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Chapter 333: Happy Birthday Yaoyao

Appearing in front of her eyes, was a newly decorated living room. In the middle sat a big bear made from fresh pink flowers.

Attached behind it was a bunch of balloons, floating in the air.

All the students from the third cla.s.s were there, each of them wearing a headband, ranging from devil's horns, to halos, to love hearts…

Song Yaoyao spotted Shen Xun, Han Jun, An Feiran, Huo Ningxi, and Fatty Long Hu amongst the crowd of cla.s.smates.

Beside them stood Uncle Zhang who she saw every day at the Huo Manor, the chefs who made her desserts in the kitchen, and the maids who tidied her room…

“Precious Yaoyao, happy birthday!!”

Tang Xinrou flew towards her, holding a popped party popper. The smile on her beautiful face was dazzling.

“How did you know…?” Song Yaoyao mumbled.

She knew all these people; these were the students who had gone from teasing her to becoming good friends that she jogged and studied with.

They had become an essential part of her life.

As it turned out, while she went to attend the so-called birthday party at the Song Manor, one was being planned for her as well.

At that moment, someone turned off the crystal chandelier above them.

Song Yaoyao heard a click.

Her eyelashes twitched and she slowly lifted her gaze.

There were surprised gasps all around her.

Under the dim lighting, the room transformed into a dreamy paradise.

The fairy lights which hung down from the ceiling were custom-made.

They were small like stars and they produced a blue light.

Amidst the sea of stars, some party lights moved and transitioned.

Sometimes the light beams were light and airy, and sometimes they were wavy. It felt like they were standing among a galaxy of stars.

Everyone looked around in amazement.

A few minutes later, the lights turned off one by one, leaving just a row of fairy lights which read: YY Happy Birthday.

Everyone turned on their headbands and the cute shapes lit up.

Song Yaoyao smiled and her eyes curved as she was pushed forward.

“Our Yaoyao will be 19 after today!”

As she walked away from the main entrance, she felt her legs go weak.

Only when she stood in front of the bear did she realize that it was made of roses.

White and Pink.

White roses represented purity.

Pink roses represented first love.

The man who she had missed and hadn't seen for a few days, felt like he was someone from another lifetime, but at that moment, he was pus.h.i.+ng a cake towards her.

The cake was much bigger and beautiful than Song Jingwan's.

The doll sitting on top had Song Yaoyao's face, it was dressed in a glamorous wedding dress, and the gems on the hem of the dress twinkled dreamily under the light.

It had an exquisite face, delicate skin, and its hair was long, soft, and wavy. It was designed by the internationally renowned luxury brand, Enchanted Doll, which was known as the Hermes of the doll industry. Each doll was custom-designed and unique.

“It's beautiful!” Tang Xinrou was amazed as she watched Huo Yunque stop and wave at Song Yaoyao.

But the usually switched-on girl was suddenly standing there in a dazed and dopey state,

Tang Xinrou pushed Song Yaoyao over and said quietly, “Yaoyao, your Lover Gege is calling you! Hurry over!”

Song Yaoyao stumbled forward and the man caught her in his arms.

The familiar scent of cedar filled the air. Song Yaoyao blinked and wrapped her arms around Huo Yunque's waist.

It all felt so surreal.



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