Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her! Chapter 550 - Repatriated

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Chapter 550: Repatriated

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“Bit better. If not because the doctor hasn’t approved my discharge, I would have gone back now.”

Gu Qingjiu said with a smile.

“Aye, that’s good.”

“When I heard you got sick last night, we were pretty shocked because you are so healthy. But then again, we heard it was viral. How unlucky.”

Lu Yimei smiled and patted her on her shoulder.

“Yeah, I hadn’t expected I would be so unlucky.”

Gu Qingjiu let out a bitter chuckle. Just then, Lu Yixin suddenly spoke, “Qingjiu, we found out about you and the Chief Instructor.”


Lu Yimei reached out a hand to pinch Lu Yixin. The latter pouted and broke free of her older sister.

Gu Qingjiu merely pursed her lips and revealed a faint smile. “It’s nothing. It’s not like I have anything to hide. It’s just dating someone.”


Lu Yixin seemed somewhat sympathetic. “Qingjiu, the school sent out a notification in the afternoon. As punishment, the Chief Instructor might be repatriated…”

“Lu Yixin!”

Lu Yimei hadn’t expected Lu Yixin to blurt it out.

Gu Qingjiu’s face turned pale instantly.

“Repatriated? Penalan?”

Her voice was trembling.

She felt like a palm had gripped her heart…

And that made breathing an excruciating task for her.

Why was he suddenly forced to go back to his country?

“Qingjiu, are you alright?”

When Lu Yimei saw that Gu Qingjiu’s expression was not quite right, she got frantic. “Yixin…”

She had wanted to say that Yixin was bluffing. But at the thought of how Gu Qingjiu would see the same notice the moment she returned to school…

She couldn’t even say it out loud.

“Never mind.”

Gu Qingjiu held back the pain in her heart and asked Lu Yimei directly, “Is the notice out? Did the Chief Instructor receive punishment already?”

Lu Yimei could see that Gu Qingjiu’s face was deathly pale.

And her watery eyes held some despair.

Lu Yixin couldn’t bear to look at her.

Despite that, she turned her head sideways and said, “Yes, but it’s not a punishment from the school. I heard it’s an undefiable order from the military. He violated the military rules in this matter, so he’s not allowed to continue staying in China anymore.”

Those from the school who saw the notice that circulated, only just found out that…

He Niancheng was actually from Penalan.

No wonder he could directly transfer from the Dayi military zone to the school in the capital.

The China higher-ups had something to do with this.

But the fact that he got into a relations.h.i.+p with a student directly violated China’s military rules.

Naturally, he wouldn’t be allowed to continue to stay in China.

Lu Yixin didn’t want to tell Gu Qingjiu about it. But she knew that Gu Qingjiu would find out eventually, so she might as well tell her about it as soon as she could.

“I heard they would forcibly send him back tonight…”

Gu Qingjiu painfully closed her eyes when she heard this.

This countenance, paired with her actions, made Lu Yimei and the rest feel startled.

Suddenly, Gu Qingjiu opened her eyes once more.

However, the sorrow and despair in the depths of her eyes had vanished this time—only a distant glint remained.

But when she opened her mouth, the trembling of her voice revealed her fragility. “Can I see him before he leaves?”

“I don’t think so. With the military people keeping a watch over him, you probably wouldn’t be allowed to see him.”

Lu Yimei held Gu Qingjiu’s shoulder, looking sorry for her. “Qingjiu, n.o.body saw this coming.”

Most importantly, they didn’t understand why He Niancheng came to the hospital directly and let so many people see him when he clearly could have concealed his ident.i.ty.

He didn’t even attempt to hide this.

Such an outcome was somewhat expected.

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