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Chapter 710: Unt.i.tled

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Although everybody could guess that Mo s.h.i.+tian was the Mo brothers’ father, hearing Mo Ye call him as such was still extremely shocking. Chu Li, Jason, and the others never heard of Daddy Mo whereas Ye Wei and Eleven had heard of him. What they did not understand was how their only impression of Daddy Mo was his coldness, ruthlessness, and harshness that was no less than that of Old Witch.

When they saw him today, it was indeed the case.

Although Su Ruyu’s gaze was as calm as still water, she clenched her fists as she looked at the Mo brothers coldly. The Mo brothers looked at Su Ruyu and Mo s.h.i.+tian as coldly, feeling uncomfortable. Anybody who saw their father with another woman, despite the woman looking almost like their mother, would definitely feel uncomfortable.

Ye Wei and Eleven quietly looked on at this family. Mo s.h.i.+tian seemed like an angry devil. He looked like he was about to ma.s.sacre the Mo brothers and leave no trace of them.

“Mo s.h.i.+tian, isn’t it about time you give me an explanation?” Su Ruyu coldly looked at the father and sons with a rare seeming smile on her face that was cold and mocking. It was as though a knife was against Mo s.h.i.+tian’s throat. “Whom do these children belong to?”

She would not believe that they weren’t his sons.

Su Man raised his eyebrows. Didn’t she know of the Mo brothers’ existence? What was going on? His mind was full of doubts that he was lost in them.

Mo s.h.i.+tian looked at Su Ruyu solemnly.

He remained mum.

Su Ruyu suddenly slammed the table aggressively. Her seeming smile informed Mo s.h.i.+tian of her rage. Everybody was taken aback as Su Ruyu punctuated her words. “Whom do they belong to?”

She seemed to have squeezed those words through her teeth.

Chu Li and the others, who were used to Old Witch’s harshness, had never seen her fly into such a rage. They were on edge and felt as though she was about to lose it.

“Mine!” Mo s.h.i.+tian said.

“That I know. My question is who their mother is.” Su Ruyu sounded even colder as she looked at the Mo brothers with an especially keen murderous intent.

It was as though Mo s.h.i.+tian’s wrong answer would immediately send her killing the Mo brothers.

The atmosphere was tense!

Like a powder keg.

Ye Wei and Eleven were slightly taken aback.

The Mo brothers squinted dangerously. To the others, it seemed that they did not know what happened between Mo s.h.i.+tian, Su Ruyu, and Su Ruhua. While their father was Mo s.h.i.+tian whom they respected and feared, their mother was Su Ruhua whom they respected and loved. The four of them were family, and Su Ruyu was an outsider who was interfering in their family.

The Mo brothers were hence not the nicest toward Su Ruyu.

Chu Li and everybody else’s palms were sweating, knowing that they could not stop whomever Old Witch wanted to take on.

A teacup suddenly fell to the floor and broke, splattering tea all over. The shattering of the teacup in this extremely tense atmosphere slightly diverted their attention. “Sorry, b.u.t.terfingers here,” Ye Wei said.

Dana went forth to collect the fragments as Su Ruyu looked at Ye Wei coldly. Ye Wei smiled gorgeously and said, “Dear Old Witch, calm down, calm down. I swear I did not deliberately do it.”

Su Ruyu coldly harrumphed.

Ye Wei laughed and said, “Dear Master Beautiful, please show some mercy. While we won’t stop you from killing and quartering him, you may want to show some mercy and cripple him lest Eleven and I become widows. What a sad ending that would be.”

To call Old Witch Master Beautiful was not humorous at all.

After she said that, the atmosphere in the great hall seemed to slightly improve. Su Ruyu coldly smiled and said, “Indeed, how promising.”

Ye Wei cried. “Maser…”

“Mo s.h.i.+tian, are you f***ing dumb? If you are, let’s call it quits!” Just as Su Ruyu stood up, Mo s.h.i.+tian stood up and grabbed her hand. Su Ruyu simply would not allow him to do as he pleased.

Mo s.h.i.+tian forcefully grabbed Su Ruyu’s shoulder, and Su Ruyu, in her immense frustration from not getting a reply from him, allowed her fury that was boiling within to boil over. She struck Mo s.h.i.+tian’s chest with three consecutive palm strikes.

Without showing the slightest mercy!

Ye Wei and all were shocked at how Old Witch struck him with no holds barred. Even the toughest of men would be crippled. Mo s.h.i.+tian also did not retaliate and allowed her to strike him down. Mo s.h.i.+tian backed off and his back knocked against the pillar in the great hall and bounced back like a rag doll. He stumbled and almost fell, coughing blood twice while suppressing the anger in his heart.

His face turned pale.

“Dad!” The Mo brothers were shocked and ran over in a hurry to prop him up.

“F*** off!” Mo s.h.i.+tian pushed Mo Ye’s hand away.

Su Ruyu coldly laughed. Hmmph! She really thought that he was waiting for her all these years in such a dispirited, hurt, and lonely state. She really a.s.sumed that they loved each other so deeply and were forced to go separate ways due to some misunderstanding. Little did she expect him to have twins.

These twins were something that she did not expect. Waves of murderous intent surged in her heart. She really wanted to kill Mo s.h.i.+tian. She clenched her fists hard, emanating a deadly presence.

Why did he not even say whose children they were? Was he afraid that she would kill his woman too?

It turned out despite things remaining the same across twenty years, the people involved had changed.

In her memories, only their sweet honeymoon existed although she had an inkling of the terrible sacrifices behind it that Mo s.h.i.+tian did not tell her. When they got back together, he seemed to love her so much…

Did he really love her that much?

Perhaps, he had already lost his love for her over the past twenty years and had long been with somebody else, which led to their irrecoverable breakup and the ensuing tragedy. If that didn’t happen, how else could everything add up?

She gritted her teeth. How dared Mo s.h.i.+tian lie to her… d.a.m.n him!

As of now, these kids were not merely related to Ye Wei and Eleven, and she could not afford to lay a finger on them or risk being unable to face Ye Wei and Eleven. This feeling was no different from being betrayed by the very people one loved and how the disciples she personally nurtured being given away.

The sadness and desolation from her entire world turning its back on her engulfed her heart.

There was a deathly calm in her eyes. “Mo s.h.i.+tian, I finally know why you want me to forgive you. Now, I know… Hehe… You can f***ing dream of my forgiving you! Go live happily with your family of four!”

“Ruyu…” Mo s.h.i.+tian panicked and caught up with her. Chu Li and the others got up. How could they let Su Ruyu go under such circ.u.mstances? While she was indeed capable, they could not let her go alone in peace.

A shadow quickly appeared before Su Ruyu, blocking her.

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