Breeding Dragons From Today Chapter 316 – The City Without A Master. A Way To Avoid The Selection Process

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Chapter 316: The City Without a Master. A Way to Avoid the Selection Process

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The golden light that was the closest to him landed on a hill ten miles away. A deity-domain-level expert who had been hiding here was blasted out by the golden light.

He screamed as he ran madly. Then, he gradually merged into a puddle of blood and disappeared.

Suddenly, Joelson came to a realization.

The once-month selection process began.

The black-golden sun identified the eliminated ones and the winners according to the intensity of the killing power.

After 10,000 rays of golden light, another 100 pillars of light fell from the sky.

From afar, Joelson saw a figure flying up from each pillar of light.

Some were ecstatic, some were laughing, some were silent, and some were struggling desperately.

This process lasted for several hours before everything returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

Every month, the vast Land of Slaughter lost 10,000 people. It was like a ladle of water being scooped out of a pond. There was no effect at all.

Moreover, more people would be thrown in next, so that this killing game could continue.

Looking at the black-golden sun, Joelson took a deep breath, and his eyes became firm.

If he kept relying on his own speculation to control the killing power in his body, accidents would inevitably happen.

He had to find the place where the killers gathered and gather more information for himself to a.n.a.lyze.

Joelson continued to move in the direction of the black-golden sun.

“This is the place?”

Joelson stared into the distance. He could vaguely make out the outline of a towering city.

This city was enormous. Even though it was so far away, he still couldn't see the two sides clearly.

“Yes, milord.”

A demiG.o.d respectfully stood next to Joelson, replying.

A demiG.o.d was so respectful to a deity. If anyone saw this, they would definitely be so shocked that they wouldn't be able to close their mouths.

This person had previously thought so as well. For this, he had to pay the price of an arm.

The deity next to him was so powerful that it was beyond his comprehension. Be it the strength of his domain or the power of the laws of slaughter, they were all abnormally powerful.

He only needed to use one move to crush himself into dust.

Thinking about the miserable fate of his companion, this demiG.o.d couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

There was no chance of resistance at all!

No one would believe him even if he told them.

“This is the ownerless city you speak of?”

Joelson asked calmly.

The demiG.o.d hurriedly nodded and replied, “Yes, milord. The ownerless city is where most of the killers gather. There are ascetics and hedonists, and almost all of the most powerful experts of the Land of Slaughter reside here.”

“Most powerful experts?”

Joelson frowned slightly. “Shouldn't the most powerful experts have long ago been teleported out as victors? How could they possibly remain in the Land of Slaughter? How could the Land of Slaughter possibly give birth to the most powerful experts?”

The demiG.o.d laughed, then explained, “Milord, you don't know, but the criteria for selecting victors and eliminators is the amount of power of slaughter. However, not everyone who enters the Land of Slaughter wants to train in the laws of slaughter.”

“Most of the most powerful experts are extremely powerful in other types of laws or they use special methods to lower their own power of the laws of slaughter to a level below the top 100.”

“Special methods.”

Joelson narrowed his eyes slightly.


The demiG.o.d lowered his voice and said, “Many people will intentionally place a large portion of the power of the laws of slaughter within their bodies into other things, such as the fruits of slaughter or the crystals of the laws. Only after the selection is over will they be able to absorb them back.”

“Although doing so will cause them to lose a portion of their power, it is the best way to avoid the selection.”

“Their power will fluctuate within a month and the day of the selection is when many experts are at their weakest within a month.”

As though he had thought of something, Joelson let out a cold snort. “You know quite a bit.”

The demiG.o.d laughed. “After all, as far as I know, the Land of Slaughter has lasted for at least tens of thousands of years. Many people know the rules of this place. Everyone wants to leave, but they definitely don't want to leave as a victor!”

The demiG.o.d secretly glanced at the black-gold sun in the sky, then said in a low voice, “Supposedly, the most powerful experts are all acc.u.mulating power, preparing to one day break through the shackles and leave this place. No one wants to be a prisoner for the rest of their lives!”

Joelson was silent, then asked once more, “What level of power do the most powerful experts have?”

“Peak demiG.o.ds.” The demiG.o.d said.

“Are there any G.o.ds?”

“There were once.”

The demiG.o.d recalled, “However, he was quickly selected as the victor. That person once caused an enormous sensation in the Land of Slaughter. He ma.s.sacred nearly 30% of the people in the Land of Slaughter and the blood fog covered the sun. In just two short months, he rose from the early stage of the demiG.o.d level to become a G.o.d. He can be considered a legend!”

Joelson subconsciously asked, “What's his name?”

The demiG.o.d thought for a moment, then said seriously, “It seems to be called… Barnard!”

And then, the two of them walked into the ownerless city.

Just like the name of this city, this was a city that had no master or rules.

The ownerless city was like a pile of countless irregular stones. It gave off an extremely chaotic and disorderly impression.

As Joelson walked into this enormous city, the b.u.mpy streets were filled with rubble and thick black objects. Those were solidified blood and, occasionally, one could see rotting bones and rotting corpses.


Two figures shouted as they charged past Joelson, accompanied by savage screams and agonized screams.

Joelson saw a deity-level expert being torn apart in the street by a demiG.o.d. His dismembered limbs and internal organs splattered everywhere.

Seeing this, no one stopped him. The surrounding spectators all laughed loudly as they watched. They took a deep breath of the blood mist that filled the air, a look of greed and enjoyment on their faces.

Every single moment, a battle would erupt. Perhaps it was just because of a single glance or a tiny movement but it was enough to cause conflict and slaughter.

Joelson frowned. The ownerless city was filled with a tyrannical, twisted, and abnormal will, causing him to feel a wave of discomfort.

“There are no so-called rules here. Power is everything. Given your power, milord, you will definitely be able to live a very comfortable life in the ownerless city. Perhaps you will become one of the most powerful.”

The demiG.o.d leading the way for Joelson had a flattering smile on his face but a strange look was hidden in his eyes.

Joelson gave him a cold glance but didn't do anything.

All of a sudden, he flew up into the air, then turned to face Joelson.

Pretending to be fierce, he shouted, “Kid, you stole my fruit of slaughter and now you want to run away? You're courting death!”

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