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Chapter 561: A Little Something From The Lu Family

Lin Shuwen's face instantly looked annoyed when he saw what they were doing so blatantly.

Liang Jun kept studying Lin Shuwen's reaction. The moment he saw the anger on Lin Shuwen's face, his heart skipped a beat. He promptly caught on that He Xiaoman was trying to give Lin Shuwen a bank card.

Liang Jun almost pa.s.sed out in fear. He did not expect Lu Hongwen to attempt to bribe Lin Shuwen.

Everyone in the administration was aware of Fang Chen and Lin Shuwen's huge distaste for bribery, so the Lu family was as good as ruining their company by doing so.

Initially, he felt the Lu family must be connected to Lin Shuwen. Otherwise, Lin Shuwen would not have told them to pay extra attention to their bid. Hence, Liang Jun decided to do Lu Hongwen the favor when Lu Hongwen approached him.

Earlier on when Lu Hongwen was asking if Lin Shuwen would stand them up, Liang Jun thought Lu Hongwen was trying to make Liang Jun look good by pretending to be unacquainted with Lin Shuwen.

It turned out that Lu Hongwen and Lin Shuwen were not acquainted at all.

No wonder Lin Shuwen mistook him for Lu Hongwen.

Liang Jun felt that Lu Hongwen was trying to kill him. He quickly looked at Lu Hongwen and his wife and tried to stop them, but they failed to notice his cue.

Lu Hongwen had already taken the card and handed it to Lin Shuwen. “Secretary Lin, here is a little something from us.”

Liang Jun turned and did not dare look at Lin Shuwen. In his heart, he felt that they were done for!

The moment Lu Hongwen took out the bank card, he had not only ruined Lu Corporation's hopes for winning the bid but also wrecked his career since he had arranged this meeting.

Even if Liang Jun did not accept their bribe, Lin Shuwen was bound to think that he was corrupt.

Lin Shuwen looked at Lu Hongwen expressionlessly. He was no longer able to continue being polite. He scoffed and said, “Mr. Lu, did you think that I agreed to meet for the sake of the card?”

Lu Hongwen had an ominous feeling when Lin Shuwen suddenly looked so angry.

Lu Hongwen nearly dropped the card as he hurriedly explained. “Secretary Lin, that was not what I meant...”

Lin Shuwen raised his hand in mid-air to interrupt him. “I don't care what you are trying to do. This meeting ends now. I hope you won't try to pull such stunts again.”

The moment Lin Shuwen finished his sentence, he turned to leave the private room. He halted briefly as he walked past Liang Jun and glanced at him sideways. Just a single look left Liang Jun breaking out in cold sweat.

Lin Shuwen was the mayor's right-hand man, so Liang Jun was done for.

However, Lu Hongwen remained confused. “Deputy Director Liang, please help me explain things to Secretary Lin...”

Liang Jun smiled in contempt when he watched Lin Shuwen walk to the door and quickly disappear.

He turned his head to look at Lu Hongwen and scoffed. “Explain? What is there to explain? Should I try to explain that you weren't attempting to bribe him?”

Liang Jun glanced at the bank card in Lu Hongwen's hand. “Did you think that money could solve all your problems? Before you offered him money, didn't you find out what he was like?”

Lu Hongwen's face instantly paled when he heard what Liang Jun said.

He was not well connected enough to learn about Lin Shuwen's habits. He simply thought that he ought to take the opportunity to bribe Lin Shuwen if he wanted to win the bid. Otherwise, why else would Lin Shuwen even agree to meet him?

Liang Jun inhaled deeply. “You will be the death of me. Lu Corporation can forget about winning the bid.”

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