waiting at the lounge, as well.

The moment she saw him, she found him to be familiar. After some thought, she quickly recalled where she had seen him before.

Over half a year ago, she vaguely remembered seeing him living next door to her mother in her hometown. She occasionally had to go home since her foster daughter was living there, so she happened to see him a couple of times.

Also, he had stunning good looks, so he left quite an impression on her.

It did not dawn on He Xiaoman that she would into someone from her hometown at this high-end clubhouse. She scrutinized him carefully. His every movement looked elegant and dignified. His aura was far more powerful than an average rich man's son.

From the looks of it, he did not resemble a country b.u.mpkin even in the slightest.

He Xiaoman pursed her lips and quickly veered her eyes away. Regardless of his aura and poise, he hailed from a small town, so she was not overly impressed.

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