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Chapter 764: The Discovery

So that’s what it was, Sun Yuhan broke into a smile.

“In that case,” she coiled her arm around Lu Yi’s. “Let’s hurry up and get married so we can give them one, okay?”

Her face was flushed. She knew that she had no stature in such a household, but that could be changed if she had a child. If she gave the Lu couple a grandson, she would cement her status as his wife, and no one would be able to chase her out then.

Lu Yi’s lips parted. He tried forming the words “sorry”, but failed.

Not before her leg recovers.

After an indeterminable amount of time, Sun Yuhan sat up and pulled the blanket away. Carefully, she stepped onto the floor with her one usable leg. That being said, she wasn’t as weak as she pretended to be; you would think she couldn’t live a second without her wheelchair if you saw how she acted.

She picked up a walking stick and carefully made her way to the wheelchair. She then sat down and navigated herself to the window. Moonlight slanted into the room, limning the area around her as she pulled the curtains open. Unconsciously, she pouted her lips, half in self-deprecation and half in determination, as her right hand tugged at the curtains.

If she was Cinderella, then she would do anything in her power to get the prince.

She woke up in the morning. When she got out of her room, Lu Yi had already gone to work. He had taken over the work at the Procuratorate. Many people were spooked out by his sudden “revival”, but it didn’t take long for them to adjust.

Sun Yuhan steered herself to the living room.

“Oh! You are awake, Miss Sun. Perfect timing for breakfast,” said the nanny as she dried her hands on her ap.r.o.n. From the kitchen, she retrieved a few plates of food.

Lu Yi had asked the Lu Family’s nanny to keep Ye Shuyun company; he had seen the way she looked at Sun Yuhan. He had to work, so he had no choice but to hire another nanny to take care of the wheelchair-bound Sun Yuhan. There was a lot of work at the Prosecuratorate (not because the stand-in prosecutor wasn’t good, but because Lu Yi’s working capability was too terrifying). He had to deal with all the cases the other prosecutor struggled to solve.

That meant tons and tons of hot potatoes. Moreover, he had not been working for nearly two years, so he needed some time to adjust. Though that only took a few days, since it was something he had been doing for the most part of his working life.

Sun Yuhan pushed her wheelchair to the table and dug into the meticulously-prepared food. She was in a good mood. In the past, her breakfast mostly consisted of steamed white buns and pickled vegetables. It was a huge contrast from the feast she had been getting these days. She shuddered at the thought of going back to her previous life.

She felt worried. But how could she not?

She was Cinderella! Didn’t Cinderella get a happy ending? If that’s the case, why shouldn’t she?

At that point, her ambition had overshadowed everything else.

She wanted a happy ending. She needed a happy ending.

Her countenance took on a complex change as her mind drifted to a colorful world, where everything was sparkling with colors and exclusive to her, a world that no woman could reject.

After the meal, she steered herself around the room aimlessly, occasionally going out to the garden. But her room was only that big, and there was nothing to do in the garden.

She had never been to the second floor or Lu Yi’s room.

Just as she was about to return to the garden, something compelled her to go upstairs. Before she knew it, she was at Lu Yi’s door. She placed her hand on the k.n.o.b and turned. The door wasn’t locked.

Pressing her lips together, she twisted and shoved the door open.

The nanny was toiling in the kitchen, so she had no idea where or what Sun Yuhan was doing. She a.s.sumed that she was on her usual house tour that always ended in her own room. That was her usual routine. She never watched TV or played with her phone. All she did was sit on her wheelchair quietly, so that her leg could recover.

Sun Yuhan went into Lu Yi’s room. The interior decoration of the room was in harmony with his personality; simple yet tasteful. Beside the bed was a wooden shelf and a desk. Books and doc.u.ments filled the bookshelf. Lu Yi had the habit of working in this room on some nights.

A framed photo sat on the desk. Sun Yuhan pushed her way there and took it. Her eyes weren’t good, so she couldn’t tell who was in the picture at first glance. It seemed to be Lu Yi and a woman.

A woman? Wasn’t she Lu Yi’s only woman?

a.s.suming the woman to be Ye Shuyun, she didn’t think much about it at first.

But when she held the photo up close, she began shuddering nonstop as her pupils shrunk. The photo fell to the ground. She pulled the blanket so hard the strings nearly came out.

At last, she released her finger, whose tips are icy-cold.

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. Once, twice, thrice…



She picked it up again. There was no doubt that it was Lu Yi and a woman in the picture. It had to be him, for he had no siblings.

And the other was…

Yan Huan.

Her eyes widened. Her fist clenched, then released. With shaky fingers, she returned the framed photo to its original position, before pus.h.i.+ng her way out of the room.

Around the wheel, her fingers were white and taut from exertion.

“What happened to you, Miss Sun? Are you feeling unwell?” asked the nanny, appalled at the ugly liver-complexion of Sun Yuhan’s face.

“I’m fine,” said Sun Yuhan, trying to summon a smile but failing. “I’m tired, so I’m going to my room to rest.”

“Let me help you,” offered the nanny eagerly as she made to grab the handles.

“Don’t touch me!” roared Sun Yuhan suddenly. Her distorted face was ugly and scary.

The nanny’s hands stopped mid-air, her face written with awkwardness.

“I’m sorry. My legs hurt, that’s all.”

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