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Chapter 837: Yan Huan As The Supporting Actress

“Nevertheless, she is the girl your grandpa has been looking high and low for in the past 20 years. You can disregard my feelings completely. But, as a courtesy to your mother, you should stop putting her in a difficult position. Even if your grandpa doesn’t confront you, he’ll definitely seek her out.”

Yan Huan gently pinched her finger to let the mild pain keep her mind clear, in order to understand the situation thoroughly.

So, they want me to take up the supporting role to help Sun Yuhan build up her fame?

When Lu Yi came home, Yan Huan was sitting on the carpet barefooted with a bolster in her arms. Her black silky hair was draped over her shoulders, and the dim light shed a beautiful glow on her hair.

He approached Yan Huan and hunkered down before her.

“What happened? Is anything bothering you?”

Yan Huan lifted her gaze to look at Lu Yi before she smiled and shook her head.

“I’m going to film another movie.” Her voice was coated with a hint of disappointment and a slight resentment. She had always been strong-willed at work, and only worked on the projects she was interested in. After she gained her fame, she grew more stubborn and only worked when she wanted to. For the first time, she was threatened to be the supporting actress in order to help another person gain her popularity. Yan Huan had never encountered this during her previous life, even though her eminence was less noticeable back then.

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. You can always rely on me financially.” Lu Yi reached out to grab Yan Huan’s shoulder. “I want you to live happily. Do you understand?”

“I know.” Yan Huan shared the same wish as Lu Yi. In fact, Lu Yi had always wanted to cosset her and provide her a carefree life.

However, living in this dog-eat-dog world, they often had to compromise w.i.l.l.y-nilly, just like how she had to take up the role now.

She gave in only because she did not want to cause trouble for Ye Shuyun and Lu Yi.

Nevertheless, the result would be the same. She reckoned that it might be a better idea for her to partic.i.p.ate in the movie. After all, she was a professional actress. For her, filming a movie was much easier than doing a financial report. However, she doubted if Sun Yuhan, who had never acted, would be able to handle the situation.

She hugged Lu Yi tightly by his waist and buried her face in his chest. They had gone through a lot before they could spend their days together in contentment, and she was extremely reluctant to part with Lu Yi again.

“When I’m not occupied at work, I’ll pay you a visit.” Lu Yi wrapped Yan Huan’s hair around his finger as he worked out his schedule in his mind. If the filming location was not too far from his place, he could actually make a few more trips.

“I will be working in Sea City. It’s not far from here.” Yan Huan laid down on the carpet and rested her head on Lu Yi’s thigh. The movie was a contemporary romantic drama. The main character, who was played by Sun Yuhan, was a very talented fas.h.i.+on designer. Yan Huan, on the other hand, played her good friend, who had a pretty face but a terrible personality. She stole the female protagonist’s design to get herself hired as a renowned designer. When the heroine finally joined the same company with her own effort, the two of them met.

Of course, the heroine lived a common protagonist’s life. Being the heroine, she would definitely be pampered by two pretty boys who fell in love with her at first sight. And, as predicted, the male lead would be moved by the female lead’s determination to strive for her ambitions.

Then, the first impression the second male lead had toward the heroine was not good. However, as time went by, he fell head over heels for the heroine. Eventually, both the male leads were deeply and loyally in love with the female protagonist.

The story would end in a clichéd happily-ever-after. But, some viewers, especially teenage girls, were fond of this genre. Therefore, they became the target audience.

Moreover, the Ye family had invested a large amount of money, creating a grandiose and fancy setting for the drama. They employed the best make-up artists, wardrobe designers, props and shooting locations, making it an opulent production.

Yan Huan remembered that there was a similar boilerplate among the stack of scripts she pa.s.sed to Luo Lin. It was a corny movie that was expected to achieve fairly decent viewer ratings. Hence, a large part of the cast were made up of lesser-known actors.

Her intention was to prepare a romantic melodrama for the newly debuted boys and girls in her company. But now, an old woman unexpectedly took up the role of the female protagonist.

Sun Yuhan was approaching 28 years old. In fact, she was Yan Huan’s peer. Even Yan Huan did not have the audacity to play as a sunny teenage girl. Sun Yuhan, on the other hand, was bold enough to pick this screenplay for herself. She made a rather unique choice, which might accidentally showcase her poor judgement.

Yan Huan’s intuition told her that a good story was going to be ruined.

The Ye family had spent a big sum of money for Sun Yuhan’s makeover. Not only did they hire a professional to guide her, they influenced many great movie productions to cast Sun Yuhan. Besides that, they aggressively promoted Sun Yuhan by displaying her posters in every corner of the airport. The amount of money they spent on Sun Yuhan was innumerable. The Su family’s wealth was completely incomparable to the Ye family’s as the Ye family was far more prestigious than the Su family.

No one could predict if a production, which they forcefully pumped money into, could earn the audience’s approval.

All the crews of the film production, including the stylist and the photographer, were first-rate. Coupled with the post-production editing with the help of Photoshop, even a hideous woman could turn into a stunning beauty. That was why people said that the obstacle that separated you from beauty was Photoshop.

Furthermore, Sun Yuhan was never an ugly woman to begin with. Without much effort, she was converted into a celebrity and had somehow become rather famous.

Yan Huan took out her phone to dial Yi Ling’s number.

“Huanhuan, that…” The words died in Yi Ling’s throat.

“I have something to tell you.” She took a deep breath before she summoned her courage to break the news, “The main actress of the film, Charming Fragrance, has been changed.”

“Oh…” Yan Huan answered in an apathetic tone, as she had previously been informed about the amendment of the cast.

“That…” Yi Ling spoke in a cautious tone, “They want to cast you as the supporting actress.” She shut her eyes after she finished her sentence, antic.i.p.ating Yan Huan to either yell in fury or hang up on her. After a brief moment, Yi Ling was surprised as she heard complete nothing over the phone. Did Yan Huan not hear me? Did she not understand me?

But, I can’t repeat it again. What should I do? I don’t think I can say it again.

While she hesitated, not knowing if she should repeat her words, the person on the other side of the phone finally spoke.

“Yes, I know.”

She gave a succinct answer

Yes, I know.

“Huanhuan… you know?” Yi Ling could not decipher Yan Huan’s reply. She knows? Is she agreeing to it or not?

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