The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me Chapter 2066:

The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me -

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Chapter 2066: Chapter 2048 eating hotpot


Ever since she was by his side, Gu Yinshu had truly felt the liveliness of this world.

“Then where are we going to eat hotpot? Why don’t we go to that restaurant last time? Actually, I think that although the flavor of that restaurant last time was quite strong, the seasoning should be good, and the taste is quite authentic. It’s also the best hotpot restaurant in this place. “

He had gone to that restaurant last time and knew that this hotpot restaurant was still very clean, so it was a good choice.

“Okay, then let’s go to that restaurant last time! I think the taste of that restaurant last time was quite good, but it’s a pity that you don’t eat much. This time, I’ll show you the real food. I promise you will definitely fall in love with the taste of hotpot. “

Looking at the lively and beautiful eyes of the girl in front of him, Gu Yinshu nodded with a smile.

When it was almost night time, Gu Yinshu brought along the already drooling freewill to that hotpot restaurant.

In order to have more food to eat, freewill even ate very little for lunch.

As Gu Yunshu was afraid of spicy food, freewill simply ordered a mandarin duck pot. He put spicy food on one side and San Xian Soup on the other.

After all the side dishes were served, freewill started to boil a few mutton rolls for him.

“Try this, it’s especially delicious. “

Gu Yinshu nodded and also scalded the other vegetables for her.

“Do you want to drink some wine? ” Freewill suddenly had an idea. He originally wanted to drink some beer because beer was usually a better match for hot pot.

But on second thought, they seemed to be on a date. Wouldn’t it be too generous to drink beer on a date?

“What do you want to drink? Why don’t you have some champagne? The taste of champagne will suit you better. “

Gu Yinshu obviously saw through her thoughts and asked the waiter to bring a few bottles of champagne over.

Freewill actually didn’t really drink beer, and he was slightly allergic to alcohol.

But the champagne was fine.

“I feel that this champagne is quite delicious. Next time, if anyone wants to drink beer, they might as well use this champagne instead. Beer is really a bit bitter. “

As he drank, he couldn’t help but complain. He raised his wine gla.s.s with a smile.

“cheers to the two years we’ve known each other. I hope that we can get better and better. I hope that many things can have a happy ending. “

“Of course, this will definitely happen. “

The two wine b.u.mped into each other. Gu Yinshu couldn’t help but smile.

How could there not be a happy ending They were destined to be together. They were destined to rely on each other. They were destined to appreciate each other until their hearts were connected.

Speaking of which, they should have known each other without fighting.

However, nothing was important. What was important was the beautiful result of them being together now.

At first, they thought that drinking champagne would not make them drunk, but later, carelessly felt a little dizzy for some reason.

Perhaps it was because they drank a little beer in the middle.

Their favorite beer was terrible, but carelessly said that they had to cater to the atmosphere, so they straightforwardly asked the waiter to bring another bottle of cold beer. In the end, they felt a little dizzy now.

Gu Yinshu reached out to support her. He really didn’t expect her to be a little more drunk than he thought. She drank a little bit of beer, and her face was completely red.

“I’ll send you back to the dormitory. Shu Xin just called. She probably misses you too. “

Fortunately, there was still an hour before the dormitory closed. It was just right for them to take a taxi back.

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