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Chapter 554: Celebration

Jun Yexuan was about to tie his tie when he found Qiao Qing was casually on the couch.

He threw his tie around his neck and walked over.

He leaned into Qiao Qing and breathed into her face.

“Qingqing, tie my tie for me.”

The Qi brothers objected instantly. Furious, they glared at Jun Yexuan, “Do you not have hands?!”

Qiao Qing stared at him strangely. Her eyes signaled to him the same message the Qi brothers had said.

Jun Yexuan's lips curled up evilly, “I want you to tie it for me.”

Mu Jinghang snorted. So his third brother was as flirtatious as ever.

The Qi brothers all narrowed their eyes.

Qiao Qing, “I don't know how.”

“I'll teach you.” Jun Yexuan was ecstatic that tie-tying was a skill she didn't have. He grabbed her hands and started to teach her how to tie it step by step.

The Qi brother's gazes started to spew fire.

Qi Yusen raised his hand and tore apart his tied tie.

The moment Qiao Qing finished tying Jun Yexuan's tie, Jun Yexuan moved quickly and stole a kiss from her lips.

The Qi brothers wanted to skin him alive.

Qi Yuyang looked over to He Wanqing, “Aunty! That shameless man is taking advantage of my sister right in front of you! You aren't going to do anything about it?!”

He Wanqing wiped the happy smile off her face and said matter-of-factly, “Aren't they dating?”

In other words, these intimate gestures were normal.

The Qi brothers, “…”

They've never met a mother who was so open-minded!

Jun Yexuan silently gave his mother-in-law a thumbs up and glanced over to the Qi brothers.

“See, exactly. It's normal for couples to act this way. You guys need to mind your own business!”

The Qi brothers wanted to die.

Qi Yusen didn't say anything and instead, walked up to Qiao Qing and bent down.

“Qingqing, help me tie my tie too.”

Jun Yexuan's face turned dark. Qi Yeli and the others' lips twitched.

Qi Yuyang, “Bro, I thought your tie was already tied?”

Qi Yusen glared at him, “You remembered wrong.”

Qi Yuyang, “…”

Jun Yexuan, “What kind of brother asks his sister to tie his tie?! What are your intentions?!”

Qi Yusen, “Clean up your mind!”

Jun Yexuan, “…”

Qi Yusen looked back at Qiao Qing. His gaze was full of pleading and sadness, “Qingqing…”

Qiao Qing, “…”

In the end, in front of Jun Yexuan's killer stare and the Qi brothers' jealous stares, Qiao Qing tied Qi Yusen's tie.

Mu Jinghang snorted. To live amongst sister-obsessed brothers, the PH in the air is always low.

After the drama with the tie ended, Jun Yexuan, Mu Jinghang, and the Qi brothers all took separate cars to the Qi family manor.

As instructed, Qiao Qing and He Wanqing stayed put at Qi Yusen's house.

The Qi family home was completely lit up. The atmosphere of a birthday celebration was felt throughout the place.

The 88th birthday of Capital City's most influential family deserved a big celebration. At the same time, it was also the celebration of the Qi family adopting Chu Tian as their official granddaughter.

Today, wealthy people from the upper cla.s.s in this society have all arrived to celebrate the occasion.

The main conversation piece today was the adoptive granddaughter Chu Tian.

The gossip around the place was all about how a sparrow flew up to the tree and transformed into a phoenix. Everyone's tone appeared respectful but there was definitely traces of sourness with it.

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