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Chapter 418: True Strength

Zhong Nuannuan’s blood was boiling with excitement at the sight of this bloodthirsty scene. Her sharp eagle-like eyes searched for any signs of members from the Wute Organization.

Zhong Nuannuan finally spotted one.

“South-east 4 o’clock, there’s a mountain range ten kilometers away. They’re there. Don’t let anyone from the organization escape. I want them completely exterminated,” Zhong Nuannuan suddenly instructed.


Even though he was surprised at how Zhong Nuannuan knew the people she was looking for were there, but even if Sanji was told that this woman was a superwoman who could fly to s.p.a.ce, he would probably believe it.

This was because she was an extremely unorthodox woman.

Sanji gave the order and every helicopter immediately flew towards the direction Zhong Nuannuan had pointed to. The helicopter Zhong Nuannuan was in took the lead.

Sanji had gotten 10 helicopters, 15 tanks, and 50 jungle combat vehicles to fight the rebel forces.

After receiving Zhong Nuannuan’s orders, besides the soldiers in tanks that were too slow to catch up and infantry soldiers finis.h.i.+ng up the rebel forces, all helicopters and jungle combat vehicles immediately headed towards the mountain range 10 kilometers away.

Zhong Nuannuan, Selina, Aiden, and Sanji took the same helicopter. When they reached their destination, they saw men in tight, black outfits. They were dressed like ninjas who were helping a group of rebel forces go after a bunch of Camino soldiers in camouflage gear.

It took Zhong Nuannuan one look to spot the man who had worried her.

He was so strong.

The first time they had met in their last life was during Zhong Qianqian’s business banquet. Zhong Qianqian had drugged him in order to sleep with him, but he ended up having his way with Zhong Nuannuan instead. Zhong Nuannuan knew then that he was not of ordinary strength.

She did not like Big Brother Chi Yang at the time, so when he had forced himself on her, she did not hold back.

It did not matter how much strength she used, as both her hands and legs were pinned down solidly such that she could not even move a single inch.

She was extremely shocked at how powerful he was back then.

Now that she was witnessing it again as an from the Wute Organization flew four to five meters away with one punch from him, which was lethal enough to end the’s life, she felt even more confident of the fact that her Big Brother Chi Yang was no ordinary man.

Even though there were only 35 of them, even though they were facing dozens of the mafia and increasingly more rebel forces surrounding them, with Chi Yang around, even though the team looked like they were fighting in a disarrayed manner, in reality, it was quite organized and regulated.

She did not know if only 35 men had been deployed or if others had been sacrificed, but even with their guardian angel, Chi Yang, around, Zhong Nuannuan could tell how difficult their situation was.

The special forces’ ammo had run out long ago. They were now fighting the enemy with their fists and s.n.a.t.c.hing the enemy’s weapon to retaliate.

In addition to that, they had chosen a location with steep terrain with jagged rocks and cliffs. Even if the rebel forces had unlimited guns and ammo, they would not dare to fire openly for fear of the bullets. .h.i.tting their own.

This allowed Chi Yang to better protect his men by grabbing every opportunity to s.n.a.t.c.h the enemy’s weapon for his men and continue going up against the enemy.

However, by the looks of the situation, the other soldiers were almost at their limits. Basically, they could only manage with two against one, or three against two. Their hands and feet weighed like lead, as if they had just emerged from water.

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