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Before Sumire could ask him anything else, the doors opened, revealing Yuhi carrying a bag. Sumire blinked, but then she caught a whiff of the items. "Give me."

Yuhi chuckled. "You still have a craving for these, huh?"

"Yuhi," Hino said sharply.

"Pregnant women get cravings. Sumire craves these pastries the same time every day."

Sumire tilted her head confused. Is that why she gets cravings for random things recently? Well, whatever it was, she opened the bag up, and inside was the usual pastries.

"Don't eat so fast; there are plenty."

"Yuhi." Sumire extended one towards him.

He bent down and ate the piece of pie from her fingers. Her eyes widened at this action of his. Thump-thump, Sumire felt the rapid sound of her heartbeat again. It felt stupid getting nervous, but she glanced over at Yuhi and saw a foolish smile.

This is him; he is different. Is it truly fine to accept him and give him everything? If she were to do that and he left her like all the others did, what would she do then? She still had her doubts. But one of the reasons she accepted him was Ru. Ru would not allow her to go to somebody who did not treasure and care for her.

Sumre buried her face in his arms, dropping the other pie she was about to eat.

"Ah, what are you doing? That's a waste..."


"Hino, leave us alone for a moment."

Hino stood up and left without saying another word. She could not miss the clouded look in his eyes. Maybe she shouldn't have asked him that. But she wanted to test him a bit.

The moment Hino left, she pulled Yuhi onto the bed until he was on top of her. "My dear, what kind of games are you playing?"

"Mm." Sumire traced his lips with her hands. "I like it when you make an effort to spoil me."

Yuhi sighed. "Well, I wanted to get some fresh air and think for a bit."

"What were you thinking?"

"How to make that pie, so you don't have to bother me to go there."

Sumire laughed when she heard his words. Honestly, this person. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, and she buried her face there.


"Yeah?" She felt his large hands gently caress her back. "What is it?"

"I want you to know that I really like you." She liked him for the longest time, but she could not say anything. "Even if I become a monster, I will still like you."

Eventually, she has to face it, the truth.

"I know already, don't be so silly. Finish your food up."

Sumire paused when she heard his sensible reply. "Yuhi-san, here I am trying to make a move on you, but you're pus.h.i.+ng me away?"

At that comment, Yuhi raised his eyebrow and sighed. "Why are you even making a move on me? You need to rest."

Sumire pouted. "Fine then." She let go of him and buried her face under the blankets instead.

At that comment, she suddenly heard movement. Yuhi wrapped his arms around her. "You know I am just nervous, Sumire. What am I supposed to do if you act this way?"

Nervous? Yuhi is? It never crossed her mind that Yuhi would get nervous. After all, he is as equally as bold as her. He is equally as bold and equally as clumsy, honestly, what are they both doing right now? It does not make any sense anymore.

She can't let him get any more involved. Sumire tried to push it to the back of her mind. But it was hard for her to forget about that blood-stained letter. Shortly after the accident and she locked herself up in Rus home, that letter - no several blood-stained letters arrive.

This was one of the reasons why she did not want Yuhi to get involved in this. It seems like this is more serious than anything they faced before; she also recalled s.h.i.+n's words. That organization is openly targeting her. He learned that from his recent job at the SF.

If she continues to get attached to Yuhi like this, there is no doubt that he will get hurt. But if she were to let him go, won't he do something careless just to get her attention?

Sumire turned around and buried her face in his arms. Yuhi wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her closer.

"I understand that you don't want me in danger, Sumire."

Huh? Her eyes widened when she heard his words.

"But you should know something. The reason why Hino is sheltering me is because I did something stupid in the past. Something that will potentially harm me, that's why it is stupid for you to protect me. I know your thinking of my safety, but the people I offended are just as bad."

Sumire blinked. Exactly who did Yuhi offend? This man, what is he doing when she isn't with him? Back then, she did not have the kind of relations.h.i.+p with Yuhi like she does now. It would be difficult for her to intervene in his matters.

"The organization after you, and the one who hunted me down several years ago are most likely related. But even then we do not have enough information. If we act carelessly and the general public finds out about superpowers amid investigating, there will be a riot."

Indeed, this isn't a simple matter. But that is exactly why, why she has to get involved. If it is something complicated, she should be able to solve it. Up till now, that is how things have worked.

"What will you do?"

For now, she could not reply, almost like he understood. Yuhi brushed his lips against her forehead.

"Sumire, I don't mind you having Mamoru's child. Bit," His lips curve to a devilish smile. "-- you'll have more with me, right?"

Sumire looked at him, dumbfounded. 'He's so shameless!'

"Yuhi-san your--" Her sentence fell short when he pushed her down onto the bed.

"I want to kiss you. Will you let me?"

"Why are you even asking?"

Yuhi kissed her forehead gently. "I don't want you to hate me."

"I won't hate you. I like you."

"So, I hear."

He then gave her what he called an adult-like kiss. Strange enough, she didn't mind it.

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