The Indifferent Young Master's Flash Marriage Chapter 838 - I Don't Want You To Risk Your Life

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Chapter 838: I Don’t Want You To Risk Your Life

Jiang Xuecheng’s stern look frightened Su Wan.

Su Wan rarely saw Jiang Xuecheng fl.u.s.tered, because this man had always been famous for his indifference, but today she saw him like that twice in a row.

The original intention was all because of her.

Su Wan felt an inexplicable bitterness in her heart.

She knew that she should not show weakness in front of Jiang Xuecheng, because this would only make Jiang Xuecheng worry for her.

It was scary enough to live in fear alone, let alone two people?

She did not want Jiang Xuecheng to be dragged down by her.

Su Wan choked on her sobs and tried her best to smile, giving Jiang Xuecheng a bright and beautiful smile.

“I didn’t say that I was not afraid at all. Only after knowing all the inside information about this disease can I have the courage to adapt!”

She wasn’t a G.o.d, so how could she be fearless.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw the mischievous smile on Su Wan’s face, he knew that she was forcing a smile.

However, he also understood that he had been too worried just now. Su Wan had persevered through so many things, so she wouldn’t be defeated so easily.

Caring will lead to confusion when dealing with problems regarding it. Even someone as rational as him wouldn’t be able to avoid this shortcoming.

When Doctor Li saw Jiang Xuecheng berating Su Wan loudly, he was shocked at first. He felt that Jiang Xuecheng was a little too fierce.

In Doctor Li’s opinion, Su Wan was already in a very good state of mind to be able to remain so calm even after knowing that she had CHK Virus No.3.

Even if a man might not be able to do better than a little girl like Su Wan.

Doctor Li coughed lightly and interrupted the conversation between Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng.

“Miss Su, these are the symptoms of CHK Virus No.3, but I still have to remind you to be careful.”

Su Wan restrained her expression and nodded to Doctor Li very politely.

“Please tell me, I will remember them one by one.”

“Miss Su, first of all, you have to pay more attention to rest and maintain a happy mood. This is a requirement for any illness, I won’t go into detail. The second point is the most important. CHK Virus No.3 virus can be spread through blood…”

Transmitted through blood?!

When Su Wan heard this, her almond-shaped eyes instantly widened.

No wonder…

No wonder she accidentally broke her teacup a few days ago and cut her hand while picking up the pieces. Jiang Xuecheng didn’t call for a cleaner and insisted on cleaning the floor by herself. In the end, he even threw the mop away!

Thinking back carefully, Jiang Xuecheng had let her treat the wounds by herself and didn’t handle it personally. It should be to prevent himself from being infected with the CHK virus, right?

Su Wan’s mind was filled with thoughts, while Doctor Li paused for a moment. He looked at Su Wan seriously, and his voice unconsciously became louder.

“Miss Su, if you are injured, you must remember not to let the people around you touch your blood. Otherwise, those who come in contact with your blood will develop a low-grade fever and a series of adverse reactions, and then they will be directly poisoned…”

When Su Wan heard this, she kept quiet for a while.

So, the CHK Virus No.3 contracted through blood did not even have an incubation period. The victim would have a low-grade fever right from the start?

Su Wan’s heart was heavy. She quickly nodded to Doctor Li.

“Thank you. I understand.”


After Doctor Li left, Su Wan told Jiang Xuecheng about the nightmare she had previously.

It was a real nightmare. Even now, when she thought about it, she still felt a lingering fear.

Jiang Xuecheng only knew how scared Su Wan was after hearing it.

Jiang Xuecheng stroked the hair on Su Wan’s forehead and gently kissed Su Wan’s face.

“Dreams and reality are the opposite. How could I marry Diya and abandon you? Wan Wan, don’t worry. I will cure you no matter what.”

Su Wan nodded her head heavily. She suddenly thought of an extremely important question.

She immediately grabbed Jiang Xuecheng’s arm, her expression filled with worry.

“Xuecheng, since CHK Virus No.3 can be transmitted through blood, does that mean that I can’t have children? Will it be pa.s.sed on to the children?”

Jiang Xuecheng’s behavior a few days ago was too strange. First, he took her for a pregnancy test, and then he refused to touch her for a while…

She should have thought of that at that time.

It was not that Jiang Xuecheng did not like her anymore, but that this virus made Jiang Xuecheng afraid, right?

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Jiang Xuecheng’s expression suddenly darkened.

Su Wan was still smarter than he had imagined. She had guessed the child’s matter so quickly.


Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was extremely low. It was not as calm as usual, only desolate and helpless.

He wanted a child with Su Wan so badly, to become a real family.

However, only now did he realize that he might not even be able to save Su Wan, let alone a child.

How pathetic!

No matter what, he would save Su Wan’s life. As for the others, they were no longer as important as Su Wan.

Jiang Xuecheng’s low and hoa.r.s.e voice swept into her ears. Even though Su Wan was mentally prepared, she still felt it like a bolt from the blue!

She took two steps back, tears welling up in her eyes.

She couldn’t even have a child.

Did G.o.d still want to deprive her of the qualifications to be a mother?

All this while, Jiang Xuecheng had hoped to have a child, but she couldn’t even achieve what was the easiest thing for an ordinary woman to do.

Su Wan’s expression was mournful. A teardrop streaked across the corner of her eye. Her entire person was stupefied, revealing a deep sense of despair.

When Jiang Xuecheng saw Su Wan’s red-rimmed eyes, he could not bear it anymore.

He suddenly reached out and pulled Su Wan into his arms.

“Wan Wan, don’t be sad… compared to you, those are not important. I only want you, I want you…”

Jiang Xuecheng rested his head on Su Wan’s shoulder. His voice was so anxious that it was almost cracked. It was as if the person in his arms was the meaning of his life.

Su Wan heard Jiang Xuecheng’s comfort, but she did not feel much better.

This man, who was like a proud son of heaven, should not have to endure so many things for her.

These things were enough to crush his pride.

Imagine, a few years later, she still did not get the root cure of the CHK Virus No.3 and became a cripple who could not even take care of herself. What would Jiang Xuecheng do?

Spend his entire life taking care of a cripple?

Su Wan’s eyes were filled with tears. In a hazy vision, she saw Jiang Xuecheng’s determined lower jaw.

“Jiang Xuecheng, can you promise me something?”

A bad premonition arose in Jiang Xuecheng’s heart. He always felt that Su Wan had a deep sense of despair in her bones. At this moment, she definitely did not have much hope of living.

A sinister poison like CHK Virus No.3 was indeed enough to drive a person crazy.

“Don’t use your blood to develop a drug for me. That would cause too much damage to your body…”

Before the antidote was developed, Jiang Xuecheng would probably die from excessive blood loss first!

Jiang Xuecheng unquestionably pulled close to Su Wan’s face. The two of them were very close to each other, and their breathing could be heard.

Who did she think he was?!

Even if Su Wan gave up, he would never give up.

“As long as you’re fine, I’m fine. I won’t agree to this request!”

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