My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 447 - Third Young Master Ye Caught Her In The Act. She Dressed Up For Another Man! (VII)

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Chapter 447: Chapter 447 Third Young Master Ye Caught Her In The Act. She Dressed Up For Another Man! (VII)

Fifth Young Master Shen thought that since this place was close to Ye Lanchen’s company, he should be able to rush over quickly. He would have to wait for Third Elder Brother to come over for other matters.

Shen Ting thought that he had done it very discreetly. He thought that Tang Boqian would not notice what he was doing, but Tang Boqian saw everything, or rather, it could be said that this was originally Tang Boqian’s plan. He did deliberately return the phone to Fifth Young Master Shen.

Tang Boqian glanced at Fifth Young Master Shen but did not say anything. Instead, he took out his own phone and quickly dialed a number.

“Mayor Lu, h.e.l.lo, I’m Tang Boqian. Yes, I’m currently carrying out the mission that you arranged, but I encountered a little problem.” Tang Boqian paused and looked at Fifth Young Master Shen again. “Yes, it’s a little difficult, but we just happened to run into Chief Shen. He can help us, but he doesn’t know me and doesn’t believe me, so I hope that Mayor Lu can help me out.”

Then, Tang Boqian handed the phone to Shen Ting. “It’s Mayor Lu. Please speak to him, Chief Shen.”

When Fifth Young Master Shen heard that it was the mayor on the phone, his expression changed slightly. Naturally, he quickly took the phone.

“Shen Ting, Tang Boqian is helping us with a secret mission. Please cooperate.” Initially, Fifth Young Master Shen was still a little suspicious, but Mayor Lu’s voice on the phone crushed all doubts he had.

“Okay, I understand.” Fifth Young Master Shen could only agree.

How could he not listen to the mayor’s words? Moreover, the mayor also said that there really was a secret mission. If the mission failed because of him, then he would be a sinner.

“Thank you, Chief Shen. ” Tang Boqian took his phone back and thanked Shen Ting before he could speak.

Then, Tang Boqian took Fifth Young Master Shen’s phone again and quickly sent two messages after the location that Fifth Young Master Shen had sent Ye Lanchen.

First Message: Third Elder Brother, the others have left. I’ll follow them first. Hurry over.

Second Message: Third Elder Brother, they seem to have noticed me. I saw that man looking at me just now. I was so scared that I didn’t even dare to call you. Hurry over, I’m afraid that I’ll lose them.

After sending the message, Tang Boqian returned the phone to Fifth Young Master Shen and made an inviting gesture to him.

Fifth Young Master Shen had no choice but to drive forward.

When Chu Wuyou saw Shen Ting stopping by the roadside to make a call, he knew that his call must have been to Ye Lanchen.

She did not forget the time when Ye Lanchen went to the police station to block her.

Her senior’s ident.i.ty could not be exposed. Moreover, he seemed to have a mission in Jin City this time, so it could not be known by others.

When her senior went to negotiate with Fifth Young Master Shen, she understood what the outcome would be. Fifth Young Master Shen was definitely not a match for him given his abilities.

After she got into the car, she recalled that she had previously promised to go to the company to look for Ye Lanchen. She had originally wanted to call Ye Lanchen to inform him, but because of the matter with Zhimo, she was delayed.

Seeing that the senior was negotiating with Shen Ting, Chu Wuyou wanted to call Ye Lanchen first. However, when she reached into her coat pocket, she realized that her phone was gone.

No wonder it had been so quiet. No wonder Ye Lanchen had not called to check on her. It was because her phone was gone.

Chu Wuyou’s brows furrowed slightly. How could her phone be gone? When did it disappear?

She had dropped her phone, yet she had not noticed it at all?

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