My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 884 - : The Solution To Save Him

My Dangerous Billionaire Husband -

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Chapter 884: The Solution To Save Him

His black s.h.i.+rt was already soaked with the red blood. Because there was one b.u.t.ton that was b.u.t.toned, Leng Zhiyuan could see that he’d wounded himself with his scratches again very clearly, and those pink scars that overlapped one another were added with new injuries. The blood stains were all present.

Leng Zhiyuan walked over to the front of the bed. Zhou Yao shut his eyes tight. His breathing was very gentle, but his chest was panting very powerfully, and he had the strength to make others feel at ease.

She parted her legs and walked over to the bathroom, and she took a pail of water out.

She placed the towel into the warm water as she dampened it, then she wrung it dry. She sat down by the side of the bed and gently helped him wipe his face.

Zhou Yao’s thick long lashes fluttered for a moment. He swallowed his saliva, then he slowly raised his hand up to hold her small hand.

He held her small hand tight before bringing it to his cheeks. He nudged it, and it was just as if he was acting cute and being loving.

The tears in Leng Zhiyuan’s eyes flowed again, but she did not wipe them away. She tried hard to curl the corners of her lips up as she gently asked, “Are you still okay?”

“Yeah, I am fine.”

“That’s good.”

“Wifey, let me hug you for a moment.”

Hug for a moment…

Leng Zhiyuan bent over and buried her small head into his neck. She used strength to kiss him twice. Her hot tears flowed against his skin.

He used one hand to hug her shoulders. His other large palm was touching her face, as he helped her to wipe her tears away gently, and he said, “Don’t cry. Just accompany me like this, and it will be fine. Just now, when I was in great pain, I was thinking, after I was not in pain anymore, I would be able to see you. I could hug you just like I am doing now..”

Leng Zhiyuan’s red lips were trembling as she choked up softly and said, “I will… always accompany you…”

“Okay!” Zhou Yao hugged her tight.

Four days went by. In these four days, Zhou Yao would have an attack every night. The entire Zhou family would force themselves to put on a smile in the day, and when night came, it felt just as if the Zhou family was in h.e.l.l.

Leng Zhiyuan always waited outside the door. Every time after he was done having the attack, she felt that her heart was numb, but the next night, her numb heart was brought out again, and she was in pain again.

The wounds on his body were handled by her personally in the past three nights, but on the third night, he was having a low fever. The wound was infected, so the doctor rushed over and had a look at his wounds. He was shocked as he kept shaking his head. The new and old wounds would be together with one another, and his skin would rot very quickly.

On the fourth night, he did not allow her to go inside the room and also did not let her see the wounds. The doctor would help him tend to it, and she would wait outside obediently.

On the fifth, sixth days, Zhou Yao did not have an attack at all, but his entire being had slimmed down a lot, his eyes were sunken in, and he looked even more sickly and haggard.

Leng Zhiyuan and the entire Zhou family knew that this was not a good sign, and he was probably nearing his end.

On the morning of the seventh day, Leng Zhiyuan’s phone rang, and it was a familiar phone number.

“h.e.l.lo…” She picked up the call.

“h.e.l.lo, Miss Leng, how is Older Brother Zhou doing?” It was Han Xuan.

Leng Zhiyuan did not hide anything, and she said, “His condition is very bad. He has been getting attacks for the previous four days consecutively, but in the past two days, he suddenly got better again, but he is not doing well.”

“Yeah, these two days are a surge of energy before he dies. If there are no accidents, Older Brother Zhou’s time will end today or tomorrow.” As she spoke, Han Xuan laughed and said, “Thankfully, Older Brother Zhou’s body is in good shape. If he were a normal person, he would not be able to take it for three days even.”

Leng Zhiyuan pursed her red lips as she said, “Miss Han, what is the purpose of this call? You can say it directly.”

“Hah, Miss Leng, I do have to admit that you are really very intelligent, so I will say it directly. I have already found the solution to save Older Brother Zhou.”

