My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily Chapter 722 - Blood Clotting Disorder. On The Verge of Raging.

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Chapter 722: Blood Clotting Disorder. On The Verge of Raging.

When the two roommates heard Gu Mang’s voice, their scalp went numb. When they looked up, they met her dark and dull eyes. They were cold and peculiar. They had never expected to meet Gu Mang here so they were shocked.

Meng Jinyang struggled to open her eyes. She opened her mouth but her voice was very quiet. “Gu Mang…”

Gu Mang did not respond. She looked at Meng Jinyang’s face and frowned. She reached out and brushed away her hair, revealing the swollen half of her face. In an instant, the look in Gu Mang’s eyes was as if all her hostility were about to rush out of her.

They were murderous and appalling.

The two roommates knew a bit about Gu Mang. When they saw her expression, they became frightened. Gu Mang pursed her lips and held Jinyang’s eyes open with two fingers. She also did a brief check on Meng Jinyang’s wound.

Her aura became colder and colder.

After a few seconds, she took out her phone and made a call. “Drive in. The entrance of Dormitory 4.”

The two roommates did not dare to make a sound. After a few moments, a black SUV stopped in front of the entrance of Apartment 4. Gu Mang pulled the door open and helped Meng Jinyang up.

Lu Qi turned around from the front and saw that Meng Jinyang was injured. He was shocked. “Ms. Gu, what happened…”

Gu Mang did not answer. She sharply looked at the two roommates standing to the side and said with a low and cold voice, “Get in.”

The two girls nodded anxiously. One took the pa.s.senger seat and the other sat on Meng Jinyang’s other side.

“Go to the Emergency Room at the affiliated hospital,” Gu Mang said coldly as she suppressed her emotions. It was as if she were on the verge of exploding.

Lu Qi did not dare to ask any further questions and did as he was told. “Yes.”

He started the engine and honked along the way to force other drivers to get out of the way. He drove really fast. On the way there they gave the hospital a call to ask them to get ready.

The school guard who was patrolling the campus heard the piercing car horn and drove his scooter over. He shouted with a bullhorn, “What are you guys up to!”

When he saw the license plate number, fear overcame him. He went silent and did not dare to chase after them. The car drove away from the campus aggressively.

The two roommates thought that Gu Mang would ask who had hit Meng Jinyang but Gu Mang remained silent during the car ride. It was so stifling in the car that they could barely breathe.

At the entrance of the hospital’s emergency room, nurses and doctors were already waiting out front with mobile beds. Several nurses came to help Meng Jinyang from the car to the hospital bed. She was already in a coma.

Gu Mang got out of the car. Her voice was low and hoa.r.s.e. “She has suffered a liver injury before and has blood clotting disorders. She needs a CT scan of her brain.”

When Meng Jinyang’s roommates heard Gu Mang barking out medical diagnoses, their expressions changed. No wonder Meng Jinyang’s bleeding wouldn’t stop.

Sang Xue has gone overboard this time!

When the doctor heard what Gu Mang said, he was taken aback. He never expected a college student to be so familiar with these things. He quickly recovered and nodded, “Alright.”

The nurses and doctors pushed the mobile bed into the hospital and ran quickly into the emergency room.

Gu Mang and the roommates watched Meng Jinyang being pushed into the treatment room.

Gu Mang turned around and leaned against the wall with her head lowered. Pressure lingered around her.

The two roommates stood to the side. Gu Mang did not ask anything and they did not know how to start a conversation with her, so they remained silent.

Lu Qi took out his phone and sent Lu Chengzhou a message explaining the situation here. In less than a minute, Lu Chengzhou called him. Phone calls were not allowed at the hospital.

Lu Qi walked out from the back door of the emergency room before accepting the call. He greeted him respectfully. “Young Master Lu.”

“Give the phone to Gu Mang.”

“Yes,” Lu Qi answered. He turned and went to Gu Mang with his phone. He handed it over with both hands. “Ms. Gu, Young Master Lu wants to talk with you.”

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