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Chapter 1100: Let’s Make Up with Each Other

She hoped that one day, Leng Mu would come back and sister Zhiyuan would come back as well…

That night, the maid looked at the clock. It was already eleven o’clock. They were about to turn off the lights and rest when the door of the villa opened and a gust of cold wind blew in. Leng Hao had returned.

“Young Master.” The maid was overjoyed and immediately went up to greet him, “Young Master, why did you come back? Why didn’t you give us a call when you came back? Let me heat up the dishes now…”

Leng Hao was dressed in a black coat. His entire body was covered in cold dew and frost. He changed his shoes at the entrance and looked upstairs. There was a hint of fatigue in the man’s voice, but it was more subdued and gentle, “There’s no need to heat up… Where’s the Young Madam?”

The maid smiled. The Young Master was concerned about the Young Madam the moment he came back. This love was really enviable, “Young Master, the Young Madam went into the master’s room after dinner. She should be back to sleep now.”

“Mm.” Leng Hao nodded and went straight upstairs.

At this moment, the sharp-eyed maid noticed that the Young Master was holding something in his hand. It was a beautiful red colour, like… a rose.

Leng Hao went straight to the bedroom and opened the door. The figure he was looking for was not in the room. He immediately turned around and pushed open the door of Leng Mu’s room.

There was a lamp in Leng Mu’s room. Leng Mu laid peacefully on the bed, and a pet.i.te figure was curled up on the soft sofa.

Leng Hao stepped forward and covered Ye Xiaotao’s pet.i.te body with a light yellow blanket. She was sleeping on her side, and her face was pink. A few strands of her black hair hung in the air, and she looked like a newborn kitten in this way. His heart softened at the sight of her.

Why was she sleeping here?

Leng Hao wanted to carry her back to her room, but as soon as he touched her, she frowned uneasily, and the light yellow blanket slid down, revealing her bulging belly.

Her little hands were protecting her belly.

He had been gone for just more than half a month, and her belly was already this big?

Little Xiaotao…

Little Xiaotao of him and her.

Leng Hao’s eyes were filled with tenderness and love. In fact, things on the island had not been dealt with properly, and the clues seemed to be lost against. He should have stayed there, but he missed her.

He asked AChen to get a private plane and rushed back overnight.

He had not slept much in the past half a month, and his heart was weighed down with many issues. She had not called or even texted him, but the servants called him every day. His heart ached and felt itchy, when he heard that she did not make any noise or go out, but was unusually quiet. He wanted to see her, and he was going crazy about that.

Leng Hao reached out and covered her stomach with the blanket. He looked down at the roses in his hand. He went to the airport to buy them. Since he didn’t know how many to buy, he simply bought one.

One heart and one mind.

For the rest of his life.

He placed the roses next to her face. He didn’t take his hand back. Instead, he put his hands over her little face, and used his fingertips to gently caress her delicate skin.

His eyes darkened. He could not resist and leaned over to kiss her little mouth.

Ye Xiaotao suddenly felt uncomfortable breathing. It was as if there was a big rock pressing on her body. Her six-month-old stomach was like a small ball now, and she had not slept well to begin with, so she was completely startled awake.

She opened her eyes. Someone was kissing her. She immediately wanted to scream like a frightened hedgehog, and her two small hands pounded on the man’s body.

Leng Hao stopped her from screaming. His big palm stroked her hair a few times to comfort her. He said in a low and hoa.r.s.e voice, “Don’t be afraid. It’s me. I’m back.”

Ye Xiaotao gradually woke up. She looked at the man’s eyes that were s.h.i.+ning like two night pearls in the dark. It was really him, Leng Hao.

He was back.

Her eyes were watery, a little blurry, a little bright, a little evasive, and a little timid. Leng Hao couldn’t stand her gaze, so he pecked her delicate lips.

“Leng Hao, let go!” Ye Xiaotao immediately pushed him.

Leng Hao raised his body. Their current current pose what that she was lying in bed, and he was kneeling on one knee and looking at her with a dark and husky look. He pinched the rose with his big palm and said, “Xiaotao, let’s make up. Let the past go…”

“Ha.” Ye Xiaotao chuckled. She was about to get up, “I’m so sleepy. I want to go back to my room to sleep.”

“Xiaotao!” He held her little hand tightly, “What do you want? How can you…let the past be the past?

Before he could finish, Ye Xiaotao flung his big palm away, “Do you think I’m very narrow-minded? How about this? I’ll take off my clothes and roll with other men…”

“How dare you!” Leng Hao immediately glared at her with bloodshot eyes.

Ye Xiaotao smiled, her smile was mocking and cold, “Then how dare you?”

“I was drugged…”

“Oh, really?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“Why should I believe you?” Ye Xiaotao asked back.

Looking at the girl’s stubborn and cold expression, Leng Hao felt his heart was in pain as if it had been p.r.i.c.ked by a needle. It was a joke for him to rush back so worn out!

“Fine, Ye Xiaotao, you win! It’s my fault for acting bithcy!” Leng Hao left.

With a bang, the door was slammed and the man left. Then, the maid’s exclamation came from downstairs, “Young Master, it’s so late, where are you going?”

The villa’s door was also slammed, and then everything returned to silence.

Ye Xiaotao sat on the sofa for a long time. Finally, she curled up her legs and buried her little face in it, tears falling down with a pitter-patter.

In the bar.

Leng Hao sat on the counter. He gulped down one strong c.o.c.ktail after another. He really wanted to get drunk tonight.

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