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Chapter 335: Mysterious Gift

“Pfff…Ack ack ack.”

Song Yaoyao almost spat out her strawberry juice. After forcing herself to swallow it, she coughed frantically.

“You make him sound like a piece of meat. Watch what you're saying!”

Tang Xinrou rolled her eyes and quickly pulled Song Yaoyao into her arms to squeeze her.

She didn't let go until Song Yaoyao's face was red, her eyes were teary, and her hair was a complete mess.

As she looked at her messy appearance and reddish eyes…

She gulped…

Out of guilt, she quickly tried to tidy her hair.

“Yes, you're right, I should watch what I say. Mr. Huo is tall and handsome, he should not be tainted by impure thoughts. I was wrong. Please allow me to apologize, Mrs. Huo!” she said guiltily.


Song Yaoyao glanced at her. “I'm not Mrs. Huo yet! Be careful not to let Gege hear you!” She carefully looked around, smiling so hard that her dimples sunk into her cheeks.

“Look at you! I can even see your teeth! Precious Yaoyao, you're so naughty…”

Tang Xinrou squeezed her cheeks.

As it was getting late, she got up to leave.

But before she did, she shoved her gift into Song Yaoyao's arms. “Here, happy birthday!”

“What is it?”

Song Yaoyao's eyes lit up as she curiously tried to open it.

Just as she undid the ribbon…


Tang Xinrou's eyelids twitched, and she quickly stopped Song Yaoyao with a darting gaze. As she looked into Song Yaoyao's confused eyes, she coughed. “You should open gifts in private! How can you open it in front of the person who gave it to you? If you don't like it, I will be really sad.”

“That won't happen~”

Song Yaoyao brushed her hand away and continued to unwrap the gift. “I will like anything you give me.”

After the ribbon was undone, there was still a layer of gift wrap.

“No, don't!”

Tang Xinrou held on tightly to her hand, stopping her from getting any further.

Her face was red, but Song Yaoyao simply thought it was due to the heater so she didn't think much of it.

“Fine, I'll open it in my room later. Are you happy now?”

Tang Xinrou stared at Song Yaoyao. After confirming that she was telling the truth, she finally let go.

“Okay! Remember to open it when there's no one around!”

Her careful reminder made Song Yaoyao suspicious. “Don't tell me you put something strange in here.”

“Ahem…” Tang Xinrou looked away. “What do you mean something strange? My gift is very normal! Don't wrongly accuse me!”

In Song Yaoyao's eyes, this was clearly the expression of guilt.

Her eyes lit up with amus.e.m.e.nt as she tilted her head and asked cutely, “Really? Will a fist pop out when I open it? Or is there a snake inside? What about worms?”

Once Song Yaoyao started guessing, she couldn't stop. She was filled with amus.e.m.e.nt.

Tang Xinrou: “…”

Forget it, she couldn't expect Song Yaoyao to have more awareness.

She held her head and raised a hand to stop her.

“Stop! Stop guessing. You'll know after you open it in your room! Remember, don't let anyone else see!!”

Tang Xinrou was frightened by Song Yaoyao's gaze. Although she appeared cute, her gaze made one feel guilty.

If she stayed any longer, she was afraid Song Yaoyao would see through her.

This was her first time gifting something like this. The thought made her excited!

She stuck out her tongue and quickly headed for the door. As she ran, she waved her hand. “I'll get going now. Precious Yaoyao, happy birthday~ Remember to store your gift properly!”

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