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Chapter 503: Nationwide Publicity

Even if the numbers were abnormal and it was revealed that a large company had organized their employees to watch Yun Xiangxiang’s film, Yun Xiangxiang would probably only cla.s.sify it as EI and would not investigate further.

Song Yao believed that even if Yun Xiangxiang investigated, with EI as a cover, Song Mian would clean up the traces.

“Sigh….” Song Yao could not help but sigh again.

Song Mian completely ignored Song Yao. This bachelor did not know what love was.

EI’s actions were very strong. Soon, the expectations of “Jiu se”On all the major platforms had increased significantly.

Yun Xiangxiang thought about the people she knew, such as Wei Shanshan, Lu Jin, and others, who were also very helpful.

Wei Shanshan’s popularity was very high now.” Overseer of the heavenly destiny”Had pushed her into the ranks of A-list female celebrities.

If her next TV series’viewers.h.i.+p ratings exploded again, then she would be the Queen of viewers.h.i.+p. In the future, the scripts that came knocking on her door could drown her out.

In addition, Yun Xiangxiang’s previous film’s reputation was not bad. Even if it was a cold topic, there were still many people who bought it.

“Hey, junior sister, the company is really willing to spend money on you.” Huan Yu Century Entertainment’s publicity really made even Xue Yu click his tongue.

The trailer covered almost all the major shopping malls, residential areas, and universities…

“The commercial trailer was indeed released by the company.” He Wei glanced at Xue Yu.” In residential areas, we partic.i.p.ated in some of the university’s publicity banners. Most of them were organized by fans from all over the country.”

Yun Xiangxiang knew a little about this matter. The reason was that Song Meng and Yang Qi made full use of the school’s publicity area to make full use of resources and conditions. Of course, they also spent some advertising money and started to promote the school’s banners.

Yun Xiangxiang really did not have many students’fans. They had spread to universities all over the country. With Yang Qi and Song Meng’s opening and their financial support, the fans of other schools seemed to have the strength to compete, they also began to vigorously promote.

There were also some especially powerful ones who did not need financial support and went to get sponsors themselves, or used their other activities to exchange resources…

Hua Xiangrong’s fans were already well-mannered, and they had a lot of control over lotus. However, this was the first time Yun Xiangxiang felt the true power of her fans.

Those who could not get the resources even made their own posters, printed them into flyers, and distributed them for free over the weekend.

It seemed like everyone was racking their brains to promote Yun Xiangxiang. Yun Xiangxiang did not receive such treatment before.

“This is because your influence is growing and they like you more and more. That’s why they’re willing to do so many things for you.” He Wei explained.

It had to be said that the benefits of Yun Xiangxiang’s rule were beginning to show. Those who stayed were true fans, and most of them were willing to give.

“What about these?”

Xue Yu envied Yun Xiangxiang’s fans. However, the front cover of this kind of shopping app, as well as the open-screen cover of some very popular apps, had all become Yun Xiangxiang’s film.

This was not something that fans could do. This kind of momentum was so great that Xue Yu had never seen it in a film before.

“This shopping app is because the lady boss is a fan of Xiangxiang….” He Wei put on a fake smile.” Then, she took the initiative to come up and take over the online activities of the derivatives of ‘jiu se’….”

It could also be considered a business collaboration. As long as ‘Jiu Se’became popular, there was no need to worry about selling out the monopolized derivatives.

“That’s even possible!”Xue Yu was dumbstruck.

He had only heard of the promoters looking for other people to collaborate with. This was the first time such a large amount of traffic had come up to them on their own initiative.

“It can also be considered a test.” He Wei looked further ahead.” After watching for so long, the compet.i.tion for shopping apps has become increasingly fierce. If they promote Xiangxiang this time, the results will be gratifying. It will also be a channel for mutual promotion in the future.”

Yun Xiangxiang had always had a good reputation. With Yun Xiangxiang as a brand that was similar to a spokesperson, it could also attract Yun Xiangxiang’s fans and become a regular customer of their shopping apps.

In the long run, it would definitely not be a loss. This was just a test. If the results were not good, there was nothing to lose even if they gave up.

“Junior sister, why do you think your luck is so good?” Xue Yu did not understand.

Originally.” Jiu Se”Was a big hit, with so many opportunities and coincidences, but now it seemed like it was being promoted all over the country.

This kind of promotion, which could be seen from any corner, could always arouse the curiosity of more and more people.

Xue Yu felt that as long as the content of the film could withstand the test, it was already the trend to become a blockbuster.

Yun Xiangxiang cupped her small face with an exceptionally sweet smile and said.” It’s probably because she’s too beautiful.”

Xue Yu:”….”

“The movie will be screened on the 28th. It will be released nationwide on New Year’s Day. There will be a film press conference on the 30th. You should apply for leave to attend.” He Wei interjected.

“Coincidentally, I have to attend the campus compet.i.tion on the 29th.” Yun Xiangxiang was planning to apply for leave with Xie Manliang. This time, she would apply for three days.

The only regret was that she still had to fly here and there before the scenes were finished.

As this was Yun Xiangxiang’s first time partic.i.p.ating in a film release event, He Wei had to explain the process to her in detail.

Including the sudden problems that she might encounter, Yun Xiangxiang was experienced in the past, but she was never the focus. In her previous life, she really did not have much status in the film industry.

She had also been the female lead once, but the results of the film were terrible. Later on, she rarely got involved in film, and most of them were television dramas. Even her fans begged her to do well in television dramas.

Therefore, she listened especially carefully to what He Wei said.

Seeing how focused she was, He Wei was also afraid that she would feel pressured, so he comforted her.” The free interview time will be limited to about ten minutes. Don’t be nervous.”

“I’m not nervous. I’ve never been afraid of the media.” Yun Xiangxiang said straightforwardly.

It was this confidence that He Wei and Xue Yu liked very much. With Yun Xiangxiang’s past achievements, they were not worried, so they did not say anything else.

After Yun Xiangxiang finished filming, she was driving back to the hotel when she ran into a traffic light in front of a large shopping mall. She turned her head and saw Zou Yanan pus.h.i.+ng Zhao Guibi from the car window.

Zhao Guibi was sitting in a wheelchair and was very eye-catching. Yun Xiangxiang was too far away and did not intend to greet him. However, she saw someone in the distance secretly taking photos of Zhao Guibi with a camera.

As an actress, Yun Xiangxiang was too sensitive to secretly taking photos. Although they were quite a distance away, the angle could not escape her eyes.

She immediately took out her phone and called Zhao Guibi. Zhao Guibi quickly picked up the call. Yun Xiangxiang xiangxiang hurriedly said.” Someone is secretly taking photos of you.”

Zhao Guibi was not an actor. The person who was secretly taking photos was wearing a scarf and a big hat. It was obvious that he was sneaky.

“Where are you?” Zhao Guibi turned a deaf ear.

“I’m in the car diagonally opposite you.”

“Oh, the car is moving. Let’s go back. I know he’s secretly taking pictures of me.” Zhao Guibi hung up after saying that.

Then, she waved her hand in Yun Xiangxiang’s direction.

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