Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 400 - Prepared for Rejection

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten -

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Chapter 400: Prepared for Rejection

The news that the Yun family had offended both the Feng family and the Su family quickly reached Chen Yichen. He picked up the phone immediately to call Yun Xi, but she wasn’t at home.

He asked the housekeeper where she was, and she said that Yun Xi had gone to see the Old Madame.

So Chen Yichen knew that she had instead gone to see Young Marshal Mu, because he was at home right now and no one had seen Yun Xi at the Chen family home.

Upon learning that Yun Xi hadn’t come to look for him when things went wrong, but instead had gone to Mu Feichi, Chen Yichen felt something inside himself that he had a hard time identifying.

A stubborn person like Yun Xi never asked for help easily. Even though she had come to the Chen family’s home a few times when she’d obviously needed help, she hadn’t asked.

He knew very well how she had resolved the matter In the end. Young Marshal Mu had probably gotten involved.

Since when did that girl start to rely on Young Marshal Mu?

A sense of alarm made him extremely upset.

However, he didn’t dare rush up to Tianyu Mountain in search of her again. He had already done that once. Young Marshal Mu’s att.i.tude had been obvious. He was a domineering man.

If it were anyone else, he might still be able to fight for her affection with all his strength, but Mu Feichi was the head of the Mu family.

The only person in the entire Mu family who he really couldn’t afford to offend.

Feeling resentful, he called his a.s.sistant to schedule a meeting with Su Ximan.

At Jingdu’s Yuelang Cafe, romantic saxophone music played.

Wearing a brown coat with a fur collar and a white Chanel dress, Su Ximan arrived on time. She had on high-heeled boots and walked gracefully and arrogantly.

But no matter how many times he looked at her, he still thought that the little girl had more charm.

Her smile was enchanting.

Without being dressed to the nines in designer clothing, her natural beauty shone through.

Her youth made everything seem so bright and optimistic.

A figure followed behind Su Ximan. Chen Yichen glanced at him. He wasn’t surprised to see him.

The Feng family and the Su family had a marriage contract, and what had happened at this time involved the Su family because of the marriage contract. Otherwise, Su Ximan wouldn’t have been involved.

Among the heiresses of the four major clans, Su Ximan was one of the more peculiar heiresses.

She was haughty and stubborn, but not willful. Although she was spoiled, she wasn’t as brainless as Han Wanling.

In his opinion, she was either extremely cunning and too well protected or an extremely clever and capable woman.

Feng Yang pulled up a chair at another table and sat down, as if he didn’t want to disturb Chen Yichen’s conversation with Su Ximan.

When Su Ximan had received the call from Chen Yichen for a meeting, Feng Yang had already guessed what was going on.

The Yun family had offended the Su family, and Su Ximan’s arrogant personality would inevitably make things difficult.

It just so happened that her dad was also in the business world, and it would be all too easy for him to ruin Yun Yuanfeng. Not to mention, there were lots of other people rus.h.i.+ng in to ruin Yun Yuanfeng besides him.

He hadn’t intended to get Su Ximan to stop her father, because he knew very well that Yun Xi must have also wanted to teach her father a lesson, otherwise she wouldn’t have involved the Su family.

At this moment, Chen Yichen jumping in to help could actually make Yun Xi’s plans backfire.

“You came for the sake of the villa complex’s Yun family, right? I heard that the eldest lady of the Yun family was your savior?”

Chen Yichen nodded. “Yes.”

He answered both of her questions at the same time with one simple word.

Su Ximan ordered a cup of coffee, then lazily glanced at the man sitting across from her. His piercing arrogant eyes were sharp and judgmental.

He was handsome, suave, and had the sophisticated mannerisms of a blue blood. His charming manner differentiated him from other men.

No wonder he was known as the Eldest Heir of the four major clans.

This man seemed gentle, but his sharp, unfathomable eyes made her dare not underestimate him.

The four major clans checked and balanced each other. They all minded their own businesses without crossing each other, and no one would offend other families for small benefits.

Chen Yichen presumably knew how things worked. Since he’d dared to ask her to meet him, he must be prepared for rejection.

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