My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 527 - The Terrifying Consequences Of Third Young Master Ye Finding Out The Truth! (XI)

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Chapter 527: Chapter 527 The Terrifying Consequences Of Third Young Master Ye Finding Out The Truth! (XI)

Secretary Liu was still confused. He did not know what had happened. What did the president mean by this? He wanted him to get lost and never appear again? Could it be that he was going to fire him?

What did he do wrong?

Ye Lanchen did not pay attention to Secretary Liu anymore because he was afraid that he would kick Secretary Liu to death. Although this matter was not entirely Secretary Liu’s fault, he handled the divorce. On this point, it was not overboard for him to want to kill Secretary Liu ten times over.

Ye Lanchen quickly left the office. What he needed to do now was to find her as soon as possible.

No matter where Chu Wuyou went, no matter who she was with, he had to find her. Even if he had to s.n.a.t.c.h her, he had to get her back.

She secretly filed for a divorce while he was on a business trip. To get a divorce, she had even plotted against him step by step. Then, she just escaped.

He thought that she could escape. Did she think that he, Ye Lanchen, was dead?

This time, even if she ran to the ends of the Earth, he would still find her.

Wait for him to find her…

Chu Wuyou, wait for him.

Ye Lanchen left the office, and Xi Ji happened to walk over. Xi Ji looked after him and was stunned. He suddenly thought of the divorce and could not help but ask, “Third Elder Brother, you’re back. Oh right, I heard that you got divorced yesterday. What happened? I even called Big Brother yesterday to tell him about it. Did you guys get divorced just like that?”

Ye Lanchen stopped in his tracks and glanced at Xi Ji. At that moment, he felt extremely depressed.

F*ck, he got divorced. Everyone in the world knew about it. He was the last one to know.

“Tang Ling knows about this too?” Ye Lanchen suddenly emphasized this point.

“Yes, Big Brother said he would contact Third Sister-In-Law. No, it’s Chu Wuyou… ” Xi Ji answered very naturally. He even changed the way he addressed her. Third Elder Brother and Chu Wuyou were divorced, so he definitely could not call her third sister-in-law anymore.

He understood this point.

While Xi Ji was secretly proud of how sensible he was.

“Address Chu Wuyou properly.” Ye Lanchen glared fiercely at Xi Ji. His gaze seemed as if he wanted to kill Xi Ji right away. d.a.m.n it, Xi Ji must have done this on purpose. He changed his address deliberately in front of him.

“Then what should I address her as?” Xi Ji was stunned. What did Third Elder Brother mean? Why did he have to address Chu Wuyou? Speaking of which, Chu Wuyou was a few years younger than him.

“Call her third sister-in-law.” Ye Lanchen’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Unless you don’t recognize me as your Third Elder Brother anymore.”

“Aren’t y’all divorced?” Xi Ji was stunned. They were already divorced, yet he still had to call her third sister-in-law? Was that appropriate?

“I don’t agree. Even if we’re divorced, it doesn’t count.” Ye Lanchen suddenly laughed. Every word he said sounded especially arrogant and domineering.

If he did not agree, then even if they divorced, it did not count. In this life, she could only be his woman and his wife. This would never be changed.

After saying this, Ye Lanchen left.

“You don’t agree? Didn’t you agree though?” Xi Ji was stunned. When he saw Secretary Liu standing at the side, he could not help but ask.

“Yes, the president agreed at that time,” Secretary Liu replied blankly. However, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

“I, I didn’t do anything wrong, right? I didn’t misunderstand what the President meant at that time, right?” Secretary Liu was not stupid. At that moment, he finally understood.

“I think it’s very possible.” Xi Ji felt that with Third Elder Brother’s att.i.tude, there was absolutely no way he would agree to divorce Chu Wuyou, so Secretary Liu might have misunderstood this matter.

He had already felt that something was wrong the night before. As expected, he was very cautious.

“Secretary Liu, take care. If anything happens, it’s your fault. You can’t blame anyone else. I’ll burn a few more pieces of paper money for you.” Xi Ji patted Secretary Liu’s shoulder with sympathy. He felt that it would be very difficult to save Secretary Liu’s life this time.

Secretary Liu’s body trembled visibly, even his heart trembled non-stop.

The president seemed to have asked him to get lost. He should do as told.

If he waited for the president to come back to his senses, he might lose his life.

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