My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 526 - The Terrifying Consequences Of Third Young Master Ye Finding Out The Truth! (X)

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Chapter 526: Chapter 526 The Terrifying Consequences Of Third Young Master Ye Finding Out The Truth! (X)

Therefore, Chu Wuyou wanted the car model not because she liked it, but for another purpose.

She wanted it to pave the way for a successful divorce since had planned everything out. Chu Wuyou knew that Secretary Liu would call Ye Lanchen, so she called him first and asked for the car model. When Secretary Liu called him, Ye Lanchen thought that he was also talking about the car model.

Chu Wuyou was so amazing. She must have realized that the car model meant something to him.

Good, very good. She was very good at planning.

F*ck, he fell into her trap so easily. Why did he not ask more questions at that time?

It was his fault. It was his negligence. He knew. He knew all along. Why did he not ask more when Secretary Liu called him?

At that time, even if he mentioned a car model, Secretary Liu would not have misunderstood.

He even told Secretary Liu that he would give her whatever she wanted. He thought that his brain must have been insane at that time.

Ye Lanchen knew that Secretary Liu could not be blamed for this matter. Even he had fallen into her trap, so how could Secretary Liu know better?

“President, this is your divorce certificate. Madam has already taken hers.” Secretary Liu still had not figured out the situation up until that point. He took out the divorce certificate to give it to Ye Lanchen.

Ye Lanchen quickly turned and looked at the divorce certificate in Secretary Liu’s hand. For a moment, his gaze seemed to be so fierce that he wanted to burn the divorce certificate.

His marriage certificate was still with him. What was wrong with giving him a divorce certificate now?

Why should he want it?

He had not spoken all this time, so Secretary Liu did not know what he was thinking. Secretary Liu thought for a moment, he then said softly, “Actually, Madam is quite smart. At that time, I conveyed the President’s intention to Madam. I told Madam to ask for anything she wanted. I even told Madam to ask for money directly if she felt that it was troublesome, but Madam insisted on not wanting anything.”

Ye Lanchen’s eyes flashed quickly, and a trace of coldness appeared at the corner of his lips. Of course, she would not want his things. After the divorce, she had already planned to cut off all ties with him. Why would she want his things?

He was very clear about that woman. Chu Wuyou was just that extreme and ruthless.

She did not even have the slightest bit of sentimentality for him, let alone his things.

“President, I think Madam likes you. At that time, Madam was sad, but… ” Although Secretary Liu was awake at that moment, his judgment seemed to have stopped when he was drunk.

“What did you say? She was very sad?” Ye Lanchen was slightly startled. At that moment, he suddenly felt his heart tremble violently.

She was very sad when she got divorced? What did this mean?

Did this mean that she was reluctant to divorce him?

“Ah, Madam must have been very sad at that time.” Secretary Liu came back to his senses. Only then did he remember Chu Wuyou’s situation at that time, so he added, “but Madam had been forcing a smile.”

“You can get lost. Don’t let me see you again in the future, or else… ” Ye Lanchen’s eyes sank, and he fiercely interrupted Secretary Liu.

She forced a smile? Was she, Chu Wuyou, forcing a smile?

Chu Wuyou was probably very happy and smiling from the bottom of her heart.

She had always wanted to divorce him. Since the divorce was finally successful, how could she not be happy?

Only Secretary Liu, who was an idiot, thought that she was forcing a smile.

He even thought…

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