Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 336 – I Suspect My Phone Has A Virus

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Chapter 336: I Suspect My Phone Has A Virus

As soon as Tang Xinrou left, the other cla.s.smates followed.

Their family had come to collect them.

In the blink of an eye, the room was empty.

All that was left were plates covered in cream and empty cups of juice.

At this moment, Han Jun was still playing video games excitedly in Huo Ningxi's room.

“Where's Shen Xun? Did he leave?” Song Yaoyao asked.

She didn't see Huo Ningxi either.

Song Yaoyao was actually quite surprised when she didn't see Huo Ningxi at Song Jingwan's birthday earlier. Even more so when she saw him at home.

They were so close before. Since he was free, why didn't he attend?

She was sure Song Jingwan would have invited Huo Ningxi.

Even if she invited no one else, she would have definitely invited him, right?


Han Jun snapped out of his daze and looked beside him.

There was a half-consumed gla.s.s of cola, but no one in sight.

He scratched his head. “He was here a moment ago…”

Song Yaoyao was speechless. “How long ago was a moment ago?”

She looked at Han Jun. Even though he was talking, he was still operating the remote control in his hands. He was driving a sports car through various obstacles, overtaking one car after another as he sped forward.

“I'm not sure. What's wrong? Are you looking for him and Ningxi?”

Han Jun stared straight at the screen in front of him. Even though he was talking while racing, he still managed to break the record.

“Don't worry~” he chuckled in a sly manner. “What can two boys do? It's not like they will do something gay.”

Song Yaoyao: “Gay?”

She seemed to have learned another new term.

“It's when two boys… Ahem, nothing! It's nothing!”

At that moment, the angels in his head quickly saved him from the brink of death.

Who was he kidding? If Brother Xun found out about this, he was dead!

“I will look it up myself.”

Song Yaoyao turned and walked out the door as Han Jun cried out, “No, don't! Sis! Yaoyao! Please, promise not to look it up! It will destroy your views on the world!”

“Huh? Will it?”

Song Yaoyao unlocked her phone and entered the three-letter word.

The screen loaded.

[Due to network restrictions, the content you searched for is temporarily unavailable]

[May I recommend the following: #HappyGirlsAreLuckyGirls #TopStudentGoals #IsItEasyForAGirlToChaseAGuy-ClickForMoreInfo]

Song Yaoyao frowned and headed back to the games room.

On the big screen, Han Jun's car had been totaled and he was covering his face and crying.

“Han Jun…”

The girl's soft voice entered his ears again and Han Jun lifted his head in surprise.

He looked into the girl's dark eyes.

“Huh? Is there something else?”

Song Yaoyao flipped her phone and showed him her screen.

“Does your search engine show this as well?” she asked emotionlessly.

Han Jun looked over curiously. When he saw the word on her search bar, his lips twitched a little.

This Big Bro actually went to search up the term.



What was this?

“This…”—he blinked—”does it always do that?”

Song Yaoyao nodded. She entered another term and showed it to him again.

This time, she typed in, 'I Have A Date With A Dominant CEO'.

[Due to network restrictions, the content you searched for is temporarily unavailable]

Song Yaoyao puffed up her cheeks in frustration and said, “I suspect my phone has a virus!”

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