Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 334 – If Your Wish Doesn't Come True, I'll Compensate For It

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Chapter 334: If Your Wish Doesn't Come True, I'll Compensate For It

“You're back,” she suddenly grinned. This reaction was more like the usual her. She rubbed against his chest and said, “Gege, I missed you~~”

Huo Yunque laughed and patted her on the head. “You're being silly again.”

Did it take her this long to realize what was happening?

He pulled Song Yaoyao over to blow the candles.

Song Yaoyao huddled up beside him. She then clasped her hands and made a wish.


Huo Yunque called her back and waved at Huo Qi.

Huo Qi immediately approached with a velvet box. The box opened and a crown was sitting inside.

It was an exquisite and luxurious design: the top was inlaid with a total of 14 diamonds, and the one sitting in the middle was a large and rare pink diamond.

The color was clear and beautiful rays of light danced off the cut surface…

Without seeing it, one would never understand how attractive real jewelry was to women.

The girls gasped all around them.

A long slender hand picked up the crown and placed it on Song Yaoyao's head.

The girl's jet-black hair hung behind her, soft and loose. She was like a mermaid princess who had just transformed into a human and stepped on land. She was completely charming.

Song Yaoyao pouted her lips and carefully touched the crown on her head.

“Gege, I'm not wearing a dress!”

Her clothes didn't match this crown at all.

Huo Yunque chuckled. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her toward the cake.

“You look beautiful enough. Now, make a wish.”

His voice was low and pleasant as it sounded beside her ear.

His voice was gentle like a lover's.

In the darkness, Song Yaoyao's face flushed red.

With her hands clasped, she quickly made a wish.

She then blew out the candles.

The lights lit up again. As her eyes adjusted to the brightness, Song Yaoyao subconsciously squinted her eyes. She was still a little dazed.

Huo Yunque casually asked, “What did you wish for?”

“I wished that before Christmas arrives, Gege and I… Hey! Gege!” Song Yaoyao suddenly halted. Her eyes were watery as she glared at Huo Yunque. “You're so bad! You're bullying me again!”

She hugged the porcelain doll which was previously sitting atop the cake and pouted her lips. “It won't come true if I say it out loud. If it doesn't come true, will you compensate me?”

The prayer beads on the man's wrist were green with Sanskrit inscribed on them.

In the past, this was efficient at calming his heart. But now…

Huo Yunque pursed his lips and a slight smile appeared between his charming eyes.

His eyes contained many things, but most importantly, they contained Song Yaoyao.

After some time, he said in a low voice, “Okay.”

He would compensate her.

The cake was made by a dessert specialist. All those that were fortunate enough to be hired by the Huos were at a certain level of expertise.

Tang Xinrou gobbled down a big slice of cake, but it wasn't enough. She held onto her drink and huddled up on the sofa next to Song Yaoyao.

She leaned her head on Song Yaoyao's shoulder and sighed. “Yaoyao, if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would have never believed it.”

“Huh? Wouldn't have believed what?”

Song Yaoyao bent her legs, rested her strawberry juice on her knees, and took sips from it every now and then.

Tang Xinrou turned around. Huo Yunque was no longer present.

If he was around, everyone would still be quite tense.

Earlier, when he pushed out the cake, she could clearly feel that even Shen Xun froze.

So, without a doubt, the other cla.s.smates were terrified.

Even when he didn't speak, the infamous Mr. Huo had an authoritative presence which made these young students weak at their knees.

Tang Xinrou squeezed her cheeks. “Who knew Mr. Huo would be so manly!”

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