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Chapter 901: This Is For You Two

Zhou Yao had a look at Xiao Zhi and the rest, and his handsome face quickly darkened as he chided them. “What are all of you here for? You all cannot go out at night. Have you all asked for approval from the base?”

“Major General, no!”

“You guys!”

“Major General, Older Sister-in-law, at the very most, we will get chided when we get back to the base, but today is such an important day; how could we not be here?”

Zhou Yao snorted coldly and glanced at them as he said, “Wait for you guys to get back, and let’s see how I teach you all a lesson.”

The Flaming Forces soldiers were all unbothered. In their hearts, what day would Major General not chide them?

Xiao Zhi laughed and said, “Major General, Older Sister-in-law, just let us send you guys on. It is such a joyous night. Do you guys want some music?”


Leng Zhiyuan was against the man’s firm biceps and perched her small head on his shoulder as she looked at them curiously.

She did not know where Xiao Zhi got his huge loudspeaker from. He pressed the b.u.t.ton, and melodious music rang out in the air.

Xiao Zhi and the other Flaming Forces soldiers started to sing.

He will be your groom,

And from today onwards, he will be your life partner,

Everything of his would be closely related to you,

You would have to go through thick and thin together:

You will be his bride,

Someone placed her in your hands,

You have to spend your entire life taking care of her and cherish her even more,

You have to share bitterness or joy together.

There must be a special fate,

That you two can be family with one another.

The more he loves you,

The more love you should return.

The possibilities of finding bliss,

You will not be alone from this moment,

You have to remember at all moments that both of you are “us.”

How much you put in,

Is how much more you’ll get…

The Flaming Forces soldiers were not too good at singing, and as so many people sang together. They were out of tune, but they were extremely excited as they sang. Everyone was full of energy, and they made the song sound lively as their voices reverberated in the air.

At this moment, the bystanders on the road and even the cars stopped to look over at them/ Which family’s wedding was this? It was actually so exquisite and fun…

Leng Zhiyuan did not know much about the song. She did not know that this was an old song, For You Two, from an established singer, Zhang Yu, but she was extremely touched.

This was a wedding that could not be considered to be a wedding. She did not lack anything.

At this moment, Zhou Yao pressed against her and bent down by her ear as he lovingly asked her, “Zhiyuan, what kind of special fate is it, exactly, that allowed us to become family in the end?”

If they could, she really wanted to keep his warm and mesmerizing voice deep in her soul. She fluttered her long eyelashes, and she turned her head back fiercely to look at him with a displeased expression on her face as she said, “I do not want to cry… You are not allowed to make me cry!”

As he witnessed her coy behaviour, Zhou Yao curled the corners of his lips up. He saluted her as he said, “Yes, dear Wifey!”

Both of them broke out into laughter as they walked along the road together with the song.

The Flaming Forces soldiers could only accompany them on a short journey. They stopped. Because Zhou Yao stopped up front, Leng Zhiyuan got down, and he threw the bicycle down as he held her small hand and ran over to the church in the front.

The church was ringing with the sounds of the night bells. Zhou Yao pulled her as they secretly ran inside before they sat down on the lawn. In the front of the lawn was the marriage altar, and a pair of newlyweds stood there for their wedding.

“Wifey, I am sorry. It was too hurried today, so I did not find a church for us to get married in…”

“So you brought me over to watch other people get married?”


“Shh!” Leng Zhiyuan placed her index finger on the side of her lip as she said, “Don’t say anything. The wedding is starting.”

The pastor’s solemn voice rang out through the church, “Groom, bride, I stand here today in G.o.d’s name to witness your marriage… The groom, can I ask, do you take this bride as your loving wife?”

“I do!” Zhou Yao turned his gaze over to the side as he told Leng Zhiyuan with a smile on his lips.

The pastor followed up and asked, “Bride, are you willing to marry the groom?”

Leng Zhiyuan slowly curled the corners of her lips. She gently closed her eyes and was soft and firm as she said, “I do!”

“Okay. I will announce the bride and groom are officially a married couple now. From now onwards, in life or death, they will not part. You may now kiss the bride.”

Zhou Yao stretched his large defined palm as he cupped Leng Zhiyuan’s small face, and he kissed her red lips.

Leng Zhiyuan did not want to cry, but the moment he kissed her, two streams of tears fell from the corners of her eyes and slid down onto his palm.

Zhou Yao kissed her lips before going over to kiss her tears, and he said, “Wifey, my heart only belongs to you. No matter what happens in the future, I will treat you well for the rest of my life, and this fact will never change.”

“Okay!” Leng Zhiyuan used force to nod her head. She knew that this was a promise.

Zhou Yao gently let go of her as he said, “Don’t cry anymore. We still have two days. Let’s go on a honeymoon. Where do you want to go? I heard Older Sister-in-law say that France is a romantic country. If not, Korea is also fine. I will take you shopping with my credit card. We are not lacking money…” As he spoke, he paused for a moment and quickly rejected the ideas. “We should not go so far away. We do not have enough time. We’d need to spend many hours on the plane…”

“Zhou Yao.” Leng Zhiyuan interrupted him as she said, “Let’s not go too far. We can visit somewhere nearby. As long as you are by my side.”

Zhou Yao’s eyes were a little red. He quickly closed his eyes and hugged her. He forcefully kissed her forehead as he softly said, “Wifey, sorry. I can only grievance you. I have always been grievancing you… In the future, if there is a chance, I will definitely make it up to you…”

“Yeah, you have to remember it.”

“I will definitely remember it. Let’s go over to a nearby village for the honeymoon then. It is very close if we go by car — a few hours. We’ll be there early in the morning.”

“Whatever you decide.”

They got rid of the bicycle and got into a car. Leng Zhiyuan sat down in the front pa.s.senger seat. Zhou Yao stretched his hand out to take a black coat and covered it over her as he said, “Sleep for a while. I will drive.”

“Okay, I will sleep for a while, and we will change over later. I will drive.”

It was very tiring to drive in the night. She could switch with him.

Zhou Yao laughed and stretched his hand out to pinch her soft cheek as he said, “You can sleep first.”

“Okay.” Leng Zhiyuan closed her eyes.

Zhou Yao started the car.

The car drove steadily on the road. Leng Zhiyuan was unable to fall asleep. She secretly opened her eyes to look at the man by her side. He was really handsome today. He wore a white s.h.i.+rt and white pants. He would often be dressed in black, so when he occasionally wore white, it highlighted his elegance and good looks. After all, he was also the son of a wealthy family, and the aura on him was perfect.

She used her fingers to caress his features in her mind. Even though she had done it multiple times before, looking at his perfect side profile right now, she was still smitten.

She looked at him a little stricken.

At this moment, Zhou Yao turned his gaze over to the side and looked over as he said, “Is looking at me more important than sleeping? If you continue to look at me, I won’t be able to control myself. Let’s get on with our wedding night in the car then.” As he spoke, he raised his right hand up to scare her.

“Ah!” Leng Zhiyuan screamed out loud, then she quickly closed her eyes as she turned over to the side. She said, “I am not playing with you anymore!”

She pouted her red lips.

Zhou Yao laughed softly and lovingly as he said. “Don’t joke around anymore. Go and sleep, quick.”

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