“Really? Did you make the cure?” Leng Zhiyuan’s eyes lit up.

“It is not a cure. The poison in Older Brother Zhou’s body does not have any cure, but I only found a solution.”

“What solution?”

“Changing blood.”

“Changing whose blood?”

“Mine. Based on tests, the genes in my blood match Older Brother Zhou’s completely, and that means that his blood will do fine in my body. This kind of situation is very rare in the medical world. Miss Leng, how about this; do you think that even the Heavens are helping me?”

Leng Zhiyuan tugged the corners of her lips as she said, “Han Xuan, do you know the result of you changing your blood?”

“I know, the poison in Older Brother Zhou’s body would be transferred over to my body, and I am not sure about the other further details. Maybe the poison was developed for Older Brother Zhou’s body, and it might not have such strong attacks on my body, but it is a strong position after all. It might be gentle, but if it is serious, I will probably die.”

Leng Zhiyuan did not say anything. Han Xuan was a doctor, and more than anyone, she knew the consequences of changing blood.

“Miss Leng, I would not change my blood with Older Brother Zhou for nothing. It is still the same request. I want you to leave him, and I want him to marry me. I have already told you this solution. Older Brother Zhou will not agree to it, so it is dependent on you Miss Leng. I will wait for news from you.”

Han Xuan hung up.

Leng Zhiyuan held the phone in her hand. She lowered her gaze and did not know what she was thinking.

At this moment, Zhou Yao walked over and asked, “Wifey, what are you daydreaming about?”

Leng Zhiyuan raised her head up. She smiled as she waved the phone in her hand, and she said, “Just now, Older Brother gave me a call. He said that both him and Xiao Tao are already on the way here now. They will come over to be guests at our house today.”

“Welcome.” Zhou Yao walked over to hold her small hand as he said, “We will go downstairs to welcome Older Brother.”

“How is your body…doing? Let me have a look.” Leng Zhiyuan wanted to lift the thin s.h.i.+rt that he was wearing to have a check.

But Zhou Yao grabbed her small hand quickly. He lifted his eyebrows as he laughed nonchalantly. “It is very ugly. Don’t look at it. I hope that in your heart, I would forever be this handsome and cool.”

Leng Zhiyuan’s heart turned sour, but she quickly retorted, “How handsome are you? Why have I not seen it?”

“Are you blind?” He raised his eyebrows and wanted to grab her.

“Ah!’ Leng Zhiyuan screamed out loud and laughed as she ran off.

“Wifey, don’t run!”

Leng Zhiyuan ran down the stairs. Zhou Yao had already caught up with her. He hugged her from behind and naughtily bit her small earlobe as he scolded her softly. “Little thing, dare to run off again?”

At this moment, Old Master Zhou, Master Zhou and Madam Zhou were all on the lawn. The skies were clear today, and the suns.h.i.+ne was bright. The three of them had a smile on their faces as they looked over. Madam Zhou was displeased as she said, “Zhou Yao, be careful. Don’t make Zhiyuan fall down.”

Zhou Yao hugged her soft waist tight as he said, “Don’t worry. Would I make my wifey fall down?”

Leng Zhiyuan’s small face turned red.

At this moment, the main doors outside were pulled open. A luxury car drove inside. both Leng Hao and Ye Xiaotao were here.

Zhou Yao let go of her soft waist and held her small hand instead as he said, “Older Brother, you are here?”

“Yeah.” Leng Hao stretched his hand out to pat Zhou Yao’s shoulder. Men did not need to greet one another with words.

“Older Sister Zhou.” Ye Xiaotao was still so happy. She leaped to Leng Zhiyuan’s side. She held her elbow and pouted her lips as she said, “Older Sister Leng, when you moved back, I became so bored all by myself. I can finally come out for some fresh air today.”

At this moment, Old Master Zhou waved his hands towards everyone from the spot that he was standing, and he said, “Everyone, come over quickly. Today is a happy day. Let us have fun then.”

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