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Ru's child.. that sentence kept echoing in her head like some trance, and she felt the tears well up in her eyes. Oh no, this isn't good. She does not want Sano of all people to see her like this.

But, right now, she cannot hold her tears back. Right at that moment, the windows burst open, and a strong gust of wind blew. But there was something gentle about this wind. It lifted her off the bed, and soon she was in a familiar person's embrace.


"Sorry." Yuhi hugged her tightly. "I should have been the first person to tell you since I noticed it, but I didn't due to my feelings. I thought if you knew it was his, then you would leave me."

Despite her weakened state, how could she miss the fear in his eyes? His trembling shoulders? She wanted to scold him for doubting her, but right now, that did not matter at all.

Just now, she was shocked and afraid. There is another life inside her, but the child will not have a father, she would have to take care of the child alone. No matter how mature she is for her age, she is still young. She did not know what to do...

Yuhi kissed her eyelids. "But that is not important. Let me help you, Sumire."

She already knew what he meant by those words. He would help her raise the child. Even though Yuhi is just as clueless as her, he said he would help her out.

"Close the window already. She will catch a cold." An icy voice destroyed this moment.

Sumire recalled Sano was still in the room. She could not miss the hostile look in his eyes. She quickly left Yuhis hold. "Um, doctor. Could I eat something? Or am I not allowed to.."

"You can eat. I will get them to bring the food here."

"Thank you."

Yuhi wrapped his arms around her waist. "Your still unsteady on your feet, let me help you."

At that comment, she hears Sano tap his pen impatiently against the clipboard. Yuhi helped her back onto the bed and closed the window. He grabbed the chair from the side and sat down. Her sweat fell when she looked back at the two. What on earth is this situation?

Sano is the doctor here? Sumire knew that his family ran a hospital business. But they mainly focused on business, so only some of the branch families ran the hospitals. Something must have changed. He often complained to her in the past that his relatives are unreasonable.

Why do I have to study both business and medicine? Do they think it is that easy?

Sano quickly changed the drip and attached it to her arm again. Sumire noted that he was careful not to touch her arm.

She blinked, puzzled at his actions. Since she opened her eyes earlier, something seemed strange about him. Her gaze fell towards Yuhi, who kept looking at his phone with a frown on his face. "What's wrong?"

"I need to step out for a bit and make a few calls." Yuhi sighed. "Do you mind?"

Sumire shook her head. "It's okay." She felt content and at ease after what just happened.

Yuhi looked very reluctant. He leaned forward and kissed her again. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. But hurry back, okay? You have to feed me as punishment."

"Sounds good." With those words said, Yuhi quickly rushed off. She watched him until she could no longer see his back. The moment he left, she turned to Sano.

"Could you stop behaving like a child?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Your behaving like a child. You weren't upset about me being pregnant, but Yuhis decision just now, right? It is up to me who will help me with this child."

Each word she said with authority, she does not want this man to think he has an advantage over her.

In the next second, Sano has her arms pinned against the bed frame. He hovered over her with a menacing look on his face. He loosened his tie. "I told you before not to provoke me. Do you think just because I am nicer these days, I will allow you to step over me. Do you think I will allow you to continue cheating?"

"Sano, I—" Sumire paused when she saw the look in his eyes. She wanted to say that she no longer belonged to him. But it would be far too dangerous for her.

"Good girl." Sano brought his lips to her ear. "Do you know how crazy you drive me? How dare you find somebody else. Did you think you could escape me? Sumire your already mine."

These words, she occasionally heard them in the past. After her relations.h.i.+p with Sano became strained. Sumire quickly noticed that he often said such possessive words. Sumire was not the type of person to judge, so she didn't think much of it. But such possessiveness and desire. She wondered if he was like this from the very start.

"Sumire." He said gently. "I am serious, so come back already. I will treat you well. Your pregnant now too. No matter how good you are at taking care of yourself, you cannot raise a child alone."

"I have Yuhi."

"Be realistic. Teras.h.i.+ma has his career and his education. Do you think he will throw that way to take care of you and the child? He already has problems taking care of you now, let alone the future. His career is on the rise, and he is very successful. Do you want to destroy it?"

Each of his words echoed in her head, and she clenched her fist. Just a few minutes ago, she felt happy when Yuhi said those words to her. But Sano is right, isn't he? Yuhi is older than her, but he is still young, he has his entire life ahead of him. Could she destroy that just for the sake of her happiness?

Sumire understood how unreasonable that sounded. Did Yuhi consider all those things before he said it? She knew how reckless he was, but would he say such words without thinking it through? Maybe she ought to accept Sano again? But for what? Only to be abused and thrown away the moment she gets too attached?

She already made a promise before.

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